Chapter 2863 - Gui Chou’s Decision

Chapter 2863 - Gui Chou’s Decision

“Senior, please speak,” Chu Feng said courteously.

“Little friend Chu Feng, that secret skill of yours is of considerable value. Furthermore, to put it bluntly, I feel that you do not have an understanding of how much that secret skill is worth."

"If you truly wish to sell that secret skill of yours, you can hand it to our Ghost Sect Hall."

"Our Ghost Sect Hall possesses the best auction house in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. We are also extremely good at distributing information."

"Little friend Chu Feng, if you are to allow our Ghost Sect Hall to auction your secret skill for you, we will definitely be able to auction it for a very good price."

"As for our Ghost Sect Hall, we merely request for a slight commission fee from you," Gui Chou said.

"May I know how much this commission fee might be?" Chu Feng asked.

"Normally, it would be ten percent of the auctioned price. However, if it's little friend Chu Feng, we are able to give you a discount. Five percent would suffice," Gui Chou said.

"There's no need for the discount. We can go with the standard ten percent. After all, since senior wants to help me, I couldn't possibly make senior suffer losses in the process. That said, senior, can you ensure the safety of this secret skill?" Chu Feng asked.

"Little friend Chu Feng, please rest assured. If you are to participate in the auction, we will not only guarantee the safety of the treasure being auctioned, but our Ghost Hall Sect will also guarantee your safety," Old Man Gui Chou's words contained a deeply implied meaning.

He was telling Chu Feng that he knew that Chu Feng had a lot of enemies at the moment. However, that did not matter. As long as Chu Feng was willing to auction the secret skill through their Ghost Sect Hall, their Ghost Sect Hall was willing to protect him.

Actually, Chu Feng felt that a power like the Ghost Sect Hall would definitely not attempt to strike up a conversation with him for a mere ten percent commission.

This Old Man Gui Chou was actually trying to befriend Chu Feng using this opportunity.

As the attitude of this Old Man Gui Chou was very sincere, and Chu Feng was also interested in the Ghost Sect Hall to begin with, Chu Feng did not hesitate, and accepted the proposal. He asked, "When is the auction?"

"In a month's time. Would that be fine?"

"In a month from now it will be our Ghost Sect Hall's yearly Great Auction Convention. At that time, there would be a lot more people coming to our Ghost Sect Hall to auction treasures."

"At that time, it would be easier to auction the secret skill for a better price," Old Man Gui Chou said.

"Where is the auction?" Chu Feng asked.

"It is at our Ghost Sect Hall's headquarters, our Ghost Sect Auction House," Old Man Gui Chou said.

"Very well, if nothing unexpected is to happen, I will proceed to the Ghost Sect Hall in a month's time," Chu Feng said.

"Little friend Chu Feng, please accept this. With this in hand, you will be able to obtain the treatment of a distinguished guest should you come to our Ghost Sect Hall," Old Man Gui Chou handed a title plate to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng knew what use the title plate possessed. Thus, he carefully stored it away.

Right at that moment, Song Yunfei walked over.

Seeing Song Yunfei walking toward them, Old Man Gui Chou nodded at Song Yunfei courteously.

Song Yunfei returned a smile.

From their behavior, Chu Feng was able to tell that the two of them must know one another.

“I have heard that brother Chu Feng is a ruthless individual. Seeing it today, the rumors are truly well justified.”

“Because of a mere spar, you’ve crippled Han Yu’s cultivation and snatched away his city’s inherited secret skill. I fear that Swordking City will not leave this matter at that. After all, judging by both emotions and reason, it is you, brother Chu Feng, who has been too excessive here.”

Song Yunfei’s words contained thorns. He was clearly mocking Chu Feng.

After Song Yunfei finished saying those words to Chu Feng, he turned to Old Man Gui Chou and said, “Does the Ghost Sect Hall really plan to auction a stolen item like that?”

Once Song Yunfei said those words, the expressions of many people changed. They all realized how serious the matter was.

