Chapter 2858 - Name Was Chu Xuanyuan

Chapter 2858 - His Name Was Chu Xuanyuan

It was as Chu Feng had said, the competitive nature of the Ancient Era's War Sword was roused by the Swordking City's inherited secret skill.

Not only was it emitting much more intense golden light, but its might also grew more and more powerful.

At that moment, its ruler-like aura had increased several times as it started to wreak havoc throughout its surroundings.

As for Han Yu's supreme secret skill, it had long since begun trembling in fear. How could it possibly contend against the Ancient Era's War Sword?

Suddenly, the Ancient Era's War Sword hacked down. With the slash, Han Yu's supreme secret skill turned into green light. It was actually forcibly shattered to pieces by the Ancient Era's War Sword.

"Powerful! Chu Feng's secret skill is simply too powerful! What will Han Yu do now?"

Seeing that Han Yu's inherited secret skill was defeated by Chu Feng's Ancient Era's War Sword, the crowd all turned their gazes to Han Yu.

Without the protection of his inherited secret skill, how was Han Yu to contend against the Ancient Era's War Sword?

"Humph. Chu Feng, do not rejoice too quickly. The outcome of the battle is already concluded.”

Faced with the crowd’s gazes, Han Yu was not only completely confident, but he even revealed an attitude of having victory within his grasp.

The confidence Han Yu revealed was most definitely not a bluff.

At that moment, rumbles began to sound from around Han Yu. Not to mention the ground, even space itself was trembling violently.

It was as if some sort of power was about to explode.

In that situation, the golden light emitted by Han Yu’s body also started to change.

That golden light actually turned into the image of a Buddha.

That Buddha was three thousand meters tall. It reached far into the clouds, and like a giant mountain, it shielded Han Yu within it.

When the Buddha appeared, the Duel Space that originally seemed to be very vast no longer appeared to be that enormous.

“Rank two Immortal Technique, Han Yu managed to cast it successfully!!”

When they saw the mountain-like giant golden Buddha, the crowd that were originally worried about Han Yu turned their worry-filled gazes toward Chu Feng.

What Han Yu had unleashed was a rank two Immortal Technique. Its might was undoubtedly powerful.

If Han Yu were unable to successfully cast his rank two Immortal Technique, Chu Feng would naturally have a chance to defeat Han Yu.

However, Han Yu had managed to successfully unleash his rank two Immortal Technique. As such, how would Chu Feng contend against it?

“It’s Chu Feng’s loss.”

At the moment when the crowd were all guessing what Chu Feng would do, Song Yunfei gave a precise answer.

Jian Wuqing was skeptical of Song Yunfei’s claim. Seeking an answer, he asked, “How can one be sure?”

“That is a rank two Immortal Technique, something very powerful to begin with. As for Han Yu, he has also used the powerful Nine Heavenly Reversal forbidden medicine.”

“Although Chu Feng possesses many abilities, and although his abilities are indeed heaven-defying, it remains that his actual cultivation is only that of a rank five True Immortal.”

“It is impossible for a rank five True Immortal to grasp a rank two Immortal Technique. As such, how can he possibly prevail against Han Yu?” Song Yunfei asked Jian Wuqing.

“That’s true. It’s impossible for Chu Feng to have a rank two Immortal Technique. Furthermore, he has already unleashed all of his heaven-defying abilities. In other words, Chu Feng no longer possesses any hidden trump cards.”

“Senior brother Song’s analysis is extremely accurate. That Chu Feng is indeed undoubtedly going to be defeated.”

Once Song Yunfei voiced his analysis, not only did the disciples from the Starfall Holy Land start flattering him, but even members of the younger generation from other powers began to praise him.

Showered with praises, Song Yunfei looked even prouder.

As for Jian Wuqing, he did not refute Song Yunfei. He was unable to find a way to refute Song Yunfei’s claims.

After all, he was unfamiliar with Chu Feng, and had no idea how Chu Feng would be able to resolve this crisis.

However, Jian Wuqing did not feel that Chu Feng would be defeated. The reason for that was because he had noticed Chu Feng had a calm expression on his face the entire time. From start to end, he had never revealed any trace of fear.

Right at that moment, Han Yu shouted, “Rank two Immortal Technique, True Buddha’s Palm!!!” He had finally unleashed his attack.

Once Han Yu unleashed his attack, the golden giant buddha that was originally shielding him within it turned into an enormous golden palm that moved to smash Chu Feng.

