Chapter 2690 - How To Prove?

Chapter 2690 - How To Prove?

“They truly do not know the immensity of heaven and earth. Never did I expect there to be such fools in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm too,” Her Lady Queen said.

“There are stupid people everywhere. As for those like the Zhao Mansion who became arrogant and conceited after obtaining a bit of power, they are everywhere too.”

“Of course, regardless of where one goes, these sorts of people will only be nobodies on the lowest rung,” Chu Feng said.

Having journeyed the world alone for so long, Chu Feng had witnessed all kinds of people. As for people like the Zhao Mansion, they were the most frequently-seen.

Just because they possessed some strength, they began to have an exaggerated opinion of their own abilities, and started arrogantly preying on others.

People like them were the ones that offended others the easiest. Furthermore, they would generally offend those with strength surpassing their own. Thus, the only thing that awaited them would be death.

Chu Feng looked to those corpses again. He said, “These people have died in a strange manner.”

“Judging from their appearance, they had their souls sucked dry when they were still alive.”

“The person who killed them is vicious and merciless. Chu Feng… who do you think did this? Is someone deliberately framing you?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“I have just arrived in this place. I still do not have enemies yet. Who would possibly do this to frame me?”

“It couldn’t possibly be that the Zhao Mansion slaughtered their own men so that they could frame me, right?” Chu Feng said.

“Haha, Chu Feng, they would be fools if they did that,” Her Lady Queen laughed. She felt that the people from the Zhao Mansion were truly fools.

“The way I see it, this doesn’t seem to be someone of human origin,” Chu Feng said.

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, that does seem to be the case,” Her Lady Queen grew serious.

“Song Xi, you mentioned before that the people that entered the Sacred Mountain would die strangely. What do you think about the condition of those people’s deaths compared to these corpses?” Chu Feng asked.

“I have only heard about those things, and never witnessed it myself. However, the condition of their deaths do resemble those of the legend.”

“Heavens! It couldn’t possibly be that the thing in the Sacred Mountain ran down?” At that moment, Song Xi started to panic.

“You are the culprit behind their murder?!” At that moment, an overwhelmingly furious voice sounded.

It was an old man. He possessed the cultivation of a rank seven Martial Ancestor. Standing beside him was the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain, and following behind them were over a thousand lackeys.

Evidently, that person was the Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master.

As for that Mansion Master, he was even more arrogant and aggressive than that head chamberlain.

There was absolutely no trace of respect in his eyes when he looked to Chu Feng. Instead, his gaze was filled with hostility.

“It is evident that I am not the culprit,” Chu Feng said calmly.

“You say you’re not the culprit, but who could possibly testify for you?” The Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master asked. His attitude was extremely rude.

“Me. Lord Mansion Master, I am able to bear witness for Chu Feng. They were indeed not killed by him. I left with Chu Feng on that day,” Song Xi said.

“Who the fuck are you?!” The Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master cast a glance at Song Xi. His gaze was filled with disdain.

This was understandable too. Although Song Xi was somewhat famous in Fallen Phoenix City and its surroundings, that did not mean that everyone knew of him.

To the Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master, Song Xi was nothing more than a nobody. Even though Song Xi was a worker in the Zhao Mansion, the Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master still didn’t know who he was.

“Lord Mansion Master,” Right at that moment, a man walked out.

That person was that Lil Six.

“Lord Mansion Master, this Song Xi is indeed someone from our Zhao Mansion. We left to transport the goods together that day.”

“As for that man, he injured all of us that day. The only person he didn’t injure is that Song Xi. I do not know exactly what sort of relationship the two of them might possess.”

“Furthermore, after injuring us, that man indeed took Song Xi with him, and they left together.”

“After they left, Lord Vice Mansion Master immediately dispatched me to return to notify you all. As such, this lowly one has no idea if they returned to kill Lord Vice Mansion Master and everyone else,” That Lil Six reported.

“Lord Mansion Master, I swear that it really wasn’t done by Chu Feng. If I am lying, the heavens can strike me down with lightning and kill me miserably,” Song Xi was afraid that the Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master would not trust him, and thus raised his hand to swear.

