Chapter 2857 - The Actual Sword King

Chapter 2857 - The Actual Sword King


The crowd grew even more astonished. Han Yu’s reaction meant that the poison was affecting him even more now. He had reached a state where he was powerless to even stand.

Chu Feng’s Immortal Technique was actually even more powerful than they’d imagined it to be.


Right at that moment, a furious shout was heard from the crowd.

It was that Swordking City’s Supreme Elder, Qing Peng.

Qing Peng pointed at Chu Feng and loudly cursed, “You despicable little brat! You actually used poison! You are truly and utterly shameless!”

“Used poison?” Chu Feng smiled. Then, he said, “Regardless of whether or not I’ve used poison, it is still my ability. Just because Han Yu’s perception is lacking, my profound ability is to blame?”

“If that’s the case, should you fall into a cesspool while walking because you weren’t paying attention to the road, would you also blame others for putting that cesspool there instead of blaming yourself for being blind?”

“You!!!” Qing Peng started to gnash his teeth furiously with anger. He had never met a member of the younger generation who dared to speak to him in such a manner.

“What about me? Was what I said not the truth? If you’re inferior to others, then you’re inferior to others. Where did you get all these excuses?”

“Who made a rule that martial cultivators cannot use poisonous techniques when fighting?” Chu Feng asked.

At that moment, the crowd looked to one another and then all nodded.

Martial cultivators were able to use all sorts of abilities when fighting against one another. There were indeed no rules at all. As long as one could win against one’s opponent, everything was fair game.

Seeing that the crowd was actually standing on Chu Feng’s side, that Qing Peng’s expression grew even uglier. However, he was at a loss as to how to refute Chu Feng. Thus, he waved his sleeve and no longer bothered to continue arguing with Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng was not planning to let Qing Peng get away with it.

He looked to Qing Peng and asked, “Oh, that’s right. Senior, there’s actually a question that I wish to ask you.”

“Speak,” Qing Peng said in a very annoyed manner.

“Didn’t you say that the Cyan Rays Sword Formation was the strongest rank one Immortal Technique?”

“It just so happens that my Immortal Technique was also a rank one Immortal Technique. That’s why I wanted to ask you this.”

“Why is it that the Cyan Rays Sword Formation has been defeated by my Immortal Technique?”

“You little brat!!!”

Qing Peng was so furious his eyes grew wide open and were glaring at Chu Feng with rage. Even his beard started to stand on end.

He was truly angered. However, he didn’t know how to refute Chu Feng.

After all, he did declare the Cyan Rays Sword Formation to be the strongest rank one Immortal Technique.

However, the Cyan Rays Sword Formation had indeed been defeated by Chu Feng’s Immortal Technique. Even though he felt extremely displeased and furious, he had no choice but to admit defeat.

“Chu Feng, with how arrogant you’re acting, do you really think that you’ve already won?”

Right at that moment, Han Yu who was so weak he was about to faint took out a medicinal pellet and tossed it into his mouth.

“That medicinal pellet is the Forbidden Medicine, Nine Heavenly Reversal!”

Although Han Yu’s movement was very fast, there were still people that noticed the medicinal pellet he had swallowed.

That medicinal pellet was not an ordinary medicinal pellet. Instead, it was a very powerful forbidden medicine.

That being said, while the Nine Heavenly Reversal possessed a very potent medicinal effect, it was special in that it did not possess a very strong backlash.

Its characteristic was different from that of ordinary forbidden medicines. As such, the Nine Heavenly Reversal was an extremely expensive forbidden medicine.

That said, even though its price was sky-high, it was still very rare.

As that moment, Xia Yun’er took a glance at Song Yunfei involuntarily.

She knew a bit about the Nine Heavenly Reversal forbidden medicine. Not only was it very expensive, it was also very rare. It could be said to be a treasure that could only be encountered by chance, and not sought after.

That said, Song Yunfei had managed to obtain ten Nine Heavenly Reversal pills at once by coincidence.

Thus, Xia Yun’er was practically certain that the Nine Heavenly Reversals forbidden medicine that Han Yu had just used was given to him by Song Yunfei.