Once that palm was sent forth, not only was the Duel Space trembling violently, with the space inside it being shattered apart, but even the space outside the Duel Space was emitting rumbles.

The might of that attack was very powerful.

This was the power of a rank two Immortal Technique.

As for Chu Feng, he was standing there idly. He had already retrieved the Ancient Era’s War Sword. Like a defensive formation, the Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe shielded him within them.

Both the Ancient Era’s War Sword and the Ancient Era’s War Axe were shining brightly. They resembled two great indestructible guardians as they fused together to protect Chu Feng.

“Humph, it’s useless! You won’t be able to block it this time around!”

Han Yu snorted disdainfully at Chu Feng’s defensive technique.

Even though Chu Feng had managed to block Han Yu’s rank two Immortal Technique with his Ancient Era’s War Axe and Ancient Era’s War Sword, Han Yu was still filled with confidence.

He knew very well that the might of his rank two Immortal Technique this time around was several times stronger than last time.

Thus, he felt that Chu Feng would not be able to take it.


Loud explosions rang out as the entire surrounding area shook violently. That enormous mountain-like hand smashed into the Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe.

That enormous hand was so large that even the Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe appeared much smaller by comparison.

As for that enormous hand, not only was it enormous in size, but its might was also stronger than the Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe.

At that moment, not only were these two great secret skills trembling violently, but countless cracks had also appeared on them.

It was as if they could collapse at any moment.

“Chu Feng, are you still planning to use the same move as last time to defeat him?” Her Lady Queen asked.

Even though everyone felt that Chu Feng would lose, Her Lady Queen knew very well that Chu Feng possessed the Five Elements Secret Skills.

Regardless of how powerful Han Yu might be, as long as his battle power was about the same as Chu Feng’s, he would not be able to kill Chu Feng.

Last time around, Chu Feng was able to defeat Han Yu not because he managed to block Han Yu’s attack with his Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe. Rather, he had feigned death with his Five Elements Secret Skills to mount a sneak attack against Han Yu.

Evidently, Han Yu didn’t realize that that was the case yet. Thus, Her Lady Queen felt that Chu Feng could successfully pull off the same strategy as before.

“No, I’m going to try something different this time,” Chu Feng said.

“What do you plan to do?” Her Lady Queen was curious.

“I am going to defeat him head-on,” Chu Feng said.

“Head-on?” Her Lady Queen grew even more confused.


At the moment when Her Lady Queen was confused, Chu Feng let out a loud shout.

Following that, dark green light once again emerged from Chu Feng’s body. The light became gaseous substances. Like a volcanic eruption, they burst forth from Chu Feng’s body and scattered about in all directions.

“That aura, could it be an Immortal Technique?”

“But, didn’t Chu Feng already use his Immortal Technique? How could he be able to use it again in such a short period of time?”

The surrounding crowd had noticed the dark green light emitted by Chu Feng. They thought that Chu Feng was going to unleash his rank one Immortal Technique, the Aura Poison Flow, again.

“No, that’s not the same Immortal Technique Chu Feng used earlier.”

Soon, someone rejected the crowd’s guess.

The reason for that was because the dark green gaseous substance was not only growing in strength upon appearing.

Instead, the dark green gaseous substance was growing more and more solid, and actually taking the form of an enormous image.

That image had started to become clear. It was a giant monster over two thousand meters tall.

That monster possessed a humanoid body and a beast’s face. Its appearance was extremely fierce. Furthermore, its entire body was composed of dark green poison gas. As such, it was very frightening.

Even though its size was smaller than Han Yu’s rank two Immortal Technique, its appearance was much more threatening than Han Yu’s rank two Immortal Technique.

“That’s a rank two Immortal Technique!” Someone shouted in alarm.

“What?! A rank two Immortal Technique?! Impossible, that’s definitely impossible!”

Once that person shouted those words, many people immediately questioned that person’s claim.

Even for geniuses, they would need the cultivation of a rank six True Immortal in order to learn rank two immortal Techniques.

To learn a rank two Immortal Technique at the cultivation of rank five True Immortal was simply something that no one could accomplish. That was the reason why the crowd was so skeptical of it.

No, someone had managed to accomplish that feat before. That person was the publicly accepted strongest individual to have ever existed in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

As for that person, he had already become a legend. At the same time, he had also become a taboo of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

His name was Chu Xuanyuan.