Chapter 2687 - Extremely Frightened

Chapter 2687 - Extremely Frightened

After Chu Feng appeared, the oppressive might that the Ouyang family’s master was suppressing Song Xi with also disappeared.

Thus, Aunt Jing managed to help Song Xi back up effortlessly.

“Chu Feng?” Song Xi was startled upon seeing Chu Feng. Evidently, he did not expect that Chu Feng would come to save him.

“Song Xi, you are truly inconsiderate. How could you run here by yourself without even mentioning anything to me?”

“Could it be that you have simply never considered me as a brother?” Chu Feng asked Song Xi.

“Chu Feng, I…”

Song Xi felt extremely awkward. He seemed to want to explain himself, but didn’t know how to start.

In the end, Song Xi lowered his head and did not dare to look Chu Feng in the face.

Actually, he had thought about whether or not to call Chu Feng before making his move. After all, Chu Feng was a rank one True Immortal.

If Chu Feng was to help him, then, not to mention a mere Ouyang family, not even the Zhao Mansion could do anything to him.

However, Song Xi took the powerful connections involved into consideration.

Indeed, the Ouyang family and the Zhao Mansion would be no match for Chu Feng. However… what about the Zhao Mansion’s Zhao Zirong?

Standing behind Zhao Zirong was the Grand Mountain Monastery. The Grand Mountain Monastery was a power that not even Chu Feng could afford to offend.

Furthermore, it remained that he and Chu Feng were merely strangers that came together by chance. Song Xi felt that Chu Feng had already helped him enough that he would not be able to return the favor. He found it truly unbefitting to implicate Chu Feng because of his own domestic affairs.

After considering these various things, Song Xi decided that he should settle the debt with Wang Lianzhi by himself.

However, Song Xi merely did not wish to inconvenience Chu Feng again. It was most definitely not because he didn’t take Chu Feng as his friend.

“Forget about it. I know what you’re thinking. Thus, I have never truly blamed you,” Chu Feng walked over to Song Xi and patted his shoulder. Then, he said to Song Xi, “I have already removed the poison from your mother.”

“Chu Feng, I… I… I truly don’t know how to thank you.”

“Please accept my respect,” Upon finding out that his mother’s poison had been cured, Song Xi was endlessly excited. As he spoke, he started to kneel toward Chu Feng.

However, before Song Xi could finish kneeling before Chu Feng, Chu Feng grabbed him and pulled him back up. He said to Song Xi, “Don’t thank me yet. Tell me, how did you determine that it was that Wang Lianzhi who poisoned your mother?”

Actually, Chu Feng had managed to catch up to Song Xi long ago. The reason why he didn’t reveal himself was because he wanted to see what Song Xi was planning to do.

Thus, Chu Feng had pretty much arrived together with Song Xi. Naturally, he had heard what Song Xi said earlier.

“It must be her, it must definitely be her. The reason for that is because… I was the one that gave her that poison. I gave her the poison so that she could go and exchange it for some things for me. Merely… I never imagined that she would use it on my mother.”

“Although I do not know why she did that, she was most definitely the one to use that poison on my mother. The reason for that is because I asked her about whether she had managed to sell that poison, and she told me that she had lost it by accident.”

“Back then, I trusted her, and did not think too much about it. However, thinking back upon it now, she simply did not lose the poison. She instead used it on my mother.”

“This woman is simply too malicious! I have treated her extremely well, how could she treat me like this?!”

Song Xi’s body was shivering as he said those words. He was shivering from anger.

“Very well, I understand everything now. Leave the rest to me,” As Chu Feng spoke, he turned around and cast his gaze at Wang Lianzhi.


Suddenly, Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and a burst of wind blew toward Wang Lianzhi. The wind directly blew off the veil on her face.

At that moment, Wang Lianzhi’s actual appearance was revealed.

Indeed, that Wang Lianzhi was quite pretty. However, she could only be considered to be a beauty for people like Song Xi and the others.

For Chu Feng, who had seen countless beauties, a woman of Wang Lianzhi’s appearance simply could not catch his eyes at all.

“Wang Lianzhi, do you plan to confess to everything yourself, or do you want me to force it out of you?” Chu Feng said to Wang Lianzhi.

“Master, save me!” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Wang Lianzhi grew so scared that her face turned deathly pale. She hurriedly hid herself behind the Ouyang family’s master.

It was not because Wang Lianzhi was a coward. Rather, Chu Feng had appeared out of thin air earlier. While she had no idea what Chu Feng’s cultivation was, she knew that he would definitely be able to easily take care of her.