“You shut up! You damned traitor. You dare to testify for the person who murdered the people of our Zhao Mansion?! You shall also die!”

Suddenly, the Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master unleashed his attack.

At that moment, killing intent filled the air. That Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master had unleashed a fatal attack from the get-go.

He was planning to kill both Chu Feng and Song Xi.

Chu Feng felt that if he were truly only a rank six Martial Ancestor, then he, Song Xi and Aunt Jing would all be killed without even a corpse remaining, should they be struck by this attack.

Unfortunately, Chu Feng was not a rank six Martial Ancestor. Instead, he was a rank one True Immortal.

Chu Feng did not even bother to move. He merely revealed a faint smile on his face, and then a strong burst of wind emerged from his body.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s clothes were fluttering in the wind, and his long hair was drifting. The next moment, the power that was heading toward him was dispersed when it was three meters away from reaching Chu Feng and Song Xi.


Seeing this scene, the Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master revealed an expression of panic.

His attack earlier was extremely powerful. However, it was easily neutralized by his opponent. This caused him to subconsciously feel that his opponent’s strength surpassed his own.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng raised his palm, and then a ‘bang’ was heard. The Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master was knocked flying.

The power of the impact was extremely powerful. The Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master crashed through many walls before finally falling to the ground. When he fell, he was already badly mutilated and covered in blood. He did not even have the strength to crawl back up.

Seeing this scene, many people from the Zhao Mansion were so scared that they immediately started fleeing.

Originally, they had thought that the culprit might be a rank six Martial Ancestor. They had thought that their Mansion Master would be able to take care of him.

It was only now that they realized that the culprit was much stronger than they had originally anticipated. Even their Mansion Master was powerless before him.

As for them, mere lackeys, they would simply be throwing away their lives should they fight him.

If they did not escape now, when could they possibly escape?


Right at that moment, Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and a tornado appeared before him. That tornado directly reached into the sky.

Once the tornado appeared, a boundless suction power spread forth from it. All the people from the Zhao Mansion that were trying to escape, including the seriously-injured Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master, were sucked into the tornado.

“Milord, please spare us, please spare us.”

The crowd were spinning about in the tornado nonstop. They were wailing and begging for forgiveness repeatedly.

This continued for a short period of time. Then, Chu Feng dispersed the tornado, and those people all fell ruthlessly to the ground like dying dogs.

Upon landing, many people started to kneel on the ground and vomit nonstop. They were vomiting blood.

“I will say it one more time, I am not the one who killed them,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng ran his ice-cold gaze across the crowd. Everyone from the Zhao Mansion started to shiver in fear. Practically no one dared to raise their heads to look at Chu Feng.

Even that Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master did not dare to utter half a fart at this moment.

“B-B-But, how can y-you prove that it was not you who killed them?”

At that moment, the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain spoke again. However, his stuttering voice revealed the fear that he felt toward Chu Feng.

“How can I prove it?”

Chu Feng chuckled coldly. Then, with a mere thought, boundless Immortal-level martial power burst forth from his body like a volcanic eruption.

His Immortal-level martial power soared into the skies. Then, it scattered about in all directions. Soon, it covered all of Fallen Phoenix City.

“Merely by the fact that you all are still alive when I possess the capability to kill every single one of you,” Chu Feng said.

At that moment, the Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master and everyone else from the Zhao Mansion were stunned. They were not shocked. Rather, they were horrified.

It was only at that moment that they finally realized how frighteningly powerful the young man before them was.

He was actually a True Immortal-level expert. Although he was only a rank one True Immortal, it remained that he was a True Immortal. He was an existence that could drown them alive with merely a spit.

“Milord, although we have eyes, we are blind. Milord, please do not take offense to the ignorance of us lowly ones, and spare us this one time.”

“Milord, please spare this lowly one. I am merely a worker here. I still have elderly and young in my home. I truly do not wish to die.”


At that moment, the people from the Zhao Mansion were all weeping bitter tears as they kneeled and begged for forgiveness. Their appearances were truly petty and low.