Chapter 2848 - The Powerful Song Yunfei

Chapter 2848 - The Powerful Song Yunfei

“Chu Feng, did you memorize the contents of that map?” Her Lady Queen asked after the map completely dissipated.

The reason why Her Lady Queen was asking Chu Feng that question was because she was worried that she would disturb Chu Feng’s attention should she have asked him about it earlier.

“I’ve remembered it. Eggy, rest assured. I have remembered it very distinctively,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“In that case, do you think that map is real?”

“Will you really be able to find Exalted Archer’s Tomb by following that map?” Her Lady Queen asked.

She actually deeply hoped for that map to be real. After all, that Exalted Archer was an Exalted-level existence.

His tomb should contain many treasures. If Chu Feng was able to find his tomb, he would naturally be able to gain quite a harvest.

“I cannot be certain. However, I wish to give it a try,” Chu Feng said.

He was indeed uncertain. After all, he was only inside a game.

However, it was also true that it was a rare opportunity that had presented itself to him. As such, Chu Feng wanted to give it a try.

“In that case, do you plan to kill yourself now and end this game?” Her Lady Queen asked with a mischievous laugh.

“It would be too boring if I am to do that, no? I still wish to challenge that Soul-devouring Beast,” Chu Feng said.

“Challenge that Soul-devouring Beast? How are you to challenge it? Could it be that you plan to search for it?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“Finding it would be too troublesome of a task. It is better that I just summon it,” Chu Feng said.

“Summon it? How?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“My dear Eggy, have a close look at this stone table.”

The stone table Chu Feng spoke of was the stone table which the three boxes were placed on.

Should one look carefully at it, one would discover that there were actually characters and special runes on the stone table.

After Chu Feng took away the three boxes, the characters and runes had completely revealed themselves before Chu Feng.

It turned out that the table was actually a spell to summon the Soul-devouring Beast. As long as one chantsed the spell, the Soul-devouring Beast would be summoned to a designated location.

If one were to follow the small path between two cliff walls until one reached the end, the Soul-devouring Beast would be summoned there.

“Good going, Chu Feng. Never would I have expected your eyesight to be this fierce now. You actually managed to notice even this.”

Her Lady Queen was actually unable to contain herself from praising Chu Feng. She was wholly focused on the contents of the boxes, and hadn’t noticed that there were characters and runes on the stone table that the boxes were on.

“This spell is a bit complicated. I must study it carefully first.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he began to carefully study the spell.

Spells were different from world spirit techniques. They needed to be chanted in one breath.

However, Chu Feng was not familiar with this spell. He had to first use his experience as a world spiritist to study how to read this spell. Only after he successfully determined how to read it would he be able to successfully summon the Soul-devouring Beast.


Chu Feng had no idea that, during the time when he was meticulously studying the spell, practically all of the people that were still alive were all gathered in one place.

They were located in a ravine. All around the ravine were mountains. Between each pair of mountains was a small path.

Those people had all arrived there following the small paths.

As for that place, it was actually the place that the Soul-devouring Beast would be summoned to.

However, the people there evidently did not know how dangerous that place was. At that moment, everyone was chatting with one another in a friendly manner.

“This place is truly strange. We have clearly all taken different paths, yet we all ended up gathering here.”

“It would appear that this Everchanging Mystery Realm is even more powerful than we imagined it to be. This should be a very extraordinary spirit formation.”

At that moment, a figure walked out from a small path.

That person’s footsteps were very relaxed. There was also a joyous smile on his face.

That person was Song Yunfei.

“Senior brother Song, your body is actually emitting golden light?”

“Heavens, what is going on? Could that be the power of a Bestowment Talisman?”

Upon seeing Song Yunfei, the crowd’s expressions all changed. Practically all of the people that had reached that place had managed to obtain Bestowment Talismans that strengthened their bodies.

The great majority of them had obtained Rank Three Strength like Chu Feng did. However, even though their strength had increased, their appearance still resembled those of ordinary people. None of their bodies were shining like Song Yunfei’s body.

If they resembled ordinary people, then Song Yunfei resembled a god that had descended upon the mortal world. It was an extremely dazzling sight.

“I climbed to the top of the cliff and discovered a Bestowment Talisman by the name of Golden Aura Profound Technique.”

“That Bestowment Talisman gave me this power.”

As Song Yunfei spoke, he opened his palm. A golden light, like a golden flame, was spinning atop of his palm. In the end, that golden light took the form of a golden dagger.


Suddenly, Song Yunfei swung his arm, and the golden dagger was shot out of his palm.

After the golden dagger separated from his palm, it started to rapidly enlarge. In the blink of an eye, it became several tens of meters long. Then, the golden dagger pierced fiercely into the mountain range.


A loud sound was heard and thick smoke started to surge about. An enormous crack over a thousand meters in length actually appeared on the mountain. It was caused by the golden dagger.

“Heavens! Senior brother Song, that power is simply too strong, no?”

Upon seeing the power of the golden light, the crowd were all dumbstruck.

At that moment, they all realized how powerful Song Yunfei was. His power was simply something that they could not possibly contend against.

After being stunned for some time, the crowd all started rushing toward those mountains.

Since they knew that Song Yunfei had obtained his power from the top of the cliff, they also wanted to try their luck.

After all, they would only be able to contend against Song Yunfei should they obtain power identical to his own.

At the moment when the crowd started rushing toward the mountains, a cold smile emerged on Song Yunfei’s face.

At the moment when that cold smile appeared, the golden light that covered Song Yunfei’s body started to surge like raging flames. Furthermore, it began to spread rapidly. It was like a raging inferno rushing about on his body.

At the same time, a boundless killing intent was felt.

Song Yunfei was planning to kill everyone present.