Chapter 2861 - Don’t Blame Me For Being Ruthless

Chapter 2861 - Don’t Blame Me For Being Ruthless

Chu Feng held the secret skill in his hand high up and loudly asked the crowd, "Everyone, does anyone want this secret skill?"

The crowd was surprised by Chu Feng's action. It turned out that Chu Feng wasn’t joking around. He was being serious.

He was actually really going to sell the Swordking City's inherited secret skill.

Seeing that Chu Feng was really planning to sell the inherited secret skill, many people among the crowd started to get restless.

Although the Swordking City's inherited secret skill was incomparable to Chu Feng's Ancient Era's War Sword and Ancient Era's War Axe, it was still a rare top quality secret skill.

However, due to the strength that Qing Peng possessed, no one dared to voice their desire for the inherited secret skill. After all, Qing Peng was a Martial Immortal. Furthermore, he was famous for his violent temper.

He was already furious, as Han Yu's cultivation had been crippled. If someone dared to attempt to purchase their Swordking City's inherited secret skill, Qing Peng might end up directly killing that person.

As for Qing Peng, he had no heart to concern himself with what the crowd was thinking. When he saw Chu Feng actually attempting to sell their Swordking City's inherited secret skill, he was so furious that his eyes were about to fall out.

He moved toward Chu Feng a bit more. Only the transparent Duel Space's wall was separating the two of them.

Qing Peng pointed at Chu Feng and spoke one word at a time, "Chu Feng, you can continue to lose yourself in joy. However, it's best you prepare yourself for death. This Duel Space is going to disappear soon."

"Oh, if you hadn’t mentioned that, I would’ve forgotten about it."

As Chu Feng spoke, he moved his hand toward his Cosmos Sack.

Seeing Chu Feng moving his hand toward his Cosmos Sack, many people revealed a change in expression. Their eyes started to shine.

The people in the crowd were all thinking that Chu Feng would take out some sort of treasure.

After all, Chu Feng was acting very confidently. Even when faced with Qing Peng's threat, Chu Feng did not show any fear.

He most definitely had some sort of method to protect himself. The crowd felt that the treasure that Chu Feng would take out would be what he was relying on.

Truth be told, it was not only the others that were feeling this way. Even Qing Peng was feeling this way.

Thus, seeing Chu Feng moving his hand to his Cosmos Sack, Qing Peng involuntarily took a step back. That was a sign of lacking confidence.

In fact, even the expressions of Song Yunfei, Xia Yun'er and the other people of the younger generation turned serious.

Everyone was anticipating exactly what sort of treasure Chu Feng would take out from his Cosmos Sack.

Before the focused gazes of the crowd, Chu Feng took out an item from his Cosmos Sack.

As for that item, it would naturally be Chu Feng's strongest trump card, the Evil God Sword.

"What is that?"

"Am I seeing things? That's an Incomplete Imperial Armament."

"Why would Chu Feng take out an Incomplete Imperial Armament at such a crucial time?"

When Chu Feng took out the Evil God Sword, the crowd was dumbfounded.

The reason for that was because the Evil God Sword was simply an enormous disparity from the treasure that they were imagining. The feeling of having their expectations betrayed was truly uncomfortable.

"Is this Chu Feng trying to be a clown?"

The Starfall Holy Land's disciples began to ridicule Chu Feng.

It was understandable why they would ridicule Chu Feng. After all, not to mention people of the younger generation like themselves, even experts like the Starfall Eight Immortals were unable to see through Chu Feng's Evil God Sword.

On the surface, the Evil God Sword was nothing more than an Incomplete Imperial Armament. Furthermore, even amongst Incomplete Imperial Armaments, the Evil God Sword was an extremely ordinary weapon.

They had no idea that the Incomplete Imperial Armament’s appearance was merely a disguise. If the true power of the Evil God Sword were to be revealed, it would astonish all of the people present.

Even the Starfall Eight Immortals would be no exception.

"Chu Feng, the thing that gave you so much confidence, it couldn't possibly be that Incomplete Imperial Armament, right?"

