Chapter 2855 - Fighting Han Yu Again

Chapter 2855 - Fighting Han Yu Again


Right after Chu Feng agreed to it, the exit to the isolated space actually appeared.

Han Yu immediately walked out. Chu Feng also went out after Han Yu.

When Chu Feng walked out, he discovered that, while it was not a vast crowd, there were people in the sky, on the ground and all around.

"They're here! It's Han Yu and Chu Feng. It would appear that they’re really going to fight."

"This is truly great. I did not manage to witness their battle in the Spirit Formation Immortal Domain, and was feeling regretful about it."

"Today, I can finally make up for my regret. It would appear that I have not come to the Void Sacred Tree in vain."

After Chu Feng stepped out, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar.

"What a scheming fellow."

Chu Feng turned around and looked to Song Yunfei, who had just walked out of the isolated space.

He knew very well that all of this was caused by Song Yunfei. Song Yunfei was not only planning to have Chu Feng be defeated by Han Yu, but he wanted Chu Feng to be defeated by Han Yu publicly, before all those people.

Should that happen, Chu Feng would be utterly humiliated.

The humiliation he would suffer would be ten times, a hundred times or even a thousand times greater than the humiliation Song Yunfei had received earlier.

Sure enough, Song Yunfei was as ruthless, treacherous and malicious as Chu Feng had imagined him to be.

It was no wonder the disciples from the Starfall Holy Land all feared him so much. Likely, they all knew the personality of their Holy Son very well.

Seeing that Chu Feng was looking at him, Song Yunfei said, "Brother Chu Feng, it is still not too late for you to back out now. With me here, no one will make things difficult for you."

"There's no need for brother Song to worry yourself over that," Chu Feng said to Song Yunfei.

Then, Chu Feng looked to Han Yu and said, "Can we begin?"

"Wait," Han Yu shook his head. Then, he said, "This time around, it could be said that I've come prepared."

After he finished saying those words, Han Yu raised his arm, and a body of light flew out from his hand.

After that body of light flew out, it rapidly increased in size. In a blink of an eye, it became a spirit formation net that ran through the heaven and earth.

"This here is called a Duel Space."

"It was created by a great world spiritist. Although it can only be used once, it is extremely firm. When it is activated, it can last for an entire hour. During that hour’s time, not even Martial Immortal-level experts can destroy it."

"Furthermore, this Duel Space possesses both martial power and spirit power. Once the two of us enters it, others will not be able to interfere in our duel. At that time, the two of us can only rely on our own abilities."

"This Duel Space only has two keys. Through the keys, the two of us can enter it."

"Today, the two of us shall battle with one another and determine an outcome in this Duel Space."

After he finished saying those words, Han Yu tossed a key to Chu Feng. With the other key in his hand, Han Yu began to rapidly fly toward that Duel Space. Using the key, he entered the Duel Space.


After Chu Feng received the key, he did not set out immediately. Instead, he unleashed the Divine level Lightning Mark on his forehead.

After Chu Feng unleashed his Divine level Lightning Mark, his cultivation increased from rank five True Immortal to rank six True Immortal, the same level of cultivation as Han Yu.

"That is the Divine level Lightning Mark? It is the first time I've witnessed a Divine level Lightning Mark."

"Amazing! He should be the only person in our Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm that has trained in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, no?"

Upon seeing Chu Feng's Divine level Lightning Mark, many people revealed great excitement.

Right at that moment, with a thought from Chu Feng, the Ancient Era's War Axe and Ancient Era's War Sword, his two heaven-defying secret skills, appeared simultaneously.

While Chu Feng's cultivation was still that of a rank six True Immortal, the heaven-defying battle power of the Ancient Era's War Sword was completely unleashed.

Thus, the crowd all knew that Chu Feng currently possessed a battle power capable of contending against rank seven True Immortals.

"Amazing, truly amazing! If I didn't witness it personally, I truly would've never dared to believe this!"

"This Chu Feng actually really has grasped such abilities. He was actually able to increase his battle power from rank five True Immortal to rank seven True Immortal."

Upon seeing the Ancient Era's War Axe and Ancient Era's War Sword, the voices of astonishment from the crowd grew even more intense.

"Chu Feng is not the only one with abilities."

Right at that moment, with a thought from Han Yu, his Divine Body was unleashed. From a cultivation of rank six True Immortal, Han Yu's cultivation increased to that of a rank seven True Immortal.

"Chu Feng, even if your cultivation has increased to that of a rank five True Immortal, your strength will only be the same as that of that day."

"However, I am different. Today, you are destined to lose."

Han Yu was filled with confidence. He was clenching his fists tightly and already impatient to teach Chu Feng a lesson.

"Is that so?"

However, Chu Feng disapproved of Han Yu's claim. With the key in hand, he entered the Duel Space.

The moment Chu Feng entered the Duel Space, everyone became extremely excited, and were unable to take their eyes off of Chu Feng and Han Yu.

At that moment, there were over ten thousand people gathered in the region.

However, apart from the buzzing noise emitted by the Duel Space and the occasional sound of the wind, no other sound was heard.

The crowd did not wish to miss an iota of the battle. Because of that, they were completely focused on the two fighters, and actually held their breath.