Chapter 2688 - Malicious Woman

Chapter 2688 - Malicious Woman

Upon finding out that the Chu Feng who stood before them was the culprit that had killed all those people from the Zhao Mansion, the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain, the Ouyang family’s master and the others were all scared witless. How could any of them dare to act disrespectfully toward Chu Feng?

“Are you going to confess or not?” Chu Feng asked Wang Lianzhi again. His tone grew even colder. He was growing impatient.

The reason for that was because that Wang Lianzhi was not honest at all.

Currently, Chu Feng was suppressing all of them with his strength. Had they possessed strength surpassing his own, Chu Feng firmly believed that he would have met a miserable fate.

That group of people, including that Wang Lianzhi, were all people who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

They were the sort of people that Chu Feng looked down on the most.

“Master, save me, you must save me!”

Sure enough, seeing that the situation was amiss, Wang Lianzhi immediately rushed toward the Ouyang family’s master while crying and screaming.

“Scram!” However, the Ouyang family’s master knocked Wang Lianzhi away with a flick of his sleeve.

Although Wang Lianzhi did not end up as miserable as the Ouyang family’s master, she still vomited blood upon landing and was seriously injured.

“Master, you…” Wang Lianzhi was stunned. She did not understand why the Ouyang family’s master would suddenly attack her.

“Damned bitch, immediately confess what you have done!”

However, the Ouyang family’s master shouted her down. There was no trace of pity in his eyes. Instead, he started to furiously demand that she confess.

At that moment, Wang Lianzhi realized that the Ouyang family’s master was planning to abandon her in order to save himself.

Wang Lianzhi’s guess was correct. This was precisely what the Ouyang family’s master planned to do.

At that moment, the Ouyang family’s master looked to Chu Feng. With an expression of being wronged, he said, “Young hero, young hero, I truly didn’t know that she was such a malicious woman. If I had known, I would not have tried to marry her.”

“Please, go ahead and do whatever you want with her. There is no relationship between her and me any longer. Please, young hero, please do not harm me, please spare my Ouyang family.”

The Ouyang family’s master was truly frightened. His voice was trembling as he said those words. Furthermore, he spoke with a very petty and low tone. The only thing he lacked was kneeling down and kowtowing to Chu Feng.

In fact, if Chu Feng were to continue to make things difficult for him, he would definitely kneel down and kowtow to him to beg for forgiveness. Even if he was forced to do something even lower than that, he would be willing to do it.

That said, Chu Feng completely ignored the Ouyang family’s master. He did not even bother to take a glance at him.

Instead, he looked to Wang Lianzhi and asked, “Are you still not going to confess?”

At that moment, Wang Lianzhi was already completely covered in tears. She was not crying hard due to the pain of her injuries. Rather, it was mainly because she was extremely scared.

When even the Ouyang family’s master and the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain were scared into such a state, she knew very well that she had landed in a predicament.

“I truly didn’t do it. Song Xi is wrongly accusing me. Milord… please show charity and spare me.”

“I truly didn’t do that. If you insist on harming me, even if I am to admit to it, it will only be a confession obtained through torture. You would be wrongly accusing this lowly one.”

Wang Lianzhi still didn’t admit to it. Instead, she crawled back up with great difficulty and then kneeled on the ground, weeping and shouting.

At a glance, she truly appeared to have been wronged.

However, Chu Feng had been carefully observing Wang Lianzhi’s appearance and reactions.

Thus, Chu Feng was certain that this Wang Lianzhi was lying.

“Confession obtained through torture? Rest assured, I will definitely not attempt to obtain a confession through torture.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he opened his palm, and countless things bubbled forth.


Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his sleeve. The things on Chu Feng’s palm landed around Wang Lianzhi. After those things landed, they began to rapidly spread out.

They were actually countless bugs. Not only did they possess horrifying appearances, but they were also emitting strange ‘jiji’ noises.

