Chapter 2691 - Something Peculiar Is At The Sacred Mountain

Chapter 2691 - Something Peculiar Is At The Sacred Mountain

“Remember this. Song Xi is my brother. If anyone dares disrespect him in the future, it will be equivalent to disrespecting me.”

“If anyone dares to take revenge upon Song Xi after I leave, I will have your Zhao Mansion completely disappear from this world.”

Chu Feng spoke those words one word at a time. After saying those words, without waiting for any reaction from the people of the Zhao Mansion, he directly left with Song Xi and Aunt Jing.

As they left, Song Xi stared at Chu Feng the entire time. Adoration filled his eyes.

He was reacting like a girl seeing her idol. This sort of reaction from Song Xi caused Chu Feng to feel very uncomfortable.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Chu Feng asked with a frown.

“Chu Feng, you are simply the most impressive person I’ve ever encountered,” Song Xi said.

“This is impressive?” Chu Feng felt otherwise.

“This is simply too impressive. You have no idea how rude and unreasonable the Zhao Mansion generally is. As for that Mansion Master, he is so unreasonable that he simply disregards all laws and orders. He is simply a petty tyrant.”

“Yet, today, they were scared to such a state before you. This is truly satisfying.”

“You aura was simply too imposing. Even I grew scared.”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that I was standing beside you and knew that you wouldn’t harm me, I would likely have been kneeling and begging for forgiveness just like the rest of them,” Song Xi said.

“If you continue on like this, I will start to think that you’re trying to flatter me,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng felt that while Song Xi’s cultivation was not very strong, he was someone who had traveled about and gained a lot of experience. Likely, he should have witnessed a lot of scenes similar to this.

As such, his reaction was truly somewhat exaggerated.

Actually, Song Xi had indeed witnessed quite a lot of similar occasions. However, he was merely a bystander those times.

This was the first time that he had witnessed something like this at such a close range while standing beside Chu Feng.

The difference between them was like that between a blind bystander and experiencing something for oneself.

Thus, Song Xi would naturally be very excited.

“I am truly not trying to flatter you. I am truly filled with admiration for you,” Song Xi said with a chuckle. These were indeed his true feelings.

“Stop. We are to put this topic aside right now,” Chu Feng felt very helpless.

It would be one thing if a woman were to react to him in such a manner. However, for a man to look at him with such a gaze made him feel really uncomfortable.

“Oh, that’s right. There is one thing that I need to remind you of still.”

“Song Xi, you are too indecisive. How could you spare that Wang Lianzhi after what she did to your mother?”

“You should know that if I didn’t appear, your mother would not have been able to continue living for much longer.”

“As for the cause of it all, it is that Wang Lianzhi,” Chu Feng said.

“But, it remains that she and I have grown up together. I truly do not have the heart to kill her,” Song Xi said.

“While you’re not willing to kill her, she was more than willing to kill you.”

“Your heart is simply too soft. With how soft-hearted you are, it will be very difficult for you to survive in the martial cultivation world.”

“What sort of people are most common in this world? It is none other than people like the Ouyang family and the Zhao Mansion, people who bully the weak and fear the strong.”

“While it is fine for us to not provoke others and bully others, you must still remember that if someone dares to provoke you, you absolutely cannot afford to be courteous toward them.”

“Today, had I not been considering the fact that you would continue to live here, and was afraid that the Zhao Mansion would retaliate against you, that Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master would’ve already been dead.”

“Do you know why?” Chu Feng asked.

“Why?” Song Xi asked.

“Because he was trying to kill me when he attacked. I have no reason to spare those who want to kill me,” Chu Feng said.

“I understand. I will definitely stop being indecisive. However, Chu Feng, are you able to spare Wang Lianzhi?” Song Xi asked.

“I’ve already told you that you are to decide yourself about what to do with her.”

“Since you’ve already spared her, I will not make things difficult for her,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng was feeling rather helpless.

Chu Feng was able to tell that while Song Xi had accepted his suggestions right away, Song Xi was, in the end, a soft-hearted person.

If he wanted to change, he would have to temper himself through experience. At the very least… he was still not changed yet.

After returning with Song Xi and Aunt Jing back, to his house, Chu Feng headed toward the Sacred Mountain again.

