Chapter 2849 - Challenging The Soul-devouring Beast

Chapter 2849 - Challenging The Soul-devouring Beast

“This sensation?”

When Song Yunfei unleashed his killing intent, everyone felt their hearts tense. Then, they all stood there in a stunned manner. No one dared to take another step onward.

Even though they had no idea where that killing intent was coming from, they were certain that it was a fatal sensation.

At that moment, the crowd subconsciously turned their gazes toward Song Yunfei.

After all, Song Yunfei was the only person among the crowd that possessed such power.

“What is that?!”

Once they turned to Song Yunfei, the crowd were once again stunned. The reason for that was because a vast amount of black clouds had actually appeared in the sky above. As the black clouds surged, they turned into a vortex.

Soon, a colossal monster descended from the center of that vortex of black clouds. And landed in the center of the open space.

“Heavens, that is the Soul-devouring Beast!”

Everyone was completely frightened upon seeing the Soul-devouring Beast. This was the first time that they’d seen the complete Soul-devouring Beast. It was even more frightening than they’d imagined.

“Why would it be here? Could it have come here to kill us?”

While they were terrified, there were also people among them that were puzzled by the appearance of the Soul-devouring Beast. They did not understand why the Soul-devouring Beast would appear there of all places. Furthermore, it had arrived so quickly. It could be said that there was no sign of its arrival at all. Right after the black clouds appeared, the Soul-devouring Beast immediately descended from them.

The crowd naturally did not know that the Soul-devouring Beast had been summoned there by Chu Feng.

If they knew, they would definitely curse out Chu Feng and all eighteen generations of his ancestors.

“Perfect timing. I just so happened to want to find you, you damned animal. Never would I have expected you to bring yourself to me instead.”

At the moment when the crowd were all terrified, Song Yunfei began to walk toward the Soul-devouring Beast while emitting an air of righteousness. He appeared to want to eliminate the beast for all living things.


The Soul-devouring Beast seemed capable of understanding Song Yunfei’s words.

After Song Yunfei said those words, the Soul-devouring Beast actually let out a roar. With rapid speed, it began to rush toward Song Yunfei.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Song Yunfei was already prepared for the incoming Soul-devouring Beast. Seeing the incoming Soul-devouring Beast, Song Yunfei turned his wrist forward and began rapidly thrust his palms back and forth nonstop.

In an instant, many golden swords began to fly out from Song Yunfei’s palms.

Once the swords flew out, they immediately started expanding in size. The largest of all the golden swords was actually as large as the Soul-devouring Beast itself.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

The next moment, the golden swords started to bombard the Soul-devouring Beast’s body.

As the golden swords bombarded the Soul-devouring Beast’s body, intense golden light started to scatter in all directions. Even the people that had managed to obtain the power of the Bestowment Talismans were blown back by the energy ripples.

“Senior brother Song is truly powerful. It would appear that the Soul-devouring Beast has met its match.”

Seeing that the Soul-devouring Beast was actually being completely beaten by Song Yunfei and was unable to even fight back, many of the Starfall Holy Land’s disciples started to praise Song Yunfei.

“Haha, what a delight. Although this is unrelated to winning, to be able to witness the Soul-devouring Beast being killed before my death would mean that my participation in this game was not in vain.”

Even disciples from other sects started to applaud Song Yunfei.

None of them actually attempted to seize the opportunity to escape and search for the Bestowment Talisman Song Yunfei had obtained. It was as if they were afraid that they would miss out on a great show. Thus all of them decided to stay and watch the battle.


At the moment when everyone felt that Song  Yunfei held completel dominance, that Soul-devouring Beast actually let out a roar.

That roar was very deafening to everyone present. They felt as if their heads were about to explode.

In fact, two of the weakest people among them started to bleed from all seven of their facial orifices. They screamed and twitched in pain, and then died. They were actually killed by that roar’s vibrations.

In fact, after the roar stopped, a small-scale sound wave was formed. That sound wave started to disperse in all directions, and actually scattered all of Song Yunfei’s attacks.

At the same time, the energy ripples that covered the Soul-devouring Beast were also dispersed by the sound wave.

Finally, that Soul-devouring Beast’s body reappeared before the crowd’s line of sight.

Upon seeing the Soul-devouring Beast, the crowd’s hearts all tensed up. Even though it was being ferociously attacked by Song Yunfei earlier, the Soul-devouring Beast was completely unscathed.


At the moment when the crowd was astonished, the Soul-devouring Beast opened its mouth.

After it opened its mouth, crimson gaseous flames began to shoot out from its mouth nonstop. They were all shooting toward Song Yunfei.


Faced with the incoming crimson gaseous flames, Song Yunfei did not panic. With a thought, he retracted his palms, and boundless golden light started to rush out from his body like flood water rushing out of a broken dam.

Then, the golden light formed a several hundred-meter-tall wall.

A wall this tall was simply akin to a small mountain. That small mountain blocked Song Yunfei.

However, when the crimson gaseous flames arrived, popping noises started to be heard.

That seemingly impregnable golden wall was actually being penetrated by the crimson gaseous flames emitted by the Soul-devouring Beast like a knife through tofu.

Seeing that the situation was bad, Song Yunfei had no choice but to evade with his body. However, the crimson gaseous flames were like a torrential rain. Their speed was extremely fast. After Song Yunfei managed to dodge several bouts of crimson gaseous flame, he was still struck on his left shoulder and left chest by two of them in succession.

Furthermore, both his shoulder and chest were directly pierced through.

“Damn it!”

After his body was pierced through, Song Yunfei revealed an expression of pain.

Then, he actually turned around and soared into the sky, flying toward the top of a nearby cliff.


However, that Soul-devouring Beast didn't seem to be planning to let Song Yunfei escape. As it roared, it too soared into the sky and started flying after Song Yunfei.

“Senior brother Song is amazing. He’s actually capable of flying. That speed, it’s at least as fast as a Martial Ancestor, no?”

After Song Yunfei escaped, the people from the Starfall Holy Land started to praise him once again.

“What use is there in being amazing? Wasn’t he still forced to escape by the Soul-devouring Beast?”

“It is no wonder that the rules warned us that we must escape from the Soul-devouring Beast. That Soul-devouring Beast truly cannot be defeated.”

At that moment, there was actually someone who spoke what they were thinking frankly.