Chapter 2685 - Day of Great Happiness

Chapter 2685 - Day of Great Happiness

Chu Heavenly Clan. At the Great Law Enforcement Hall.

The Chu Heavenly Clan’s Law Enforcement Hall’s Vice Hall Master Chu Xuanzhengfa was sitting at the master seat in the Great Law Enforcement Hall.

A man was kneeling beneath him.

That man was precisely the person that had received the Law Enforcement Secret Order Title Plate from Chu Xuanzhengfa that day.

“Xingren, you’ve done very well. Never would I have expected you all to have discovered that Chu Feng so soon.”

Chu Xuanzhengfa had an overjoyed expression on his face.

He had just heard from that man that people from the Law Enforcement Hall had discovered Chu Feng at the Stairway to Heaven that connected the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm to the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. Furthermore, they had already dispatched individuals to tail him.

“Milord, do you need us to bring that Chu Feng here? Or should we continue to monitor him?” The man by the name of Chu Xingren asked.

“There’s no need,” Chu Xuanzhengfa shook his head. Then, he said, “Xingren, call back the others from our Law Enforcement Hall. You are to personally monitor that Chu Feng by yourself.”

“Remember, unless he is to encounter fatal danger, you are not to help him. Furthermore, you must definitely pay attention to the people that he gets in touch with.”

“The purpose of your monitoring of Chu Feng is very simple. You are to investigate exactly where this Chu Feng comes from.”

“If that Chu Feng is from another Heavenly Clan, you do not have to continue to monitor him anymore. Instead, you can return after finding out about that.”

“However, if that Chu Feng is from our Chu Heavenly Clan, you must continue to monitor him. Furthermore, you are to immediately report back to me.”

“Remember, you cannot inform anyone else of this matter. You must report back to me directly,” Chu Xuanzhengfa said.

“Yes, Milord,” Chu Xingren accepted the order respectfully. Then, he left the Grand Law Enforcement Hall and proceeded toward the direction where Chu Feng was located.

At that moment, Chu Xuanzhengfa entered deep contemplation.

After a short while passed, he muttered with a soft voice, “Oh Xuanyuan, is this Chu Feng your son or not?”

“Exactly what are you thinking?”


The Ouyang family was located beneath the Sacred Mountain. They possessed their own city.

Actually, the Ouyang family was not very powerful at all. Their family master, the person with the highest level of cultivation, was merely a rank four Martial Ancestor.

However, in the region surrounding Fallen Phoenix City, a cultivation of rank four Martial Ancestor was already quite strong. Furthermore, the Ouyang family’s master possessed a decent relationship with the Fallen Phoenix City’s Zhao Mansion.

Thus, in the region surrounding Fallen Phoenix City, the Ouyang family was quite famous and powerful. They could be considered to be a local tyrant in the region.

As for the Ouyang family’s master, he was an old man that had lived for over seven thousand years.

He was an old pervert. When adding up all of his wives and concubines, they numbered over a thousand people. He could truly be said to be someone with a vast harem.

Today was the day that the Ouyang family’s master would marry his one thousand two hundred and thirty-fourth concubine.

The Ouyang family was decorated with lanterns and colored banners. Their entrance was wide open to welcome guests. It could be said that the Ouyang family was bustling with noise and excitement.

As for the Ouyang family’s master, he was bursting with life, and in extremely high spirits.

However, it remained that he was an old man. Thus, no matter how meticulously dressed he might have been, he was unable to conceal the wrinkles on his face. He still had the appearance of an old man. Looking at him was truly somewhat disgusting.

Although he possessed a disgusting appearance, the women that he married were each more beautiful than the last. This was especially true for the concubine that he was going to marry today, Wang Lianzhi.

This Wang Lianzhi was a famous beauty in the region surrounding the Fallen Phoenix City.

The Ouyang family’s master could be said to have lusted for Wang Lianzhi for a long time already. However, Wang Lianzhi had been insistent upon Song Xi.

Because of that, Song Xi had become a target of envy for many unmarried men in the region surrounding Fallen Phoenix City.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Wang Lianzhi, Song Xi would not have been humiliated and bullied like he had while working for the Zhao Mansion.

There was no such thing as an uncalled-for hatred in this world. The reason those people hated Song Xi was because of Wang Lianzhi.

That said, ever since Song Xi’s mother fell ill, the relationship between Song Xi and Wang Lianzhi began to drift apart.

Recently, Wang Lianzhi had even severed their engagement, and agreed to marry the Ouyang family’s master.

Because of that, the bride that the Ouyang family’s master was going to marry today was none other than Wang Lianzhi. This also caused many unmarried men to feel envious of the Ouyang family’s master.

At that moment, practically all of the honored guests that were invited to attend the wedding had arrived. Even the bride herself had arrived. However, the marriage ceremony still hadn’t started.

The reason why the marriage still hadn’t started was because the people from the Zhao Mansion were still not here.

“Aiyah, Head Chamberlain Zhao, you’ve finally arrived.”

A group of people walked in majestically. The Ouyang family’s master immediately got up to greet them with a smile on his face.

The reason for that was because that group of people were from the Fallen Phoenix City’s Zhao Mansion. The old man leading the group was the chamberlain in charge of the Zhao Mansion.

That person was a rank five Martial Ancestor.

After the people from the Zhao Mansion arrived, the people present immediately quieted down. They do not dare to make a racket.

From this, it could be seen how much they revered the Zhao Mansion.

This was understandable too. After all, if the Ouyang family could be considered to be a local tyrant in the surrounding region of Fallen Phoenix City, then the Zhao Mansion would be the overlord of the entire region.