At that moment, the bugs had completely surrounded Wang Lianzhi from all directions.

Seeing those bugs, Wang Lianzhi started to shiver in fear. Then, she fell on her butt in a paralyzed manner, and her face turned green.

“These bugs are called Truth Ghost Bugs. Once they enter your body, you will only be able to tell the truth. You will not be able to lie in the slightest.”

“Of course, these Truth Ghost Bugs will also bring you a bit of pain as they enter your body.”

“However, do not be afraid. The pain they bring is not that difficult to endure. They will merely make you wish you were dead,” Chu Feng said.


Right after Chu Feng’s words left his mouth, the noises emitted by those bugs grew even more ear-piercing. One by one, they made threatening gestures as they pounced toward Wang Lianzhi.

Their appearances simply seemed to be waiting to tear Wang Lianzhi to pieces.

“Stop, stop! Yes, it was me, I did it! I was the one who did it!”

Finally, Wang Lianzhi collapsed from the incoming bugs and started to shout hysterically.

“Why did you do it?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’d heard that Song Xi’s mother possessed a family treasure. I wanted to steal that treasure, but was discovered by his mother.”

“At that time, I started to panic, and was afraid that she would tell others about it. Thus, I ended up using that poison to knock her unconscious.”

“Originally, I had only planned to knock her unconscious with the poison and then use a spirit formation to erase her memory.”

“I never expected Song Xi’s mother to still not wake up even after I erased her memory of the incident.”

“I truly didn’t plan to kill her. Before Song Xi returned, I searched for people to help save his mother. However, no matter who I found, none of them were able to distinguish the cause. They all said that she had contracted a mysterious illness.”

“It’s truly not my fault. I truly didn’t mean for it to happen. I even thought about saving her,” Wang Lianzhi said with an expression of grievance.

“You’re still pretending you were wronged? To forcibly erase one’s memory is very damaging to one’s soul.”

“The fact that you’ve erased her memory is equivalent to taking away half of her life.”

“Do you know what sort of pain a forced erasure of one’s memory is? It is truly a pain that would make one wish that they were dead.”

“You have done this sort of thing completely devoid of conscience toward an elder, yet you dare to still pretend to be wronged?” Chu Feng asked coldly.

“You… you malicious woman. Didn’t I already tell you that my family’s inheritance was simply not worth much? It is merely something that possessed special significance for my mother. How could you, how could you do such a malicious thing to my mother for that mere thing?”

“Did you know that my mother’s soul has been eroded by the poison that you’ve forced into her? Had it not been for Chu Feng, my mother would not have been able to live for much longer,” Song Xi said fuming with rage between gritted teeth.

“I didn’t do it on purpose. It truly wasn’t my intention. How could I have known that your family’s inheritance would be that sort of junk?”

“Not only was it junk, but your mother actually flew into a rage upon seeing that I stole that thing. She even declared that she was going to sever the engagement.”

“I did all that I did merely because I didn’t want our engagement to be severed.”

“Song Xi, I did all of that for us,” Wang Lianzhi said.

“Didn’t want our engagement to be severed? That’s why you poisoned my mother?”

“In that case, tell me, who was it that severed our engagement? Are you planning to tell me that the person marrying the Ouyang family’s master today is not you, Wang Lianzhi?”

Song Xi grew even more furious upon hearing what Wang Lianzhi said. Chu Feng was even able to hear that the bones all over Song Xi’s body were making crackling noises. Song Xi was truly furious.

“Enough!” Chu Feng shouted. Then, he said to Song Xi, “Why are you bothering to argue with her? Since the truth has been revealed, how do you plan to handle her? Just do it. What use is there in saying so much to her?”

Chu Feng did not attack Wang Lianzhi. Instead, he wanted Song Xi to do it personally.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng felt that this was, in the end, Song Xi’s domestic affair.

While he could help Song Xi, Song Xi should be the one to decide how to handle the matter.