They all knew that Song Yunfei had walked over to Chu Feng and Old Man Gui Chou not only so that he could mock Chu Feng.

As everyone knew, the Ghost Sect Hall had always had a friendly relationship with Song Yunfei. For the sake of currying favors with Song Yunfei, the Ghost Sect Hall had given Song Yunfei a lot of benefits.

Through the constant effort of the Ghost Sect Hall, Song Yunfei had indeed gotten much closer to them. People all felt that if Song Yunfei were to really succeed as the Starfall Holy Land’s next Holy Ruler, cooperation between the Starfall Holy Land and the Ghost Sect Hall would grow more and more frequent.

And now, Song Yunfei was declaring that Chu Feng’s secret skill was a stolen item, and should not be allowed to be aunction it away. His intention was clear; he was trying to tell the Ghost Sect Hall to not auction Chu Feng’s secret skill.

He was clearly trying to use his connection with the Ghost Sect Hall to stop Chu Feng from obtaining wealth.

If the Ghost Sect Hall still insisted on auctioning Chu Feng’s secret skill, it would be equivalent to severing the relationship that they’d established with Song Yunfei.

Seeing this, many people were certain that Song Yunfei was determined to make an enemy of Chu Feng.

He even went as far as to use his status to force the Ghost Sect Hall to not do business with Chu Feng.

At the same time, the crowd started to feel pity for Chu Feng.

Originally, to befriend the Ghost Sect Hall at a time like this was something with only benefits and no detriments to Chu Feng.

However, with this move from Song Yunfei, this greatly beneficial opportunity for Chu Feng had been ruined.

After all, the crowd did not feel that the Ghost Sect Hall would personally destroy their relationship with Song Yunfei, that they’d spent many years to build, for the sake of a single Chu Feng that they’d just met.

“Little friend Song Yunfei, your words are mistaken.”

“We are all well-sighted people. Earlier, that Han Yu attacked little friend Chu Feng with the intention to kill. However, he overestimated his capabilities, and ended up being no match. That is all.”

“As for little friend Chu Feng, he has merely crippled Han Yu’s cultivation. His action could be said to be benevolent already.”

“Furthermore, the world of martial cultivators is one where the strong are right. So what if one’s possession is seized from another?”

“Which among the powers present would dare declare that all of their inheritances were created by themselves, and not plundered from others only to flaunt as their own inheritances?” Old Man Gui Chou said.

The crowd were all astonished by Old Man Gui Chou’s words.

None of them had anticipated that Old Man Gui Chou would choose Chu Feng, this newcomer, without the slightest hesitation when faced with the choice to choose between Song Yunfei and Chu Feng.

His action meant that all of the efforts the Ghost Sect Hall had invested into befriending Song Yunfei had gone to waste.

However, precisely because of this, the crowd realized that the Ghost Sect Hall felt that Chu Feng was much more valuable.

Otherwise, they would not have made such a decision.

When the surrounding crowd were already this astonished, Song Yunfei, who was originally filled with confidence, was obviously even more astonished.

He had truly never expected the Ghost Sect Hall that had been flattering him the entire time to make this sort of decision for the sake of a single Chu Feng.

“Old Man Gui Chou, you must think this matter over properly,” Song Yunfei said with a deep frown on his face.

He still hadn’t given up. After all, Old Man Gui Chou was merely a member of the Ghost Sect Hall, and not the Ghost Sect Hall’s Hall Master.

Thus, he was now threatening Old Man Gui Chou.

Song Yunfei's unspoken implication was to tell Old Man Gui Chou that if the Ghost Sect Hall was to break off its relationship with him, Song Yunfei, for Chu Feng today, then the responsibility would fall on Old Man Gui Chou.

“This old man understands very well what little friend Song Yunfei is talking about. You need ask no more. This old man has already decided. I also possess the authority to make this decision,” Old Man Gui Chou said.

Hearing those words, the crowd’s expression changed once again. They had truly never expected Old Man Gui Chou to be this determined. He simply gave no leeway to turn things around.