Chapter 2689 - Unwilling To Be Wrongly Accused

Chapter 2689 - Unwilling To Be Wrongly Accused

“I’m going to kill her,” Song Xi drew his weapon and looked to Wang Lianzhi furiously.

“Don’t! Song Xi, take the affection of many years between us into consideration, please spare me this once. Please spare my life.”

“I was wrong. I truly know my mistake now. Please, please spare me.”

Seeing that Song Xi was actually planning to kill her, Wang Lianzhi cried even more miserably. She began to kowtow to Song Xi repeatedly.

Her appearance was truly pitiful to the extreme.

However, upon considering that Wang Lianzhi was someone who would poison her fiance’s mother for the sake of her own interests, it was not only Chu Feng, but rather many of the people present also started to feel disgusted with Wang Lianzhi.

However, Song Xi was not a bystander like the rest of them. He and Wang Lianzhi were childhood sweethearts who had grown up together.

Even before they were engaged, Song Xi had considered Wang Lianzhi his younger sister.

Seeing Wang Lianzhi acting like this, even though Song Xi’s heart was raging with fury, he was unable to do anything, unable to move the weapon in his hand.

In the end, Song Xi looked to Chu Feng and said, “Chu Feng, are you able to spare her? After all, my mother is fine now.”

“Don’t ask me. Decide on what to do yourself. I will not interfere,” Chu Feng said.

“In that case, let’s spare her,” Song Xi said.

“Very well. In that case, let’s leave,” Seeing that Song Xi had decided, Chu Feng planned to leave.

However, seeing that Chu Feng was going to leave, Wang Lianzhi suddenly shouted, “Milord, please wait!”

Chu Feng turned around. He immediately realized why Wang Lianzhi had called out to him.

The reason for that was because… she was still surrounded by the bugs that were eager to get to her. It seemed that if she were to make any sudden movements, those bugs would immediately swarm her and tear her to pieces.


Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and those terrifying and frightening bugs all turned into golden light before dissipating into thin air.

This scene was not only not scary, but was instead very beautiful.

“There is simply no such thing as Truth Ghost Bugs. That was merely a diversionary tactic,” Chu Feng mocked.

Hearing those words, Wang Lianzhi turned ashen. Likely, she was filled with fury and hatred toward Chu Feng.

She had discovered that she had fallen for a trap, that she had been toyed with by Chu Feng.

However, she simply did not dare to lash out at Chu Feng. She did not dare to reveal her anger and hatred. The reason for that was because she knew very well that Chu Feng was not someone that she could afford to provoke.

“Let’s go,” Chu Feng turned around and prepared to leave with Song Xi.


However, right at that moment, another voice sounded. It was the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain.

“What’s this? You don’t plan to let me leave?” Chu Feng looked to the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain coldly.

Seeing Chu Feng’s cold gaze, the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain and the others were all so scared that they started to shiver in fear.

Chu Feng noticed that, including the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain, everyone lowered their heads. They simply did not dare to look him in the face.

However, after a moment passed, the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain managed to ease his state of mind, and slowly raised his head.

He gathered up his courage and asked Chu Feng, “You do not plan on killing us?”

“If I had planned to kill you all, you would already be dead,” Chu Feng said.

“But, since you are willing to spare even us, why did you slaughter the others from our Zhao Mansion?” The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain asked.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression changed.

Then, in a very confused manner, he asked, “Slaughter the others?”

“When have I slaughtered anyone from your Zhao Mansion? What are you talking about?”

“Do you not dare to admit it? All of our Zhao Mansion’s corpses are still lying in our Zhao Mansion right now. You dare to say that it was not you who did that?” The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain questioned.


“Where are the corpses? Bring me there,” Chu Feng said.

Since he hadn’t killed anyone, Chu Feng naturally did not wish to be wrongly accused and shoulder the blame of being a murderer for someone else.

Thus, Chu Feng must definitely make the matter clear. At the very least, he must make the people from the Zhao Mansion know that he did not kill anyone from their Zhao Mansion.

“Very well. Follow me then.”

The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain grew less afraid of Chu Feng after seeing that he was willing to confront him and not act unreasonably. Then, he began to lead the way for Chu Feng. They were proceeding for the Zhao Mansion.

The Zhao Mansion was located in Fallen Phoenix City. It was densely populated.

In the entire Fallen Phoenix City, apart from the people of the Zhao Mansion, practically no one dared to linger around the entrance of the Zhao Mansion.

The Zhao Mansion was that overwhelmingly arrogant.

However, once Chu Feng entered the Zhao Mansion, everyone from the Zhao Mansion revealed nervous expressions on their faces as they looked to Chu Feng. In fact, they were even shivering.

There were even people among them who turned around and fled from Chu Feng.

Their actions were understandable. Once that Lil Six woke up, he immediately drew Chu Feng’s portrait. The Zhao Mansion gathered all of the surrounding world spiritists to make copies of the portrait so that they could make wanted posters for him.

Thus, it led to everyone in the Zhao Mansion knowing the appearance of the person who had killed the Zhao Mansion’s Vice Mansion Master and all the others.

And now, the murderer was actually openly walking about their Zhao Mansion. How could they not be shocked and frightened by this?

One should know that the Zhao Mansion’s Vice Mansion Master was a rank five Martial Ancestor.

They felt that since that murderer was capable of killing their Vice Mansion Master, it meant that he was most definitely someone with a cultivation above rank five Martial Ancestor.

They felt that Chu Feng was most likely a rank six Martial Ancestor.

The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain directly brought Chu Feng to where those corpses were stored.

“Heavens, how could this be?!” Seeing those corpses, Song Xi was stupefied.

As for Aunt Jing, she was so frightened that she lost consciousness directly.

Her reaction was understandable too. After all, those corpses were truly horrifying. Those people had truly died miserably.

For people like Aunt Jing who were not used to this sort of sight, they would naturally not be able to tolerate it.

“Are these the people that I encountered beneath the Sacred Mountain?” Chu Feng asked.

“It is them. Apart from Lil Six, you killed them all,” The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain said.

“I’ve already told you that it wasn’t me,” Chu Feng said.

“You can go ahead and tell our Mansion Master whether it was you who did it or not.”

“Do you dare to meet our Mansion Master face to face?” The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain asked.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Chu Feng smiled lightly.

“In that case, wait here. I will go and call for our Mansion Master right away,” After saying those words, the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain left.

“These people are truly ignorant. Do they still not know your strength? Instead of begging for forgiveness right away, they actually dare to confront you,” Her Lady Queen was feeling very annoyed by the attitude of the Zhao Mansion.

“I have not revealed my aura. With their strength, they are still unable to detect that I’m a True Immortal.”

“Moreover, this Zhao Mansion has gotten used to being the arrogant overlord of this region. Even when they encounter people stronger than themselves, they will not necessarily be willing to accept it.”

“Moreover, that Zhao Mansion’s chamberlain grew confident upon returning to the Zhao Mansion. Most likely, it’s because their Zhao Mansion possesses a rank seven Martial Ancestor.”

“With how confident he is, he most definitely thinks that my cultivation is only that of a rank six Martial Ancestor, and that that rank seven Martial Ancestor will be able to handle me easily,” Chu Feng said.

Upon entering the Zhao Mansion, Chu Feng had surveyed the entire mansion with his spirit power. Thus, he already knew how many people were in the Zhao Mansion, as well as all of their cultivations.