Chu Feng was planning to scout out the Sacred Mountain once more. After all, the present him had no information regarding Wang Qiang and the others, and was feeling very worried.

The Sacred Mountain was currently the only place that Chu Feng could think of to search for Wang Qiang and the others.

This time around, Chu Feng did not directly enter the Sacred Mountain. Instead, he first observed it from afar.

After all, Chu Feng had already gained knowledge about the Sacred Mountain, and knew that it was no ordinary mountain.

In fact, Chu Feng felt that the Sacred Mountain was most likely related to that mysterious wasteland.

Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes possessed the ability to search for geomancy and burial grounds, as well as the power of Natural Oddities.

If there was truly some sort of secret or treasure hidden in the Sacred Mountain, then as long as it was not hidden extremely deeply, Chu Feng would be able to discover a clue or two.

Chu Feng stood in the sky and looked to the boundless Sacred Mountain from afar.

Truth be told, that Sacred Mountain was simply too enormous. Even with his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng was only able to see the tip of the iceberg.

Under those sort of circumstance, Chu Feng could only move about nonstop, so that he could continue to survey the various regions of the Sacred Mountain.

In the blink of an eye, half a day passed and the sky had gradually darkened.

After the sky turned dark, the Sacred Mountain became strangely quiet.

Chu Feng started to worry. That Sacred Mountain was simply too large. Even if he were to circle around the entire Sacred Mountain, he would only be able to see the outer portion of the mountain range, and not the insides.

Furthermore, although Chu Feng had surveyed the mountain for so long, he had likely not even managed to survey two-tenths of the Sacred Mountain’s outer portion, much less the entire Sacred Mountain.

The size of the Sacred Mountain simply surpassed Chu Feng’s imagination.

“There’s a change!”

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s worried frown turned into a cheerful expression. He discovered a change at a certain region of the Sacred Mountain.

According to the terrain of the Sacred Mountain, as well as the changes in natural energies, Chu Feng discovered that a vortex had appeared somewhere in the Sacred Mountain. That vortex seemed to be engulfing the natural energies.

“Sure enough, this Sacred Mountain is extraordinary,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, isn’t that location where that light vortex was located? Her Lady Queen said.

“Now that you mention it, that’s true,” Chu Feng managed to react upon hearing what Her Lady Queen said.

Indeed, it was in the direction where Chu Feng had left the mountain. Merely, the light vortex was even further into the Sacred Mountain, whereas the strangeness that Chu Feng had discovered was not located deep within the mountain.

“Regardless, Chu Feng, go in and have a look.”

“See what exactly is there. However, you must remember to be careful.”

“After all, those people from the Zhao Mansion all died strangely. It is very possible that their deaths are related to this Sacred Mountain,” Her Lady Queen warned Chu Feng in a very serious manner.

“Mn,” Chu Feng nodded. Then, he entered the Sacred Mountain.

Due to the fact that the Sacred Mountain possessed a special sort of power, one would simply be unable to fly in there. Upon entering the Sacred Mountain, one must proceed on foot.

Furthermore, one’s power would be restricted. Thus, one’s speed would become very slow.

It took Chu Feng five whole days and nights to reach his destination.

However, upon reaching it, Chu Feng was unable to discover any abnormality. In fact… even when he used his Heaven’s Eyes to inspect the location, he was unable to discover anything strange.

At that moment, the location he'd arrived at resembled an ordinary mountaintop. There was nothing peculiar about it.

However, Chu Feng firmly believed that it was most definitely not an ordinary place. Thus… Chu Feng began to set up a spirit formation.

That spirit formation was called the Secret Ground Revealment Formation.

That Secret Ground Revealment Formation was something that Chu Feng had obtained from Grandmaster Kai Hong’s inheritance. The Secret Ground Revealment Formation possessed a similar effect to Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes.

Not only would it allow Chu Feng to see through things, but it would also be able to detect special clues. It was a spirit formation used to find treasures.

Merely, although the Secret Ground Revealment Formation was very powerful, Chu Feng was only able to cover a range of a hundred meters with his current strength. The range of execution was extremely small.

However, Chu Feng discovered that the power of his Heaven’s Eyes would also grow stronger when used in the range of the Secret Ground Revealment Formation.

Thus, for a place such as the one he was in, it would be very effective to utilize both the Secret Ground Revealment Formation and his Heaven’s Eyes simultaneously.