Chapter 2684 - Show Me the Way

Chapter 2684 - Show Me the Way

“It was caused by someone?” Song Xi was completely stunned upon hearing what Chu Feng said.

“Yes, it was caused by someone. Someone forcibly poisoned your mother. Your mother also suffered quite a lot when the poison was forced into her body.”

“Think about it. Three years ago, when your mother’s illness began, did she come into contact with anyone?”

“Or perhaps, have you offended anyone in the past?” Chu Feng asked.

“Chu Feng, exactly what sort of poison is it?” Song Xi asked.

“I do not know the name of the poison either. However, this poison is not very strong. It is a paralysis-type poison. Otherwise, your mother would not have been able to continue living for so long.”

“Merely, regardless of what sort of poison it might be, as long as it reaches one’s soul, it will pose a fatal danger.”

“Furthermore, your mother’s cultivation is not high. If this is to continue, I believe that she will not be able to live for another half year.”

“However, you don’t have to worry either. I am able to remove this poison. I can guarantee you that your mother will be fine. Merely, it will take some time for her to wake up,” Chu Feng said.

At that moment, Song Xi grew silent. He had been shocked by Chu Feng’s words. After a long time passed, he raised his head again and asked, “Are you really able to remove the poison?”

“Rest assured, I am most definitely able to remove the poison from your mother’s body,” Chu Feng patted Song Xi’s shoulder.

Seemingly afraid that Song Xi would still be feeling ill at ease, Chu Feng immediately began the detoxification process for Song Xi’s mother.

As the poison had already reached Song Xi’s mother’s soul, it would take a certain amount of time to remove it, even for Chu Feng.

A single day was the limit Chu Feng gave himself.

However, Chu Feng actually didn’t use an entire day at all. He managed to remove the poison from Song Xi’s mother before reaching his own time limit.

Merely, although the poison had been removed, Song Xi’s mother was still unconscious.

Chu Feng felt that it would take some time, at least a month, for Song Xi’s mother to wake up.

This was also the reason why Chu Feng told Song Xi to think about who poisoned his mother, and not ask his mother who poisoned her after she woke up.

After all, even by conservative estimate, it would take a month or longer for his mother to wake up.

Thus, if they wanted to capture the culprit that poisoned his mother, it would be better to have Song Xi think about it.

After removing the poison from Song Xi’s mother, Chu Feng planned to inform Song Xi of this joyous news. It was only then that Chu Feng discovered that Song Xi, who had been standing behind him, had disappeared.

Chu Feng was overly concentrated on removing the poison earlier, and had not noticed that Song Xi had left.

Chu Feng walked out of the room and inspected his surroundings with his Heaven’s Eyes. Yet, he still saw no sign of Song Xi.

“Where did he go?”

Chu Feng was pondering when he discovered that the female servant in Song Xi’s family was standing nearby.

That female servant was a woman who had lived for several hundred years. Although she had lived for several hundred years, she did not possess the appearance of a white-haired old lady. Instead, she had the appearance of a middle-aged woman.

That female servant was someone that Song Xi had hired. He had hired her especially to take care of his mother. Her cultivation was very weak. She was not even a Martial Emperor.

If she was in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm, her cultivation would be extremely powerful.

However, in a place like the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, where even people like Song Xi, a Martial Ancestor-level expert, were at the bottom of the cultivation hierarchy, one could imagine how difficult the circumstances would be for this woman.

For people like her, no power in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm would be willing to take her in. If she were to try to wander the world by herself, she would be bullied and humiliated by others regardless of where she went. She was truly someone with no status or power.

However, Song Xi’s character was, after all, quite decent. Thus, he treated this female servant very well.

In fact, when Song Xi returned with Chu Feng, he had deliberately introduced this female servant to Chu Feng. Her name was Aunt Jing.

It was precisely because Song Xi treated her very well that Chu Feng was able to tell that this Aunt Jing was very faithful and devoted to the Song family too.

At the very least, she was very diligent and attentive when caring for Song Xi’s mother. She was a good individual.

If it wasn’t for that Aunt Jing’s meticulous care, Song Xi’s mother might not have been able to continue living for so long.

At that moment, that Aunt Jiang was standing nearby. She took a glance at Chu Feng and immediately lowered her head. She seemed to want to say something, but was hesitant.

Chu Feng immediately realized that Aunt Jing might want to say something to him. He felt that she might know where Song Xi had gone.

Thus, he walked toward Aunt Jing and asked, “Aunt Jing, do you know where Song Xi has gone off to?”

Seeing Chu Feng questioning her, Aunt Jing immediately walked over to Chu Feng. However, when she had reached a distance of ten meters from him, she immediately fell on her knees with a loud ‘putt.’

“Milord, you must definitely save our Young Master,” Aunt Jing cried. Worry and nervousness filled her aged face.

“Aunt Jing, please stand up first. Tell me, exactly what happened?”

“If Song Xi has gotten into some sort of trouble, I will definitely not watch with folded arms,” Chu Feng helped Aunt Jing back up.