It was no wonder Song Yunfei was so confident and seemed to be waiting to see Chu Feng’s humiliation the entire time.

“Chu Feng, I will end things here and avenge my two brothers!” Han Yu shouted.

As he spoke, he planned to cast an Immortal Technique to unleash a final attack at Chu Feng.


Right at that moment, with a thought, Chu Feng controlled his Ancient Era’s War Sword and moved to attack Han Yu.

Chu Feng naturally did not plan to give Han Yu the chance to unleash another Immortal Technique.

“Humph, you wish to stop me? Unfortunately for you, you’re unable to do that.”

As Han Yu spoke, a blue light emerged from his body. After that light emerged, it became a giant blue sword.

That sword was over a thousand meters in length. It was emitting a very powerful aura. It actually managed to forcibly block Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword.

As for that enormous blue sword, it too was a supreme secret skill.

“It’s the secret skill passed on through Swordking City, King Among Swords!”

“That could be said to be the most precious item from Swordking City!”

“Wasn’t it said that the supreme secret skill King Among Swords was something that only the Swordking City’s City Master could inherit?”

“Yet, why would Han Yu have it now?”

Once the enormous blue sword appeared, the crowd all gasped with admiration. They were most definitely not making a huge fuss out of nothing.

Rather, the secret skill Han Yu had unleashed, the King Among Swords, was no small matter. It was extremely powerful, and was actually capable of contending against Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword and actually blocking it.

At that moment, the two enormous swords, one golden and one blue, were colliding with one another in midair. It was as if each could not tolerate the existence of the other, and must determine the victor.

“Amazing! This is simply a showdown between two king swords!”

Noticing the battle between the swords, the crowd started to gasp with admiration.

“However, even though they’re both supreme secret skills, Chu Feng’s secret skill is clearly more amazing. After all, Chu Feng’s secret skill possesses a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting one level of cultivation. It was this secret skill that gave Chu Feng the ability to fight Han Yu.”

“Although Swordking City’s inherited secret skill is also very powerful, it does not possess a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a level of cultivation. The disparity between the two is definitely vast. In terms of their own strength, the two secret skills are simply unable to be discussed together.”

“Indeed, Chu Feng’s secret skill is simply legendary. It is truly rare.”

“It is not only that enormous sword of his. That enormous axe is also no small matter.”

The crowd was discussing it spiritedly.

“Humph, Chu Feng, you’re destined to lose!”

At that moment, Han Yu had managed to block Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword through the use of his secret skill. As for the Ancient Era’s War Axe, it did not pose a threat to Han Yu. Thus, Han Yu was able to confidently finish casting his Immortal Technique.

Furthermore, the Immortal Technique Han Yu was casting at that moment was his trump card, his rank two Immortal Technique.

Although his rank two Immortal Technique was blocked by Chu Feng last time, he had taken the powerful forbidden medicine, the Nine Heavenly Reversals this time around. As such, the power of his Immortal Technique was also going to increase.

Han Yu felt that as long as he managed to successfully unleash his Immortal Technique, Chu Feng would undoubtedly be killed.

“Heavens! Chu Feng’s secret skill… is simply too powerful!”

At that moment, the crowd present were not focused on Han Yu at all. Their eyes were completely fixed upon Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword started to shine much brighter. The light emitted by it was as intense as the scorching sun. With it, the Ancient Era’s War Sword also grew much more powerful.

The King Among Swords that was originally capable of contending against the Ancient Era’s War Sword had fallen into an absolutely disadvantaged state. It was being completely suppressed by the Ancient Era’s War Sword, and even began to emit loud buzzing noises nonstop.

The King Among Swords was actually trembling. It was as if it was afraid.

“Chu Feng, what is happening to your Ancient Era’s War Sword?”

“Why would it suddenly become stronger? Could it be that you were holding back earlier?”

Not to mention others, even Her Lady Queen was confused by this.

“It might be that Han Yu’s secret skill has angered the Ancient Era’s War Sword. Thus, it is planning to prove itself.”

“After all, my Ancient Era’s War Sword is the actual sword king,” Chu Feng said with a smile.