Chapter 2852 - Fighting Over The Victor’s Seal

Chapter 2852 - Fighting Over The Victor’s Seal

“It seems to me that you’re injured,” Chu Feng stared at Song Yunfei’s chest and shoulder.

“This is unrelated to you,” As Song Yunfei spoke, he raised his hand. A golden dagger formed on his palm.

“Brother Song, I’ll give you a word of advice. Do not attack me,” Chu Feng said.

“What do you mean?” Song Yunfei asked.

“If you are to attack me, you’ll lose,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“What a boast,” As Song Yunfei spoke, he flicked his finger lightly, and the golden dagger turned into a ray of light that shot straight for Chu Feng.

Chu Feng simply did not have any intention to dodge. Thus, the golden ray of light pierced accurately into Chu Feng’s chest.

Then, Chu Feng’s body turned to the side. WIth a ‘putt,’ Chu Feng fell to the ground.

“Humph, you dare to say that I will lose if I attack you? And here I thought you possessed some sort of ability. Turned out, it’s merely a bluff.”

Seeing Chu Feng’s fallen body, Song Yunfei revealed a mocking smile.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Not long after Chu Feng died, an enormous storm appeared at the summit of the world. As the storm swept forth, the white clouds started to crumble.

The entire world was crumbling.

Witnessing this scene, Song Yunfei started to smile.

Song Yunfei actually spread his arms wide. It was as if he were welcoming everything.

He knew very well that he would die. However, he was feeling indifferent toward his incoming death. After all, he had won.

As the violent storm capable of destroying the world descended, Song Yunfei momentarily felt his consciousness slipping away.

When his consciousness became clear again, Song Yunfei discovered that he had returned to the real world.

At that moment, Song Yunfei became the focus of the crowd. Even Xia Yunfei was looking at him.

Of course, many of the people were looking at him with complaint in their eyes.

However, he was indifferent to all of that. He stood up and said to the crowd, "Everyone, don't blame me. It's merely the rules of the game."

After he finished saying those words, Song Yunfei turned his gaze to the center of that spirit formation. Upon doing that, he was shocked to discover that the Victor's Seal had disappeared.

Song Yunfei looked all around. In the end, his gaze landed on Chu Feng's hand.

At that moment, Song Yunfei first revealed a furious expression. Then, his expression became one of contempt.

However, he did not burst out with rage.

Instead, he spoke with a joking tone, "Brother Chu Feng, what is the meaning of this? You clearly already lost, yet you're still taking away the Victor's Seal?"

"You couldn't possibly be thinking that you would be the victor just because you've taken away the Victor's Seal, right?"

"That is not something that you can joke around with."

After Song Yunfei said those words, the crowd looked to one another. However, no one said anything.

"Brother Song, what you've said is incorrect. I never extended my hand to take the Victor's Seal. It is the Victor's Seal that landed on my hand by itself."

Chu Feng shrugged his shoulder and revealed an innocent expression.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, Song Yunfei started to frown even more. Anger once again emerged in his eyes.

Originally, he had thought that Chu Feng was merely trying to get a feel for the Victor's Seal. However, he discovered that he was mistaken.

He discovered that Chu Feng was trying to seize the honor and glory of obtaining the Victor's Seal. How could he possibly tolerate this?

"Brother Chu Feng, you're acting like a total bore."

"You were clearly killed by me. You were the loser. As such, how could the Victor's Seal end up in your hand?"

"Even if you plan to joke around, there should be a limit to it," Song Yunfei's tone grew a bit more heavy.

"Brother Song, you're mistaken again. The loser is not me, but you," Chu Feng said.

"Brother Chu Feng, what sort of nonsense are you saying? You were clearly killed by me, how could I be the loser then?" Song Yunfei's tone grew even heavier. His voice also grew louder.

In fact, the crowd were even able to feel a trace of chilliness.

Even the surrounding air was affected by Song Yunfei's mood. The crowd knew that Song Yunfei had grown furious.

However, Chu Feng did not concern himself with that at all.

He continued, "Brother Song, do you still remember what I told you?"

"I told you to not attack me, because you'd lose should you attack me," Chu Feng said.

Song Yunfei naturally remembered those words. However, he was still confused. He said, "I do not understand what you are trying to say."

"It would appear that I will have to explain it to you properly. I obtained three Bestowment Talismans. My first Bestowment Talisman was Rank Three Strength."

"My second Bestowment Talisman was Pinnacle Strength."

"As for my third Bestowment Talisman, it was a bit special. The effect of that Bestowment Talisman was that the game will end should I die. Furthermore, regardless of how I die, the final victor will be me."

"Thus, even though you killed me, you still lost," Chu Feng said to Song Yunfei.

"Chu Feng, I have truly misjudged you!"

Song Yunfei was completely enraged. He loudly shouted and then pointed at Chu Feng.

With a very stern voice, he said, "I had thought you to be an upright man, never would I have ever imagined you to be this despicable!"

"If you wanted to win, you could have informed me! I would've allowed you to win!"

"Yet, you decided to do this! First you stole the Victor's Seal! Then, you created such a lie. You are simply taking me as a fool!"