Even the Ouyang family would have to be extremely respectful when faced with someone from the Zhao Mansion. They did not dare to show the slightest bit of negligence.

“Head Chamberlain, why have Lord Mansion Master and the others not arrived?” Suddenly, the Ouyang family’s master asked surprised.

The reason for that was because, after he carefully looked over the people that had arrived, he discovered that the Zhao Mansion’s Mansion Master and the Vice Mansion master were both absent.

“Don’t mention it. An accident has occurred in our Zhao Mansion,” The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain sighed and spoke with a helpless expression on his face.

“An accident occurred? What happened?” Hearing those words, curiosity emerged in the Ouyang family’s master’s eyes.

He was able to tell from the expression of the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain that what had happened was most definitely not a good thing. However, in recent days, everything had been going very great for the Zhao Mansion. Thus, he truly wondered what could have caused the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain to reveal such an anxious look.

“My second elder brother, he… died,” The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain said.

“The Vice Mansion Master died?!” The Ouyang family’s master had an enormous change in expression upon hearing those words.

The reason for that was because the ‘second eldest brother’ that the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain mentioned was the Zhao Mansion’s Vice Mansion Master. He was also a rank five Martial Ancestor.

“He was truly unlucky. He ended up encountering a malignant star,” The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain revealed a helpless expression.

Although the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain did not publicly mention this matter at the wedding, he revealed what had happened to the Ouyang family’s master through voice transmission.

It turned out the Zhao Mansion’s Vice Mansion Master was the old man that had spoken rudely toward Chu Feng that day, that Zhao Pingyang.

That day, after Chu Feng left, a black gaseous flame emerged from the Sacred Mountain and unleashed a massacre.

Not only was Zhao Pingyang killed, but all of the people from the Zhao Mansion that were present had been killed.

Before Zhao Pingyang died, he had ordered a person by the name of Lil Six to return to the Zhao Mansion to inform the Zhao Mansion and tell them to put out a wanted poster for Chu Feng.

When Lil Six returned with the people from the Zhao Mansion, they discovered that everyone from the Zhao Mansion had died. Furthermore, their deaths were very frightening.

Merely by looking at their corpses, one would start to tremble with fear.

The people from the Zhao Mansion had no idea what had happened. All they knew was that the group of people had clashed with Chu Feng. Thus, they subconsciously felt that it was Chu Feng that had massacred them.

However, they knew absolutely nothing about Chu Feng. In fact, they did not even know Chu Feng’s name. At that moment… they could be said to be completely lost and aimless.

“Aiyah, how could a malignant star emerge at our Fallen Phoenix City?”

“What did that person look like? Exactly what cultivation did he possess? What is his origin?” The Ouyang family’s master asked. He was actually afraid. He wanted to know the details so that he could avoid that malignant star should he encounter him. He wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t accidentally provoke that malignant star and end up being killed.

“Lil Six remembered that man’s appearance. However, after my second eldest brother and the others were killed, he has been completely terrified. Right now, he is undergoing treatment. However, he is still in a terrified state.”

“However, the world spiritist that we hired said that Lil Six will be cured soon. Once Lil Six is cured, we will be able to make a portrait of that person. At that time, our Zhao Mansion will be able to put out wanted posters for him.”

“That motherfucker, it was clearly only a verbal argument, yet he actually ended up deciding to kill. My second eldest brother has truly died a miserable death. Our Zhao Mansion will definitely make him pay!” The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain said with rage, fuming between gritted teeth.

“That’s right, we must definitely make him pay,” The Ouyang family’s master echoed.

The Ouyang family’s master did not think that the Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain was boasting. Rather, he truly felt that the Zhao Mansion would be able to avenge the death of their Vice Mansion Master.

The Zhao Mansion was not able to become the overlord of Fallen Phoenix City and the surrounding region because of their own power.

Most importantly, it was because of their Zhao Mansion’s youngest Young Master, Zhao Zirong.

This Zhao Zirong was a martial genius. He was only a little over three hundred years old, but was already a rank eight Martial Ancestor.

Furthermore, that Zhao Zirong was a proud disciple of the Grand Mountain Monastery’s Monastery Master.

What was the Grand Mountain Monastery?

If the Zhao Mansion was the overlord of the Fallen Phoenix City and the surrounding region, then the Grand Mountain Monastery would be the overlord of the entire Sacred Mountain and its surrounding regions.

It was a martial cultivation monastery that existed for a long time. It was very powerful.

It was only through having the Grand Mountain Monastery as their backing that the Zhao Mansion managed to obtain their current status.

That was why the Ouyang family’s master felt that regardless of who it might be that killed the people from the Zhao Mansion, he would, sooner or later, end up suffering for having offended the Zhao Mansion.

“Brother Ouyang, today is your day of great happiness. You must not feel bad because of the unlucky event that happened to our Zhao Mansion.”

“Although my eldest brother isn’t able to come, he had me congratulate you on his behalf.”

“This great time and lucky day cannot be missed. You should hurry on and start the wedding ceremony. I am looking forward to your wedding feast,” The Zhao Mansion’s head chamberlain said.

“Yes, of course. Head Chamberlain, please sit in this seat of honor. I will begin the wedding ceremony immediately.”

The Ouyang family’s master invited the people from the Zhao Mansion to seats of honor. Then, he ordered for the bride to be brought out so that they could begin the wedding by honoring heaven and earth.

At that moment, the festivity in the Ouyang family’s villa had reached its pinnacle.

“Wang Lingzhi, you damned slut!”

Right at that moment, a furious shout was heard. That shout resonated through the villa and destroyed the lively atmosphere.