Chapter 2854 - Unexpected Guest

Chapter 2854 - Unexpected Guest

Seeing Song Yunfei's complexion turning pale with anger because of him, Chu Feng felt extremely satisfied.

Chu Feng was deliberately trying to anger Song Yunfei. After all, the conflict between them had been fixed. No matter what, Song Yunfei would definitely search for an opportunity to take care of him in the future.

Under such inescapable circumstances, Chu Feng would naturally seize any and all opportunities to strike at Song Yunfei.

Suddenly, Song Yunfei's expression took a turn for the better.

He looked to Chu Feng with a strange expression in his eyes. There was actually a sneer on his face.

Seeing Song Yunfei's strange change, Chu Feng's heart sunk. He felt that the situation was bad.


Right at that moment, the door to the hidden space suddenly opened, and a figure walked in.

Seeing that person, many people revealed shocked expressions. Even Xia Yun'er was the same.

The reason for that was because the person who came in was a renowned person in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, Han Yu.

"Han Yu, why would you be here?" Xia Yun'er asked.

She felt very surprised. The reason for that was because she knew the relationship between Chu Feng and Han Yu very well.

Chu Feng was already here. If Han Yu were to appear too, the situation would likely turn bad.

"I had heard that brother Han Yu had was in the area. As such, how could I not allow him to come here? Thus, it was none other than me who invited brother Han Yu over," Song Yunfei said.

"That bastard is truly treacherous!" Her Lady Queen said with rage fuming between gritted teeth.

She finally realized why Song Yunfei would reveal that weird smile. It turned out that he had secretly done something from the shadows.

"It's no bother. The current me is no longer the same me from the Spirit Formation Immortal Domain. If this Han Yu is to provoke me, I will make him pay even more bitterly," Chu Feng said to Eggy.

As for Han Yu, after he arrived and saw Chu Feng, his gaze simply never turned to anyone else.

Just like that, he continued to use his incomparably ferocious gaze to look at Chu Feng.

"Brother Han Yu, I know that there are conflicts between you and Chu Feng. However, those that are here are guests. Give me some face. Regardless of what sort of conflicts there might be between the two of you, take care of them another day, okay?" Song Yunfei said hypocritically.

"Brother Song, last time, this Chu Feng borrowed the strength of the Ancient Era's Serpent Clan's Clan Chief, causing me to be defeated by his hand."

"You do not know what sort of humiliation I received. Right now, everyone in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm feels that I am inferior to that Chu Feng."

"This grievance is something that I must settle."

After he finished saying those words, Han Yu pointed at Chu Feng and loudly shouted, "Chu Feng, I, Han Yu, demand to fight against you again! Do you dare accept my challenge?!"

After Han Yu finished saying those words, the crowd all turned their gazes toward Chu Feng.

Some people revealed sympathetic expressions toward Chu Feng. However, they had no idea how to how to interfere in the matter.

They all knew very well that Han Yu had been invited over by Song Yunfei to take care of Chu Feng.

Thus, if they were to speak against it, they would not be making an enemy of Han Yu, but instead making an enemy of Song Yunfei.

As such, no one was willing to say anything.

There were only two people among the crowd present that dared to speak on the matter. One was the habitually quiet yet light-hearted Jian Wuqing.

The other was Xia Yun'er.

After all, this cave was Xia Yun'er's territory. She was already somewhat annoyed by Song Yunfei inviting Han Yu there without her permission.

Thus, at the moment when no one dared to say anything, Xia Yun'er stood before Chu Feng and wanted to help Chu Feng out of his trouble.

However, right when Xia Yun'er was starting to speak, Chu Feng interrupted her, "It's not that I don't dare. Merely, I fear that you will lose even more miserably than last time."

Han Yu pointed at Chu Feng and loudly shouted, "What arrogance! Chu Feng, you are truly one to boast! You yourself know best how you managed to win against me the last time around!"

"What gave you the confidence to still speak to me in such a manner? You no longer possess the backing of the Ancient Era's Serpent Clan's Clan Chief, what makes you think you can still defeat me?!" 

"What gave me the confidence?"

Chu Feng smiled. Then, he unleashed his aura and said, "This is what."

At that moment, not only did Han Yu's expression change, but many of the others present also revealed a change in their expressions.

The reason for that was because earlier, Chu Feng had concealed his aura the entire time. Thus, they all thought that Chu Feng was a rank four True Immortal.

However, at that moment Chu Feng had unleashed his rank five True Immortal-level aura. This made everyone realize that Chu Feng's cultivation was truly that of a rank five True Immortal at present.

"He's actually a rank five True Immortal? Wasn't it said that Chu Feng had just reached a breakthrough in cultivation and become a rank four True Immortal at the Spirit Formation Immortal Domain?

"How did he increase his cultivation to rank five True Immortal in such a short period of time? How did he manage to make another breakthrough in cultivation this fast? This is simply unreasonable! Could it be that he had concealed his cultivation to begin with?"

At that moment, many people felt very astonished. After all, the change in Chu Feng's cultivation was simply something that anyone would be astonished by.

That said, there were two people among the crowd that remained very calm.

They were Xia Yun'er and Song Yunfei.

It wasn't that they'd managed to see through Chu Feng's cultivation. Rather, it was most likely their guardians located outside that had seen through Chu Feng's cultivation and transmitted the information to them using special methods.

This was much like how even though Song Yunfei was there the entire time, he still knew that Han Yu was in the vicinity of the Void Sacred Tree, and even invited him over.

The reason why he was capable of doing this was because there was a powerful existence outside of the isolated space overseeing everything and reporting everything to him.

Since Song Yunfei knew about Chu Feng's actual cultivation to begin with but still invited Han Yu in, it would mean that he possessed a certain amount of certainty that Han Yu would defeat Chu Feng.

At that moment, Han Yu was surprised. However, he was merely surprised.

"No wonder you're so confident. So your cultivation has increased again."

"Come. This place is too small and unsuitable for battle. Since you plan to fight me, let us go out and fight," Han Yu said.

"Sure, let’s go out. It's not like I fear you," Chu Feng revealed a very indifferent expression.