“Milord, h-how am I supposed to e-explain this to you?” Aunt Jing was panicky. She was truly too worried.

“Don’t panic. You can talk slowly,” Chu Feng said.

“O-Okay. I-I’ll talk slowly.”

Aunt Jing adjusted her state of mind and train of thought. Then, she began to tell Chu Feng what had happened.

“Milord, this is what happened. Our Young Master possessed a fiancee by the name of Wang Lianzhi.”

“That Wang Lianzhi and our Young Master have known one another since childhood. They could be said to be childhood sweethearts that had grown up together.”

“While our family was not wealthy at all, we were better off than the Wang family. During their childhood, the two families arranged their marriage.”

“However, our Young Master has refused the marriage the entire time. He insists that he has only considered Wang Lianzhi as a younger sister, and doesn’t hold any special feelings toward her.”

“However, that Wang Liangzhi has continued to tangle with our Young Master nonstop. This was even more so after Young Master left the house and accumulated some wealth while he was outside.”

“That Wang Liangzhi was actually decent-looking. There were a lot of men in the region that sought her hand.”

“However, Wang Lianzhi has always wanted to be married to our Young Master.”

“As for Young Master, after seeing how Wang Liangzhi waited for him for so long without marrying someone else, he determined that she was truly sincere and genuine. Thus, as time passed, he started to feel emotions for her too.”

“Back then, Young Master wanted to travel far and make his mark. Thus, he truly did not want to delay Wang Lianzhi.”

“As such, he went and told Wang Lianzhi what he felt.”

“Our Young Master informed Wang Lianzhi that he did not plan to get married and start a family before reaching the True Immortal realm.”

“If Wang Lianzhi was willing to wait for him, the two of them could get engaged to one another. He told her that once he reached the True Immortal realm, he would definitely take her as his wife majestically.”

“Wang Lianzhi gladly agreed to it. With that, the two families made a marriage engagement.”

“Afterwards, Young Master continued to travel and train bitterly. As for Wang Lianzhi, she was very considerate and sensible. She would frequently come over and accompany Young Master’s mother. Although she wasn’t married to Young Master yet, she had seemingly already become the Song family’s daughter-in-law.”

“Although the two of them had yet to marry, they had become a famous affectionate couple in this region.”

“However, ever since Young Master’s mother fell ill, Young Master exhausted all of his savings in order to save her. Furthermore, he has had no time to indulge in martial cultivation. As such, his cultivation has ceased to progress.”

“Gradually, that Wang Lianzhi started to drift apart from Young Master.”

“Young Master has not looked further into this. In fact, he had never even shown any interest toward it. If Wang Lianzhi didn’t come to find Young Master, Young Master would never go and find her either.”

“However, not long ago, that Wang Lianzhi brought a group of people with her and came to say that they wanted to break the marriage engagement.”

“It turned out that Wang Lianzhi has been fancied by the Ouyang family’s master. That Ouyang family’s old master wanted to take her as his concubine.”

“After that Wang Lianzhi found someone with power and strength, she did not plan to be together with our Young Master.”

“It was only at that moment that Young Master discovered that Wang Lianzhi was never true to him to begin with. She only continued to tangle with him nonstop because she thought highly of his future prospects.”

“However, once she felt that Young Master’s future prospects were finite, she immediately began to alienate herself from Young Master. After she discovered a man she felt to be even better than Young Master, she immediately severed her relationship with Young Master without the slightest hesitation.”

“Young Master was discouraged and downhearted. However, he did not continue to tangle himself in that matter. Instead, he directly agreed with Wang Lianzhi and terminated their engagement.”

“Ever since that day, Young Master has never gone to find Wang Lianzhi. I had thought that Young Master had truly gotten over her.”

“However today, Young Master suddenly ran out in the direction of the Ouyang family.”

“I heard that today is the day when the Ouyang family’s old master is going to wed Wang Lianzhi and take her as his concubine.”

“I think that Young Master was most definitely unable to contain his anger and left to find Wang Lianzhi.”

“However, that Ouyang family is extremely famous in this region. This is especially true for the Ouyang family’s old master. He possesses an extremely good relationship with the Zhao Mansion.”

“If Young Master dares to go and create a disturbance at the wedding of the Ouyang family’s old master, he will definitely not be able to survive.”

As Aunt Jing reached this point in her story, tears had already covered her face.

It could be seen that although she was only a servant to the Song family, she was very loyal to Song Xi.

At the very least… she considered Song Xi to be her relative. Otherwise, she would not have been so worried.

“Aunt Jing, do you know where the Ouyang family is located?” Chu Feng asked.

“I do, I do,” Aunt Jing nodded repeatedly. Then, she kneeled before Chu Feng again and began to kowtow to him, “Milord, you must definitely save our Young Master. Only you will be able to save our Young Master.”

“Aunt Jing, don’t cry anymore,” Chu Feng helped Aunt Jing back up. He said, “Show me the way.”