Chapter 2859 - Broadened Horizons

Chapter 2859 - Broadened Horizons

However, who was Chu Xuanyuan? He was simply a legend.

He was someone who became the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Law Enforcement Hall’s Hall Master at the age of twenty-nine.

He was someone who defeated the Dao Imperial Palace’s Palace Master at the age of twenty-nine.

He was someone who was suspected to be the strongest existence in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm at that same age.

Chu Xuanyuan’s entire life was a legend.

Chu Xuanyuan’s appearance had smashed the understanding the crowd had toward martial cultivation. He had smashed their view of what it meant to be a genius.

In other words, no matter how powerful the present geniuses were, they were unable to compare to Chu Xuanyuan from back then at all.

After all, when the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s geniuses nowadays were still contending over who would be the strongest among the younger generation a hundred years and younger, Chu Xuanyuan had, at the age of twenty-nine, become the existence standing at the apex of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

That was the reason why the crowd felt that it would be impossible for Chu Feng to have grasped a rank two Immortal Technique at the cultivation of rank five True Immortal.

“That is indeed a rank two Immortal Technique. There’s no mistake.”

Right at that moment, the leader of the Starfall Eight Immortals, Elder Xingyi, spoke in an unhurried manner.

“It’s actually really a rank two Immortal Technique?”

Elder Xingyi’s words came like a boulder smashing into a tranquil lake. Immediately, it brought about a massive commotion.

After all, Elder Xingyi was someone with extraordinary status. The crowd believed his words.

But, to grasp a rank two Immortal Technique at the cultivation of rank five True Immortal, didn’t this mean that Chu Feng had accomplished what only Chu Xuanyuan was capable of?

Wouldn’t this mean that Chu Feng was on par with Chu Xuanyuan?

“It really is a rank two Immortal Technique?”

At the moment when the crowd was astonished, Song Yunfei’s expression turned ugly.

After all, that was something that he was unable to accomplish.

At the moment when Song Yunfei was feeling displeased, Jian Wuqing said with a smile on his face, “Brother Song, it would appear that you’ve miscalculated.”

Jian Wuqing rarely smiled. Thus, regardless of why he was smiling now, his smile was seen as an act of ridicule to Song Yunfei.

“So what if that’s the case? The outcome of the battle is yet to be determined,” Song Yunfei snorted coldly and replied in a very displeased manner.

Jian Wuqing smiled again. He did not attempt to argue with Song Yunfei. Instead, he turned his gaze back to Chu Feng and began to carefully observe the Immortal Technique Chu Feng had unleashed.

Due to the fact that they were separated by the Duel Space, the crowd outside were unable to sense the might of Chu Feng’s Immortal Technique. As such, they could only guess how powerful it was.

That being said, neither Jian Wuqing nor Song Yunfei knew that, at the moment when they were astonished by Chu Feng being able to unleash a rank two Immortal Technique, the people of the older generation were also extremely astonished.

“Big brother, that Chu Feng, he seems…”

Simultaneously, the other seven of the Starfall Eight Immortals all looked to Elder Xingyi.

As for Elder Xingyi, he firmly fixed Chu Feng with his profound gaze. There was also astonishment in his eyes.

Through a voice transmission, he said to his seven brothers, “I know what you all want to say.”

“It is not only you all, I’m seeing it too. I am seeing the reflection of Chu Xuanyuan from that Chu Feng.”

Once Elder Xingyi said those words, the expressions of the other seven of the Starfall Eight Immortals changed somewhat.

They turned to look at Chu Feng again. Their gazes had become profound.

Chu Xuanyuan was a truly extraordinary person.

Chu Feng was actually emitting the reflection of Chu Xuanyuan. Even if it was only a little bit, it was enough to cause the crowd to take great notice of him.

Even the Starfall Eight Immortals were no exception to this.


Right at the moment when the crowd was astonished, a furious shout resonated through the air. It was Han Yu.

Han Yu was standing in midair with his palms extended. Enormous power caused his entire body to appear as if it were being stifled. Not only were his veins bulging, but his skin had also turned very red.

He was going all-out and increasing the might of his rank two Immortal Technique.