"It is that Incomplete Imperial Armament that gave you the enormous nerve to cripple our Swordking City's Young City Master and seize our Swordking City's inherited secret skill?" Qing Peng asked coldly.

Qing Peng was extremely furious. Yet, at the same time, his words were filled with ridicule aimed at Chu Feng.

That said, Chu Feng remained extremely calm and collected even when faced with Qing Peng's ridicule.

In a de-emphasizing manner, Chu Feng said, "You'll come to know."

On the surface, there was no change to Chu Feng at all. Only Chu Feng himself knew that he had secretly instilled his power into the Evil God Sword. He would be able to awaken the Evil God Sword with merely a thought.



Right at that moment, that Duel Space's walls started to shatter.

Many people became nervous upon seeing this.

They knew that the Duel Space was soon to disappear. Should the Duel Space disappear, Qing Peng would definitely attack Chu Feng.


Right at that moment, the Duel Space shattered completely.

At the same time, Qing Peng suddenly raised his hand to unleash an attack at Chu Feng.


However, right when Qing Peng raised his arm halfway, an aged hand grabbed onto his arm.

At the same time, a figure appeared before Qing Peng.

"That is?!"

Everyone was surprised by the person that appeared before Qing Peng. Chu Feng was no exception.

This surprise was even greater for Song Yunfei and the other disciples of the Starfall Holy Land.

Seeing the person before him, Qing Peng spoke in a very puzzled manner, "Elder Xingyi?"

He did not understand why Elder Xingyi would suddenly act to stop him.

"Qing Peng, I will not care about what might happen in the future. However, no one is allowed to touch Chu Feng today," Elder Xingyi said.

"This?! Elder Xingyi is actually shielding Chu Feng?!"

"It's no wonder Chu Feng is so confident."

The crowd finally realized why Chu Feng was so calm and collected.

Although Qing Peng was powerful, he was still much weaker than Elder Xingyi.

"What is the relationship between Chu Feng and the Starfall Holy Land? Why is Elder Xingyi helping him like this?"

Soon, someone started to question it.

"Why are you helping him?" Qing Peng asked.

He was just as confused as others.

"It's because of a promise," After he finished saying those words, Elder Xingyi looked to Chu Feng and said, "I have guaranteed little friend Chu Feng that no one would be able to touch him today."

Seeing the gaze Elder Xingyi looked to him with, Chu Feng retrieved the power that he had instilled into the Evil God Sword.

Chu Feng knew that Elder Xingyi was a trustworthy person.

Judging from the situation at hand, if Elder Xingyi were to help him, Chu Feng would be able to avoid the crisis.

That being said, Chu Feng had not expected Elder Xingyi to help him.

He was really planning to rely on the Evil God Sword.

It was not that Chu Feng did not treasure his life. Rather, he had no other choice after being forced into this sort of state.

Chu Feng knew very well that even if he didn't cripple Han Yu's cultivation and seize his secret skill, Han Yu would definitely not spare him.

With death present on either side, Chu Feng felt that it would be better to fight with his all. Even if he were to die, he must drag people down with him.

However, since Elder Xingyi had decided to help him, there was no need for Chu Feng to awaken the Evil God Sword.

After all, the Evil God Sword was extremely dangerous. Chu Feng had no idea if he would end up dying should he awaken it again.

"Elder Xingyi, you also witnessed what this Chu Feng has done. Our Young City Master's cultivation has been crippled by him. Our Swordking City's inherited secret skill has been plundered by him. As such, how could I let him get away today?" Qing Peng spoke with enormous grievance.

He had no choice but to act wronged. Faced with Elder Xingyi, he was unable to act rough. As such, he could only act soft.

However, faced with this Qing Peng with an expression of grievance all over his face, Qing Peng who, at his old age, actually had reddened eyes, Elder Xingyi only responded with cold indifference.


Elder Xingyi waved his arm and blew Qing Peng several meters away.

After that, he said coldly, "If my words earlier weren't clear enough, I will say them again."

"I am insistent on protecting Chu Feng today. If you still insist on touching him, do not blame this old man for being ruthless."