Chapter 2851 - Killing You Would Be Like Killing An Ant

Chapter 2851 - Killing You Would Be Like Killing An Ant

Seeing that Chu Feng was actually planning to take on the Soul-devouring Beast, someone shouted at Chu Feng out of good intentions.

“Brother Chu Feng, you couldn’t possibly really be thinking about challenging the Soul-devouring Beast, right?”

“You are no match for it. You will only throw away your life like this.”

“Run away! It’s very possible that Song Yunfei has already been killed by the Soul-devouring Beast!”

“With Song Yunfei dead, we still have a chance to win! There’s no need to throw your life away here!”

Upon hearing the shout from that person to Chu Feng, many of the people that were escaping stopped. They all wanted to personally witness how Chu Feng would be killed by the Soul-devouring Beast.

"That fool is actually really planning to challenge the Soul-devouring Beast? Where did he get his confidence?"

"Very well, I shall see how he will die miserably by the mouth of that Soul-devouring Beast."


Right at that moment, the Soul-devouring Beast let out a roar. Then, it descended from the thick black clouds. It was smashing down toward the tiny Chu Feng.

"My frail body will not be able to withstand a smash from your body. Thus, I cannot allow you to land."

As Chu Feng spoke, he formed his five fingers to a fist. Then, he shot it up ahead.

Then, a gaseous substance visible to the naked eye flew out from Chu Feng's fist. It was shooting straight toward the sky, toward the body of that Soul-devouring Beast.

When that gaseous substance collided with the body of the Soul-devouring Beast, a loud 'bang' was heard, and the Soul-devouring Beast's body actually shattered into pieces. The enormous body of the Soul-devouring Beast turned into a rain of blood that sprinkled down from the sky.


This scene was clearly seen by the people present.

At that moment, the crowd were all stunned. This was especially true for the Starfall Holy Land's disciples. Their mouths were wide open. Their exaggerated expressions clearly revealed how astonished they were.

Never ever would they have imagined that Chu Feng was actually this powerful.

That was the Soul-devouring Beast. That Soul-devouring Beast was something that not even Song Yunfei, who could fly in the sky and easily slice through a mountain, could contend against. He could only get thrashed and flee in disarray.

Chu Feng actually managed to defeat the Soul-devouring Beast with such a simple punch? In that case, exactly how enormous of a power did Chu Feng possess?

It turned out that the ruler of that place was simply not Song Yunfei or the Soul-devouring Beast. Rather, it was Chu Feng!!!

The Soul-devouring Beast's body turned into a rain of blood that sprinkled on the ground. However, when the blood reached the ground, they actually assimilated into the ground itself. There was no trace of blood on the ground at all.

In fact, even the black clouds in the sky dispersed along with the death of the Soul-devouring Beast. It was as if the Soul-devouring Beast had never been there at all.



Right at that moment, the sound of something falling onto the ground was heard. Following that, a scream was heard.

Turning around to look, bodies were actually falling from the nearby cliffs' peaks.

Those people were all the people that were climbing the cliffs earlier. They were the people that wanted to find the same sort of Bestowment Talisman as Song Yunfei.

As for those people, they were all thrown off the cliffs by a single person. As for that person, it was Song Yunfei.

"My, Brother Chu Feng is also here?"

"This is perfect. It's time to end this game," Song Yunfei said with a beaming smile on his face.

At that moment, many people wanted to speak out.

However, Song Yunfei simply did not present them the opportunity to speak.

"Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~"

Song Yunfei waved his sleeve, and his golden light blades started to scatter about in all directions. With rapid speed, they pierced into the bodies of the crowd.

Practically all of the people present were killed by that attack. Only a single person remained alive.

That person was Chu Feng.

Song Yunfei had killed everyone. Yet, he did not try to kill Chu Feng.

"Brother Song is truly amazing. However, since you’ve left only me alive, you must have something that you want to say to me, right?" Chu Feng asked.

"Brother Chu Feng is truly clever. Since you're a smart individual, I might as well speak frankly."

"From today on, keep your distance from my junior sister Xia."

Song Yunfei spoke to Chu Feng with his hands behind his back.

His words were very threatening. It was simply not a discussion, but rather a command.

Faced with that command, Chu Feng smiled lightly.

Then, he asked, "Why should I do as you say?"

"Why? You're asking me why?"

Hearing what Chu Feng said, Song Yunfei started to frown. Then, he actually burst into loud laughter.

"You actually dare to ask me that sort of question in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. Brother Chu Feng, it would appear that you do not know about the situation you're in."

"However, that's fine. I can explain it to you. All the people of the younger generation in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm who make an enemy out of me, Song Yunfei, will all end up suffering miserably," Song Yunfei narrowed his eyebrows and looked to Chu Feng with a very threatening gaze.

"Brother Song is truly confident. However, according to my knowledge, the ruler of the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm is the Chu Heavenly Clan, no?"

"Are you to say that if a Chu Heavenly Clan's younger generation is to offend you, they will also end up suffering miserably?" Chu Feng asked.

Hearing what Chu Feng said Song Yunfei's expression changed. Shortly after that, he asked, "You're from the Chu Heavenly Clan?"

"No," Chu Feng shook his head.

"In that case, you'd best listen obediently," Song Yunfei said.

"And if I refuse to listen?" Chu Feng asked.

"Heh..." Song Yunfei chuckled and smiled a very confident smile. He said, "In that case, the end that you will receive here will be the end that your actual body will receive in the future."

"Brother Song, what confident words you've said. Could it be that you feel that you're capable of killing me?" Chu Feng asked.

"Haha..." Song Yunfei laughed. it was a very loud and savage laughter.

"Killing you is as easy as pinching an ant to death for me," Song Yunfei said to Chu Feng.