Chapter 2862 - Wang Qiang's Message

Chapter 2862 - Wang Qiang's Message

Elder Xingyi's action made the crowd realize what it meant to be a tyrant.

Before the tyrannical Elder Xingyi, even Qing Peng looked extremely frail.

"Since Elder Xingyi is insistent on shielding Chu Feng, I, Qing Peng, am powerless to do anything."

"However, is it possible for you to return our Young City Master to me?"

In the end, Qing Peng reached terms.

Actually, Qing Peng was feeling extremely unreconciled. However, there was nothing he could do. In fact, he did not even dare to attempt to continue to linger on the topic.

He knew that Elder Xingyi was someone who was capable of acting upon his words. Not to mention attacking him, if Elder Xingyi was truly angered by him, he might even end up killing him.

As for Elder Xingyi, he did not make things difficult for Qing Peng. After all, he had decided to act in order to protect Chu Feng. Since he had succeeded in his goal, he returned Han Yu to Qing Peng.

Qing Peng did not say anything anymore. He brought Han Yu with him and left immediately.

Seeing the back of the leaving Qing Peng, the crowd turned their gazes to Elder Xingyi again.

Even Martial Immortal-level experts differed in strength. Among Martial Immortals, Elder Xingyi was most definitely not the strongest.

However, before Qing Peng, Elder Xingyi was stronger.

Thus, Qing Peng's decision to retreat was understandable. Merely, the crowd still had no idea as to why Elder Xingyi would act to help Chu Feng.

The great majority of them were guessing that the Starfall Holy Land was also trying to rope Chu Feng in.

However, judging from the attitude of the Starfall Holy Land's geniuses, it seemed that they were not fond of Chu Feng.

As such, the crowd were confused as to what sort of attitude the Starfall Holy Land really had toward Chu Feng.


At the moment when the crowd were all making wild guesses, rumbles suddenly sounded. Even space itself was trembling violently.

Apart from the Martial Immortal-level experts, practically all the other martial cultivators were acting as if they had lost their ability to fly. They began to sway left and right in midair. All of them were unable to stand firmly.

This sudden change greatly alarmed the martial cultivators. After all, something this powerful was extremely rare.

Thus, the crowd all turned their gazes toward the direction of the rumbles.

Upon doing so, the panic in their eyes not only decreased, but they instead revealed excited expressions.

It was the Void Sacred Tree.

The enormous branches of the Void Sacred Tree were currently trembling. They were shifting.

It was the shifting of the Void Sacred Tree that brought about the massive rumbles and caused space itself to tremble violently.

What was the Void Sacred Tree? It was one of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm's Six Great Sacred Vestiges.

Any minor movement of the Void Sacred Tree was sufficient to catch people's attention. And now, such a massive movement was being made by the Void Sacred Tree. Perhaps it might be possible for some sort of opportunity to present itself. That was the reason why the crowd was so excited.

However, the opportunity that the crowd was looking forward to did not present itself. The reason for that was because the Void Sacred Tree only moved its branches and leaves slightly, and then ceased all movements.

After it stopped, the spatial trembling also stopped.

This region once again became tranquil. It had returned to how it was earlier. There was no change at all.

Seeing this, many people present started to feel disappointed to a greater or lesser degree.

"What is that? Everyone, look! There are words there!"

Right at that moment, a person with sharp eyes began to shout emotionally.

Hearing that sort of shout, the crowd also began to look over toward the Void Sacred Tree.

Once they saw what they saw, many people also became extremely excited.

The reason for that was because there were indeed a series of words that had appeared on the Void Sacred Tree.

The handwriting was extremely ugly, so ugly that it could raise hackles. It was simply akin to the writing of a child that had just learned to write.

No, it would be an insult to compare that handwriting to the handwriting of a child that had only just learned to write.

Handwriting as ugly as that was truly rare. It could even be said to be impressively bad.

As for the content of the handwriting, it was somewhat vulgar too.

'Daddy Wang Qiang was here.'

"Wang Qiang."

Upon seeing those words, the person that was the most excited of all would be none other than Chu Feng.

Merely those words verified to Chu Feng that Wang Qiang was indeed present in the Void Sacred Tree.

"That guy Wang Qiang is truly carefree. He's clearly trapped in there, yet he still has the heart to carve those words?"

"But, if he was in the Void Sacred Tree, where did he run off to now? Why are we unable to find him?" Her Lady Queen asked.

She was actually asking Chu Feng.

After all, compared to her, Chu Feng had a better understanding of Wang Qiang.

"It seems that his mood's pretty good. This means that he is most likely not in danger."

"As for where he went, perhaps there is some sort of special method that allowed him to enter the Void Sacred Tree?"

"That said, I have a feeling that, regardless of where he went, it will not be a bad thing," Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng's mood became extremely good after seeing the words left behind by Wang Qiang.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng felt that Wang Qiang was safe. Thus, a suspended boulder in his heart was finally lifted.

Suddenly, Chu Feng lifted the secret skill he held in his hand and asked loudly, "Everyone, is there really no one that is interested in this secret skill?"

Originally, the crowd were all inspecting the words left behind by Wang Qiang. However, after hearing Chu Feng's shout, their attention all returned to Chu Feng.

As Qing Peng had already left, the crowd no longer worried as much.

As such, countless voice transmissions entered Chu Feng's ears.

Many people were asking Chu Feng how he planned to sell that secret skill. However, no one attempted to offer Chu Feng a price.

This caused Chu Feng to feel somewhat helpless. Chu Feng had no idea how much this inherited secret skill was worth. Thus, he did not know how to price it.

Right at the moment when Chu Feng was feeling troubled, a figure walked over to Chu Feng.

It was an old man. That old man had appeared out of thin air. Chu Feng noticed that when the old man appeared, many people revealed reverence on their faces.

In fact, even the people that were sending Chu Feng voice transmissions asking about his price no longer said anything.

At that moment, Chu Feng's ears had become much quieter.

However, Chu Feng knew very well that the gazes of reverence were not aimed at him. Instead, they were aimed at that old man.

Chu Feng felt that the old man was most definitely an extraordinary character too. Otherwise, the crowd wouldn't be this scared.

By intuition, Chu Feng determined that the old man was a Martial Immortal-level expert.

On this old man's waist was a title plate. That title plate revealed his identity.

Three large characters were written on that title plate. They read: Ghost Sect Hall.

"Little friend Chu Feng, allow me to take the liberty of introducing myself. This old man is a Protector of the Ghost Sect Hall. The people of the world know me as Old Man Gui Chou."

"Little friend Chu Feng, it would be fine for you to address me as Gui Chou," This old man from the Ghost Sect Hall spoke to Chu Feng in a very courteous manner.

Actually, this old man had a very fierce appearance. In fact, his appearance could even be said to be somewhat sinister.

He belonged to the type of people that one would feel to be evil from a single glance. Furthermore, he was the type that was extremely frightening.

That said, it was precisely because of how fierce he looked that Chu Feng was surprised to be treated so courteously by him.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng was surprised to discover that the courtesy he revealed was not a pretense. Rather, he was sincere.

"So it's Senior Gui Chou. Senior Gui Chou, what might you need from this Chu Feng?" Chu Feng clasped his fist.

As Gui Chou was courteous toward him, Chu Feng was also extremely polite.

"Little friend Chu Feng, are you really planning to sell that secret skill?" Old Man Gui Chou asked.

"I am sincere in selling it," Chu Feng said.

"If that's the case, then this old man has a suggestion," Old Man Gui Chou said.