Chapter 2692 - Descend Of A Celestial Fairy

Chapter 2692 - Descent Of A Celestial Fairy

As expected, after the Secret Ground Revealment Formation was completed, Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes grew even sharper.

In fact, Chu Feng felt as if his eyes weren’t eyes anymore. Rather, they were two formless sharp blades, capable of piercing through anything.


Soon, Chu Feng discovered an entrance.

That entrance was located at the corner of the mountainous region.

After discovering the entrance, Chu Feng did not destroy the rocks with brute force. Instead, he began to utilize his world spirit techniques to undo the entrance.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng felt that the mountain stones and rocks should be a fusion between mountain stones and a spirit formation.

In other words, a portion of the mountain stones were actually mountain stones, whereas the others were fake, created by a spirit formation.

Merely, as the spirit power used to create them was very powerful, not even Chu Feng was able to see any flaws in them.

That said, it remained that spirit power was, in the end, only spirit power. By utilizing spirit formations, Chu Feng was certain that he would, sooner or later, be able to undo them.

Sure enough, after he covered his body with his spirit formation, Chu Feng was able to enter the mountain without destroying the stones.

Upon entering the mountain, his surroundings changed completely. Chu Feng arrived at a passageway. It was a very deep passageway. Chu Feng walked for a very long time before finally reaching the other end.

There was a vast hall at the other end of the passageway. Although the hall was extremely vast, it was also very empty.

There was a grand formation in the central region of the vast hall. It was a very bright formation. That grand formation was actually absorbing natural energies.

“What a powerful formation. Who set up this formation?” Her Lady Queen also revealed an astonished expression upon seeing that formation.

The reason for that was because it was an exceptionally amazing formation. It was most definitely not the work of an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist. Instead, it was most definitely set up by an existence surpassing Immortal-cloak World Spiritists.

“This spirit formation seems quite ancient. Likely, it has been here for a long time,” Chu Feng said.

Although Chu Feng was unable to determine what level world spiritist set up that spirit formation, he was able to tell that the spirit formation did not originate from the Sacred Mountain. Rather, it should be something that someone set up some time after the Sacred Mountain appeared.

Suddenly, Her Lady Queen said, “Chu Feng, look at that sphere. Fetch it.”

Chu Feng also noticed the sphere that she was talking about.

That sphere was not very large. It was only the size of a fist. The sphere was black, and seemed to be composed of a cobweb-like substance. Its surface was not smooth. In fact, there were small cracks that reached the interior of the sphere.

Natural energies were being emitted from the cracks in the sphere.

From Chu Feng’s observation, he felt that the sphere was a treasure.

If that grand formation was absorbing the natural energies, then the natural energies that it absorbed should all have gone into the sphere.

Chu Feng retrieved the sphere, and was immediately filled with astonishment. That sphere was simply filled with an excessive amount of natural energies. The amount of natural energies it contained was so unimaginably rich.

Chu Feng felt that the natural energies contained in the fist-size sphere might even be sufficient for him to reach the Heavenly Immortal realm.

He recalled a time when he was in the Holy Land of Martialism. Back then, he had wracked his brain on how to obtain natural energies, and narrowly escaped losing his life multiple times.

Yet at that moment, such a great quantity of natural energies was right in his hand. Chu Feng was truly moved with admiration.

“The Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm is truly extraordinary. I actually managed to obtain so much natural energy this easily,” Chu Feng gulped down his saliva emotionally.

To Chu Feng and other martial cultivators, natural energies were simply the greatest delicacy in the world. This was even more so as the natural energies in the sphere could be directly refined.

“Unfortunately, since you’ve trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, making a breakthrough in cultivation is already no longer as simple as before.”

“Back then, you were able to directly reach a breakthrough in cultivation as long as you gathered enough natural energy in your dantian.”

“However, now, regardless of how much natural energy you might be able to gather in your body, if you’re unable to obtain martial comprehension that will allow you to reach the breakthrough junction, you will still not be able to reach a breakthrough.”

“That being said, it is a rare opportunity to gather this much natural energy. Chu Feng, you should refine it immediately,” Her Lady Queen said.

“It is evident that someone deliberately set this place up to accumulate natural energies. It wouldn’t be very good for me to refine it just like this, no?” Chu Feng said.

“What’s not good about it? That person was in the wrong to seize the natural energies to begin with. Moreover, it seems that it has been a very long time since someone has been here. Perhaps the person who set this place up has already died,” Her Lady Queen said.

“That’s true. In that case, thanks for the meal.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng opened his mouth, and a boundless suction power covered that sphere.

The next moment, the natural energies in the sphere began to gush out like a massive flood that had broken through a dam. They were all rushing into Chu Feng’s mouth.

The amount of natural energies contained in the sphere was simply too much. Even with the method with which Chu Feng was refining them, it still took him several hours before he finally refined all of the natural energies.

“Amazing. My dantian has never been this full before.”

Chu Feng was feeling extremely happy and extremely content. He was like a gluttonous child that had finally managed to eat his fill.

“It would seem that this spirit formation is the reason why the natural energies in the Sacred Mountain continued to decrease,” Her Lady Queen said.

“No,” However, Chu Feng shook his head at Her Lady Queen’s theory. He said, “Eggy, have a careful look at that spirit formation. Then have a look over here, over here and over there.”

Chu Feng pointed to several locations.

“So that’s the case. This spirit formation is merely exploiting a certain kind of power in the Sacred Mountain to accumulate natural energies. However, the natural energies it accumulates are from the outside, and not related to the Sacred Mountain,” Her Lady Queen came to a realization.

“That is indeed the case. Merely… to be able to utilize the Sacred Mountain’s power to accumulate the natural energies outside, that too is a great ability.”

“At the very least, this means that this individual observed the Sacred Mountain for a very long time. Furthermore, that person’s strength must be extremely powerful. Otherwise, it’d be impossible for that person to discover that the Sacred Mountain possessed this sort of power, and utilize that power to set up such a formation,” Chu Feng said.

“Mn, that would be the case,” Her Lady Queen nodded in agreement.

“Who are you?!”

Right at that moment, a stern shout sounded from behind Chu Feng.

Chu Feng hurriedly turned around, and discovered that a female was standing by the vast hall’s entrance.

Chu Feng was shocked by her sudden arrival. However… once Chu Feng took a clear view of that woman, he was stunned.

She was a young woman wearing a snow-white veil skirt and a head of long black hair.

She was beautiful, extremely beautiful.

She possessed a pure and innocent-looking face with exquisite facial features. One simply could not find fault with her facial appearance.

Although she was wearing a long skirt, Chu Feng felt that it was not only that woman’s face that was outstanding; her figure was most definitely alluring too.

That woman’s beauty was simply extraordinary. She was a fairy.

This was especially true with how that woman’s long hair scattered down around her. It made her resemble a celestial fairy descending to the world of mortals. Her aura was simply superb.

Since Li Yu’er, this is the first time Chu Feng had seen such a delightful-looking beauty.

Women like Wang Lianzhi would simply be akin to an ugly duckling next to a swan should she be placed beside this woman. They were simply on a completely different level.


However, right at that moment, the woman raised her long, shapely eyebrows. Then, she spread open her lily-white hands and shot a palm strike at Chu Feng.

Once that woman unleashed her attack, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously.

That woman was most definitely younger than him.

Yet, her cultivation was that of a rank one True Immortal.

Furthermore, her attack contained outstanding battle power.

Even among rank one True Immortals, this woman was most definitely not one to be taken lightly.

The reason for that was because… Chu Feng felt fatal danger from her attack.