Chapter 2860 - Crippling Cultivation, Seizing Inheritance

Chapter 2860 - Crippling Cultivation, Seizing Inheritance

After being astonished, someone said ruefully, “Han Yu has been justifiably defeated.”

They all felt that this duel, having reached this point, had come to an end.

However, Chu Feng evidently did not plan to let Han Yu off just yet. After chatting with Eggy, he descended from the sky and arrived before Han Yu.

Han Yu was currently completely covered with poison gas. He was extremely weak, and did not even have the strength to stand up. That said, when he saw Chu Feng descending before him with malicious intentions on his face, he started to frown. He asked, “What are you planning to do?!”

“What am I planning to do?”

“Earlier, you wanted to kill me. Say, what do you think I’m planning to do?” Chu Feng said.


Hearing what Chu Feng said, Han Yu, who was originally very worried suddenly burst into loud laughter.

While he was very worried that Chu Feng would humiliate him, he did not think that Chu Feng would dare to kill him. After all, Han Yu had come with a backer this time around.

“That’s right, I was planning to kill you earlier, what can you do about it?”

“Could it be that you’re planning to kill me? Chu Feng, not to mention killing me, if you dare touch me again today, I dare to guarantee that you will not be able to leave here alive,” Han Yu said fiercely.

Hearing what Han Yu said, Chu Feng looked to the Swordking City’s Supreme Elder Qing Peng.

Chu Feng knew that Han Yu was counting on that Qing Peng.

Seemingly understanding what Chu Feng’s gaze meant, Qing Peng’s gaze turned extremely cold and dark. He was completely threatening Chu Feng.

It was as if he were declaring to Chu Feng that, should he dare to do anything, he would absolutely not let Chu Feng get away.


Seeing that Chu Feng was hesitating, even though Han Yu was incomparably weak, he still revealed a proud smile of contempt on his face.

He was mocking Chu Feng.

In fact, it was not only Han Yu. When the surrounding crowd saw Chu Feng’s hesitation, they also started to sigh in their hearts. It would appear that even Chu Feng must take the situation at hand into consideration.

Even though they all knew that sparing Han Yu in a situation like this would be the right choice, they were still slightly disappointed in Chu Feng.

After all, according to the rumors, Chu Feng was completely fearless.

Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly turned around and ruthlessly kicked Han Yu’s head.

“Bang!” Han Yu was kicked to a corner of the Duel Space. He immediately screamed in pain. That kick was simply too ruthless.

Not only was Han Yu dripping blood nonstop, but his entire face had been deformed.


Seeing this scene, the crowd’s hearts tightened. This was something truly unexpected.

None of them had ever imagined that Chu Feng would still dare to attack Han Yu even after being threatened by Qing Peng.

Chu Feng’s action was simply equivalent to telling Qing Peng that he, Chu Feng, did not place Qing Peng in his eyes at all.

“Chu Feng, what audacity!!!”

At that moment, Qing Peng shouted loudly. He was staring fiercely at Chu Feng. His gaze was filled with killing intent.

“Audacity?” However, Chu Feng was not afraid of Qing Peng. Instead, he turned his head to the side and said to Qing Peng in a very disdainful manner, “What do you mean by that?”

“This was merely a spar. The outcome has been determined. Yet you’re still trying to injure Han Yu, do you have no morals in your heart?” Qing Peng asked.

“Who said that this match is one that ends when the outcome is determined?” Chu Feng asked. His expression was very calm. It was as if he were already determined to embarrass Han Yu.

“Chu Feng, if you dare to put another finger on our Young City Master, I will take your life!” Qing Peng was immediately worried upon hearing what Chu Feng said. He pointed at Chu Feng and threatened him fiercely.

“I originally didn’t plan to do much other than teaching him a slight lesson.”

“However, since you dared to threaten me like this, if I, Chu Feng, do not do something to him, then it would mean that I’m afraid of you.”

“As such, I might as well cripple his cultivation,” Chu Feng said.

