Chapter 2686 - Who Dares Touch Him?

Chapter 2686 - Who Dares Touch Him?

The sudden shout startled everyone present.

At that moment, everyone turned their gazes toward the direction where the voice sounded from. Upon doing so, they discovered that the person who had arrived was known by many of them.

That person was a rank one Martial Ancestor. However, he was very famous throughout Fallen Phoenix City and the surrounding regions.

Some people had said that he was a martial cultivation genius capable of obtaining unbounded future achievements. It was precisely because of that, that Wang Lingzhi became so hell-bent on him.

However, later on, people started to call him trash and declared that they’d misjudged him. The reason for that was because ever since his mother fell ill, his cultivation had not increased in the slightest. Furthermore, for the sake of survival, he could only become a day laborer for the Zhao Mansion.

That person was naturally Song Xi.

“Song Xi, have you grown tired of living?! You dare come create a disturbance at my wedding?!”

The Ouyang family’s master was furious. He knew about the relationship between Song Xi and Wang Lianzhi. However, he had truly never expected Song Xi to be so daring; never expected for him to stir up trouble at his wedding.

“Ouyang family’s master, do you know what sort of person this Wang Lianzhi is?!”

“She is a vicious, merciless and malicious woman!”

“If you are to marry her, you will only bring insult upon the reputation of your Ouyang family!” Song Xi spoke loudly.

“What? Malicious woman?” The guests present all began to whisper to one another upon hearing those words. They started to discuss the matter spiritedly.

After all, one could not casually call someone a malicious woman.

Furthermore, Song Xi was relatively famous. Thus, they knew Song Xi’s character rather well too.

Song Xi was a very dutiful and honest man. Even if he was to be humiliated by others, he would rarely rebel. He was someone who had never spoken ill of anyone before.

Even when Wang Lianzhi brought people from the Ouyang family with her to sever her engagement with Song Xi, Song Xi did not refuse. After that, he did not search for Wang Lianzhi either.

There were people that felt that Song Xi was afraid of the Ouyang family, and began to ridicule him for being cowardly.

However, there were also people that felt that he was broad-minded. They felt that Song Xi did not want to make things difficult for Wang Lianzhi, since she had made her own choice.

Regardless, the great majority of people felt that the relationship between Song Xi and Wang Lianzhi should’ve ended at that point.

Yet at that moment, not only did Song Xi appear at the wedding ceremony between Wang Lianzhi and the Ouyang family’s master, but he even publicly, before all those guests, called Wang Lianzhi a malicious woman.

This inevitably caused the crowd to wonder if there was a reason for Song Xi to act like that.

“Malicious woman?! Song Xi, what do you mean by that?! Provide me with an explanation! If you cannot do so, I will break your limbs and cripple your cultivation!” The Ouyang family’s master shouted.

Actually, the Ouyang family’s master had started to worry in his heart. That was why he wanted Song Xi to explain.

Otherwise, how could he have allowed Song Xi to act like that? He would’ve already ruthlessly taught Song Xi a lesson.

“Three years ago, my mother mysteriously fell ill. I believe that the Ouyang family’s master is also aware of this.”

“However, in actuality, my mother did not fall ill. Instead, she was poisoned by that Wang Lianzhi!” Song Xi said as he pointed at Wang Lianzhi. He was gnashing his teeth furiously. Even his body was shivering.

“What? Song Xi’s mother’s fell ill because she was poisoned by Wang Lianzhi?”

Hearing those words, the crowd present all turned their gazes toward Wang Lianzhi.

Even the Ouyang family’s master turned his gaze toward Wang Lianzhi.

The reason for that was because they all knew that it was Wang Lianzhi who was taking care of Song Xi’s mother when she fell ill three years ago.

Furthermore, after Song Xi’s mother fell ill, Wang Lianzhi continued to take care of her until his return.

If it was said that Wang Lianzhi had poisoned Song Xi’s mother, it would truly be possible.

After all, Song Xi’s mother had fallen ill during the time when Wang Lianzhi was taking care of her.

“Song Xi, you are making wild accusations here!” Faced with the questioning gazes from the crowd, Wang Lianzhi would naturally not admit to it.

“You yourself know best as to exactly what happened.”

However, Song Xi had a determined expression. He was certain that it was Wang Lianzhi who had poisoned his mother.

“Song Xi, I truly never expected you to be this sort of person!”

“After your mother fell ill, I continued to take great care of her! Instead of being grateful toward me, you actually wrongly accuse me for poisoning her!”

“Tell me, why would I poison your mother?! Why would I try to harm her?! Give me a reason!”