Moreover, Chu Feng was speaking extremely arrogantly. He simply did not place the Ouyang family’s master in his eyes at all.

Wang Lianzhi was truly scared that Chu Feng would really attack her.

At that moment the only person who could help her would be the Ouyang family’s master.

“Scram,” However, before the Ouyang family’s master could say anything, Chu Feng spoke to him.

Chu Feng spoke with a very serene voice. However, it was precisely that serene voice that caused the Ouyang family’s master to turn pale.

He was scared. He had been inspecting Chu Feng’s cultivation ever since Chu Feng had appeared.

However, he, a rank four Martial Ancestor, was unable to see through the cultivation of the young man before him.

Yet, Chu Feng was able to easily cancel his oppressive might.

This caused the Ouyang family’s master to feel that the young man before him either possessed a treasure capable of concealing his cultivation, or possessed a cultivation above his own.

Moreover, Chu Feng had appeared out of thin air earlier. This made him feel that Chu Feng’s cultivation was most likely above his own.

“Yo-Young man, there are no hatreds or grievances between our Ouyang family and you, is there really a need for you to, for a trash like that Song Xi…”

The Ouyang family’s master did not dare to fight. Instead, he wanted to reconcile with Chu Feng.


However, before the Ouyang family’s master could finish his words, he was sent flying. Ruthlessly, he smashed into the nearby wall.

The wall was shattered by his impact. When he fell, he was already covered in blood.

“I will only say this once. Song Xi is my friend. If anyone dares to speak ill of him again, I will cripple their cultivation.”

Chu Feng’s gaze was like that of a hawk. It was incomparably sharp. As he ran his gaze around, the surrounding region turned frigid cold.

At that moment, many people present were shaking from fear.

The reason for that was because practically everyone present had spoken ill of Song Xi.

Seeing that the Ouyang family’s master had been beaten to such a state by Chu Feng, they naturally felt extremely afraid that Chu Feng would attack them too.

“Head Chamberlain Zhao, you must definitely uphold justice for me, you must uphold justice for me.”

The Ouyang family’s master resisted the pain of his injury with great difficulty, and dragged his bloodied body to the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain to beg for his help.

“Brother Ouyang, with the friendship between you and our Zhao Mansion, you can rest assured. Today, I, Zhao, will definitely not sit and watch remaining indifferent.”

“Leave this matter for me to handle. I will definitely present to you a satisfactory answer,” The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain vowed.

After that, the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain looked to Chu Feng. He said, “Young man, I do not care about what your origin might be. However, this is our Zhao Mansion’s territory. I urge you to not behave atrociously here. Else… you will not be able to shoulder the consequences.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng looked to the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain. However, Chu Feng did not even bother to utter a response. Instead, he revealed a sneer of disdain.


Seeing the sneer on Chu Feng’s face, the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain grew incomparably furious. His hands started to shake with anger.

There had never been anyone who dared to show such disdain toward him in Fallen Phoenix City and its surroundings.

At that moment, the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain was prepared to attack Chu Feng.

“Lord Head Chamberlain!”

Right at that moment, a person from the Zhao Mansion hurriedly rushed in. He arrived directly before the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain.

“What is it?! Can you not see that I am going to teach this ignorant child a lesson?!” The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain was already burning with rage. Thus, the sudden interruption of that person was simply inviting trouble. Naturally, he would not reveal a good expression when he looked to that person.

“Milord, Lil Six has awakened. Furthermore, he has drawn a portrait of that individual.”

“This is… the portrait of the person who killed Lord Vice Mansion Master and the others of our Zhao Mansion,” The man from the Zhao Mansion handed a portrait to the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain.

The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain immediately accepted the portrait and opened it. After all, this matter was of utmost importance.


However, once the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain saw the portrait, he immediately fell onto his butt out of fear. His complexion… turned paler than paper.

Seeing this, the Ouyang family’s master and the others from the Zhao Mansion were all puzzled. They did not understand why the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain would suddenly be scared to such a state. It was as if a serious illness had flared up.

Confused, the crowd all turned their gazes to the portrait. They all felt that the answer would be within the portrait.


Upon seeing the portrait, the Ouyang family’s master and the others from the Zhao Mansion were all shocked with fear. Some among them even pissed their pants. There were even some who fainted out of fear.

Their appearances were even more miserable than that of the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain.

When they looked to Chu Feng again, fear filled their eyes.

The gazes with which they were looking at Chu Feng right now simply did not resemble the gaze that one would reveal when looking at a person. Rather, it resembled more of a gaze one would reveal when looking at a demon.

Their reactions were understandable. After all, the person on the portrait was none other than Chu Feng.