Chapter 2853 - Utterly Humiliated

Chapter 2853 - Utterly Humiliated

Chu Feng merely smiled at Song Yunfei's words.

He still remember the arrogance Song Yunfei had revealed in the Everchanging Mystery Realm when he threatened him.

Yet now, after he came out, he had changed his demeanor once again. Chu Feng knew very well what sort of character that Song Yunfei was.

Thus, Chu Feng found what Song Yunfei said to be truly funny.

"My Pinnacle Strength was capable of even killing the Soul-devouring Beast. If I had not wanted to lose, how could you possibly defeat me?" Chu Feng said.

"What did you say? You say you killed the Soul-devouring Beast?"

"Ridiculous! Truly ridiculous! That Soul-devouring Beast was so powerful that not even I could contend against it. Yet, you actually say that you killed it? Chu Feng, exactly how shameless can you be?!"

Song Yunfei pointed at Chu Feng and loudly berated him. It was as if Chu Feng were a criminal, and he was the judge announcing all of Chu Feng's crimes.

"Brother Song, Chu Feng didn't lie. He really did possess strength capable of killing the Soul-devouring Beast," At that moment, Jian Wuqing was finally unable to contain himself anymore and spoke out.

"What?!" Song Yunfei was startled. He looked to Jian Wuqing and then said, "Brother Jian, I had always thought you to be a person of character. Never would I expect you to actually be a liar too. Say, exactly what sort of benefit did Chu Feng give you to make you, the righteous Jian Wuqing, lie to protect him?"

"Brother Song, it would appear that your head has been muddled by thoughts of victory."

"I have not lied. After all, I was not the only one to catch sight of that. Many others present have also witnessed it."

"We clearly witnessed it. Brother Chu Feng used only a single punch to kill that Soul-devouring Beast," Jian Wuqing said.

Hearing those words, Song Yunfei was stunned. It was only at that moment that he noticed that the crowd were looking at him with very strange expressions in their eyes.

After being momentarily stunned, Song Yunfei slowly asked, "Is that true?"

He was asking the Starfall Holy Land's disciples. He did not trust the others, and only believed in the words of the Starfall Holy Land's disciples.

The reason for that was because he was certain that the Starfall Holy Land's disciples would not deceive him; they did not dare to deceive him.

"S-senior brother Song, that was indeed the case. That Chu Feng... really only used a single punch to kill the Soul-devouring Beast," A disciple from the Starfall Holy Land spoke with a trembling voice.

That Starfall Holy Land's disciple was very afraid. After all, something like that would be very humiliating for Song Yunfei.

Thus, he did not dare to say it. Had it not been for the fact that Song Yunfei was asking him, he would never speak of what had happened.

"You all..." After knowing the truth, Song Yunfei started to redden slightly with shame.

He suddenly felt that he was like a clown.

It turned out that he had been toyed with by Chu Feng.

However, he was still feeling somewhat unreconciled. Thus, he turned to Chu Feng and said, "So what if you killed the Soul-devouring Beast? How can you prove that you have not stolen the Victor's Seal?"

"Brother Song, we personally witnessed the Victor's Seal flashing onto Brother Chu Feng's hand."

"If you don't trust me, you can ask miss Xia. She also witnessed it," Jian Wuqing said.

"Junior sister Xia, did that really happen?" Song Yunfei turned to ask Xia Yun'er.

"Senior brother Song, that is indeed the case. However, even I am uncertain as to exactly what happened."

"After all, normally, the last person to wake up would be the victor. As for young master Chu Feng, he was not the last person to wake up."

"It is only when young master Chu Feng mentioned the special Bestowment Talisman that I came to a realization."

"It would appear that the person that won this time is indeed young master Chu Feng," Xia Yun'er explained.

Hearing those words, Song Yunfei's expression immediately sunk. Then, he fiercely slapped his forehead.

After slapping himself in the head, Song Yunfei actually revealed a beaming smile.

Not only that, but he even walked over to Chu Feng, patted his shoulder and said, "Brother Chu Feng, it would appear that I have misjudged you. However, you are also at fault for not explaining things properly."

"Brother Song, I explained it very well. It was you who didn't believe me," Chu Feng did not attempt to give Song Yunfei a way out of such an embarrassing situation. He instead decided to expose Song Yunfei. If he did not remind Song Yunfei, Song Yunfei would try to forget about his haughty attitude earlier.

"Haha, that's true. It was my fault," Song Yunfei patted his forehead again.

He revealed a very indifferent and magnanimous manner. It was as if this matter did not affect him at all.

However, Chu Feng knew very well how dangerous that Song Yunfei was. Likely, from that day on, the grudge between him and Song Yunfei had been set in place.

"Young master Chu Feng, congratulations. That Ten Thousand Arrows Soulbeaker is a treasure."

Right at that moment, Xia Yun'er walked over to Chu Feng. The Ten Thousand Arrows Soulbreaker scroll was still in her hand.

"Miss Xia, are you really going to give me such a precious treasure?" Chu Feng asked.

"I, Xia Yun'er, am one to always keep my promise," Xia Yun'er said with a smile.

"If that's the case, then I, Chu Feng, will accept it. Thank you miss Xia."

Not only did Chu Feng receive the Ten Thousand Arrows Soulbreaker, but he even kissed the location on the scroll that Xia Yun'er had previously kissed.

Then, he took a deep sigh and spoke with a deeply moved tone, "Fragrant!"

Hearing what Chu Feng said, Xia Yun'er face actually turned slightly red.

As for Song Yunfei, he grew so furious that his expression changed.