“Moreover, if I really wanted to harm her, you wouldn’t even know how she died! Why would I go through all the effort of poisoning her?!”

“Moreover, countless world spiritists have diagnosed her! They all said that your mother fell ill, and wasn’t poisoned! Even if you are to wrongly accuse me, you should find a better reason!” Wang Lianzhi was shouting even louder than Song Xi. It was as if Song Xi was truly wrongly accusing her.

“That’s right. Countless world spiritists have diagnosed Song Xi’s mother’s illness. They all said that she fell ill, and wasn’t poisoned.”

The crowd managed to react upon hearing what Wang Lianzhi said. At that moment, many people began to wonder whether Song Xi was wrongly accusing Wang Lianzhi deliberately.

Right at that moment, Wang Lianzhi fell to her knees before the Ouyang family’s master with a ‘putt.’

At that moment, Wang Lianzhi was shedding tears as she spoke in a manner that showed that she was being wrongly accused, “Master, this Song Xi is simply harboring hard feelings toward me because I am going to marry you. That is why he has come to deliberately wrongly accuse me. Master, you must uphold justice for me.”

The Ouyang family’s master felt what Wang Lianzhi said to be very reasonable. He narrowed his eyebrows and became furious. His oppressive might swept forth toward Song Xi.


Song Xi was merely a rank one Martial Ancestor. How could he possibly withstand the Ouyang family’s master’s oppressive might? Immediately, he was forced onto the ground.

Regardless of how hard Song Xi tried to climb back up, he was simply powerless to do so. He could only continue to be crushed into the ground like a dying dog.

“Ouyang family’s master, I am not lying to you! All that I’ve said is the truth! You absolutely must not marry that Wang Lianzhi, she is a vicious, ruthless and malicious woman!”

Song Xi did not give up. Instead, he exhausted all of his strength to continue shouting loudly.

However, not only did the Ouyang family’s master ignore Song Xi, but he instead increased his oppressive might to crush Song Xi deep into the ground, making it so that he could not talk.

At that moment, everyone felt that Song Xi only had himself to blame for all this. One by one, they began to mock and ridicule him with disdain.

However, no one noticed that beneath the veil, Wang Lianzhi revealed a disgusting smile.

It was a smile of mockery. It was as if she was saying that Song Xi was overestimating himself to fight against her.

“Head Chamberlain Zhao, Song Xi is someone from your Zhao Mansion. Say… how should I punish him?”

The Ouyang family’s master did not do anything to Song Xi directly. Instead, he began to ask the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain for guidance.

The reason for that was because he had heard that Song Xi was working in the Zhao Mansion.

Although he possessed a deep relationship with the Zhao Mansion, since the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain was present, he would naturally have to give him face and not touch Song Xi without prior permission.

Since the Ouyang family’s master wanted to take care of Song Xi, he would naturally have to ask the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain.

“Is he from our Zhao Mansion? Our Zhao Mansion actually had such trash? Why do I not remember such a thing?”

The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain revealed a confused appearance.

It was at that moment that someone from the Zhao Mansion reported to their head chamberlain that Song Xi was a laborer working at their Zhao Mansion. However, he was only the lowest level of servant.

“Really now! What were you all doing?! How could you let trash inferior to pigs and dogs like him into our Zhao Mansion?! You all are simply humiliating our Zhao Mansion!”

The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain grew furious upon hearing this. It was as if Song Xi was not qualified to enter the Zhao Mansion at all.

“Ouyang family’s master, that trash inferior to pigs and dogs is simply not a member of our Zhao Mansion. You can take care of him however you wish,” The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain said to the Ouyang family’s master.

After hearing those words, the Ouyang family’s master turned his gaze toward Song Xi again.

He pointed at Song Xi and spoke fiercely, “Song Xi, today is a day of great happiness for me. As such, I do not wish to bloody my hands.”

“However, since you dared to insult my Lianzhi, I absolutely will not spare you.”


“Men! Drag this Song Xi away. I will kill him personally tomorrow.”

“Yes, Milord!”

After the Ouyang family’s master said those words, the Ouyang family’s lackies immediately charged toward Song Xi. They planned to arrest him.


However, right at the moment when that group of people were about to reach Song Xi, a sudden burst of strong wind swept forth from above Song Xi.

The next moment, all of the Ouyang family’s lackies were blown away.

“I shall see who dares to touch him today!”

Right at that moment, a resounding voice was heard. Following that, two figures appeared beside Song Xi.

As for those two people, they were Chu Feng and Aunt Jing.