It would appear that Han Yu had also noticed that Chu Feng’s Immortal Technique was no small matter. Thus, he did not wish to give Chu Feng the time to take a breath.

However, it was already too late.

“Rank two Immortal Technique: Monstrous Poison Flow.”

Chu Feng pointed his finger at Han Yu.

“Boom!” A loud explosion was heard.

The poison gas monster that was protecting Chu Feng turned into boundless dark green gaseous flames and started moving toward Han Yu to attack him.

The dark green gaseous flames were simply too frightening. They were simply invincible. They shattered Han Yu’s rank two Immortal Technique easily.

After destroying Han Yu’s rank two Immortal Technique, the boundless poison gas did not dissipate. Instead, it continued to move on toward Han Yu. Soon, the poison gas swallowed Han Yu completely.

“Young City Master!!!”

Seeing Han Yu being swallowed by the poison gas, the Swordking City’s Supreme Elder Qing Peng immediately started to panic.

Due to that Duel Space, he was not only unable to rescue Han Yu, but he was also unable to detect if Han Yu was alive or dead.

That being said, the boundless poison gas did not remain around Han Yu for long. Instead, it continued onward without stopping. In the end, it smashed onto the Duel Space’s boundary wall. After that, it began to dissipate.

At that moment, Han Yu once again emerged before the crowd.

Merely, the current Han Yu was already on the verge of collapse. Shortly after he started falling from the sky like a loose kite.

“Putt,” Han Yu smashed into the ground like a miserable dying dog.

Seeing this scene, the crowd looked to Chu Feng with gazes filled with acknowledgement.

They had become certain that Chu Feng did not defeat Han Yu previously by coincidence.

As for Han Yu’s previous claim that Chu Feng was only able to defeat him because the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s Clan Chief had secretly helped him, it now resembled an act of framing someone by someone who was unable to accept defeat.

Thinking of this, the crowd, to a greater or lesser degree, all started to have a worse impression of Han Yu.

“Chu Feng, when did you learn that rank two Immortal Technique? How come this Queen didn’t know about it?”

Her Lady Queen was very happy. That said, it was as she had said, she had no idea that Chu Feng had learned the Monstrous Poison Flow.

“It was just then, when the Ancient Era’s War Sword was fighting against Han Yu’s inherited secret skill. I was merely trying to attempt to learn it. Never did I expect to actually succeed in doing so.”

“That being said, it is thanks to the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip that I was able to master it this quickly,” Chu Feng answered with a smile.

When Chu Feng attempted to learn the rank two Immortal Technique, Monstrous Poison Flow, the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip deep within his dantian suddenly trembled once.

That single tremble was no small matter at all. It caused Chu Feng’s mind to become extremely clear and frighteningly sharp.

Even though it was very brief, it had allowed Chu Feng to successfully master the rank two Immortal Technique, Monstrous Poison Flow.

“The God Bestowment Bamboo Slip? Seems like that treasure is truly useful.”

“Unfortunately, that damned cat snatched away the other God Bestowment Bamboo Slip. If you are to encounter that cat in the future, you must definitely snatch it back,” Her Lady Queen spoke in an angry manner.

“You’re talking about that old cat?” When that old cat was mentioned, Chu Feng’s heart also started to fluctuate. Chu Feng had no idea how powerful that old cat was. However, he was certain that there was a massive disparity between him and that old cat. This disparity was so enormous that it was simply immeasurable.

That old cat was most definitely an extremely dangerous existence.

At the moment when Chu Feng and Eggy were chatting leisurely, the crowd outside were unable to remain calm at all.

They became more and more excited. They were feeling extremely joyful to have been able to witness the battle.

They had truly broadened their horizons by doing so.

Not to mention Chu Feng being able to defeat Han Yu, merely his rank two Immortal Technique was sufficient to cause the crowd to acknowledge him.

At the very least, Chu Feng was likely the only person in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm that was capable of this feat right now.

That said, should they know that Chu Feng had successfully learned the rank two Immortal Technique while fighting with Han Yu, the astonishment they felt would most likely be many times greater than it already was.