“What?! Cripple Han Yu’s cultivation?!” The crowd was greatly alarmed upon hearing what Chu Feng said.

“You dare?!!!”

Qing Peng was extremely enraged. As he shouted, he arrived before the Duel Space.

However, how could Chu Feng concern himself with Qing Peng anymore? After all, Han Yu was trying to kill him earlier.

How could Chu Feng possibly spare someone like that? As Chu Feng spoke, he held his palm like a knife. “Puchi,” his hand pierced into Han Yu’s body.


Han Yu started screaming in even greater pain. At the same time, he was gnashing his teeth in rage. With a trembling voice, he said to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, I, Han Yu, am not going to let you get away with this!!”

Faced with Han Yu’s threat, Chu Feng smiled lightly. He said, “Don’t speak as if you’re not planning to cause trouble for me again should I not cripple your cultivation. After all, the one that was trying to kill me earlier was you.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng pulled out his hand from Han Yu’s body.

At that moment, Han Yu screamed even more miserably.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had not only crippled his cultivation, but he had also seized an item from his body.

That item was not only important to Han Yu, but it was extremely important to Swordking City itself.

What Chu Feng seized was their Swordking City’s inherited secret skill, the King Among Swords.

At that moment, the King Among Swords had turned into a lump of blue energy, and was being held in Chu Feng’s hand.

That inherited secret skill seemed to know that Chu Feng was not someone from Swordking City, and was trying its best to escape.

However, it was being firmly held by Chu Feng. Its appearance was somewhat pitiful.

“Chu Feng, you damned despicable bastard! You dare plunder our city’s inherited secret skill!? You shall suffer a miserable death!”

Qing Peng was cursing at Chu Feng nonstop. What Chu Feng had done was truly hateful for him. Even killing Chu Feng would not be able to alleviate the hatred in his heart.

“Plunder?” Chu Feng smiled. Then, he looked to Qing Peng, “Although this secret skill might be a treasure for your Swordking City, it is completely worthless to me, Chu Feng.”

“Thus, from the very start, I, Chu Feng, never had the intention to make use of it.”

“I merely wanted to teach your Swordking City a lesson,” After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng strengthened the grasp of his hand.

“Bang!” That lump of blue light was actually shattered by Chu Feng.

The Swordking City’s inherited secret skill had been destroyed by Chu Feng.


Seeing that inherited secret skill being squeezed apart by Chu Feng, many of the surrounding people grimaced in pain.

While that secret skill might be useless to Chu Feng, for them, it was a treasure that could only be encountered, and not sought after.

“Chu Feng, I will skin you alive and pull out your tendons! I will dismember your body into ten thousand pieces!!!”

“Chu Feng, you will die miserably!!!”

Two furious voices sounded at the same time.

One originated from Qing Peng outside the Duel Space.

The other originated from Han Yu inside the Duel Space.

However, Chu Feng merely smiled in a joking manner at the two threatening shouts.

“Why are you all so emotional? It’s merely a joke.”

After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng flipped his wrist, and the blue lump of light once again appeared in his hand.

It turned out that Chu Feng was merely scaring Han Yu and Qing Peng earlier.

He did not actually destroy that inherited secret skill. What he had destroyed earlier was merely something that he had created.

Seeing that the inherited secret skill was still unscathed, Qing Peng heaved a sigh of relief.

Qing Peng was naturally feeling distressed about Han Yu’s cultivation being crippled. Upon his return, he would also be punished severely.

However, with how talented Han Yu was, as long as he remained alive, he would be able to regain his lost cultivation one day.

However, if their inherited secret skill was destroyed, he would definitely be punished with death upon his return.

Right at the moment when Qing Peng was feeling slightly relieved, Chu Feng said something that nearly enraged him to death.

“Although I do not fancy this item, it is still not something that I would go as far as to destroy. After all, if I am to sell it, I should be able to sell it for quite a bit.”

The reason why Chu Feng didn’t destroy the inherited secret skill was because he wanted to sell it!!!