Chapter 2847 - Exalted Archer’s Tomb

Chapter 2847 - Exalted Archer’s Tomb

Although Chu Feng was unable to use his spirit power, he was still a world spiritist. Thus, the foundation for searching for treasures still remained in his head.

As such, it could be said that it was extremely easy for Chu Feng to search for the entrance recorded on the map.

Like a monkey, Chu Feng began to climb the stone walls, searching for the entrance.

Soon, a joyous expression emerged in his eyes. Then, he actually stood motionlessly. Suddenly, Chu Feng bent his knee and stomped fiercely on the stone wall.


The next moment, like an arrow that was shot from a bow, Chu Feng started flying rapidly to the opposing stone wall.


Following that loud sound, crushed rocks began to scatter about, and thick smoke started rising.

Chu Feng’s entire body had entered that stone wall.

It turned out that there was actually a hidden place within the broken stone wall.

Chu Feng had entered a very deep cave.

The cave was originally very dark. However, after Chu Feng entered the cave, white light appeared on either side of the cave.

Those were special stones. They seemed to possess some sort of reactive ability that would awaken them should someone living enter their range, causing them to emit white light.

Although the light emitted by the stones was limited in intensity, there were a lot of such stones. Thus, they created enough light to completely brighten Chu Feng’s field of view.

Borrowing the light emitted by the special stones, Chu Feng continued onward, soon reaching the end of the cave.

Three boxes were placed at the end of the cave.

Chu Feng opened the first box. Within the box was a Bestowment Talisman.

“This Bestowment Talisman seems to be quite powerful,” Upon seeing the Bestowment Talisman, Her Lady Queen became wild with joy.

In fact, even Chu Feng grew excited. The moment he saw that Bestowment Talisman, Chu Feng knew that he had not journeyed in vain.

This Bestowment Talisman was emitting a lot of light. However, the light was not dazzling to the eyes. As such, Chu Feng was able to clearly see the two words written on the Bestowment Talisman: Pinnacle Strength.

Earlier, Chu Feng had pinched apart a Rank Three Strength Bestowment Talisman. With that, his body became extremely solid, and he was able to smash stone walls apart.

If he was to pinch apart this Pinnacle Strength Bestowment Talisman, one could very well imagine that Chu Feng would become even more powerful.

Without uttering a word, Chu Feng immediately picked up the Bestowment Talisman and pinched it apart.


After pinching the Bestowment Talisman, Chu Feng felt a warm current entering his body. Following that, his body started to transform.

“Chu Feng, how are you feeling?” Her Lady Queen asked curiously.

“I feel real good. I feel that… my current strength is sufficient enough to allow me to fight against the Soul-devouring Beast,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re serious?” Her Lady Queen revealed a doubtful gaze.

Even though she had also guessed that the Pinnacle Strength Bestowment Talisman would make Chu Feng very powerful, she had never imagined that Chu Feng would be able to contend against the Soul-devouring Beast.

Even though she was unable to sense the power of the Soul-devouring Beast, Her Lady Queen was able to, through seeing the appearance of the Soul-devouring Beast, guess how powerful the Soul-devouring Beast was. That Soul-devouring Beast was an existence on a different level.

Even if they were to measure the strength of that Soul-devouring Beast in terms of cultivation, then that Soul-devouring Beast should possess a very frightening level of cultivation.

Thus, when Chu Feng declared that he was able to contend against the Soul-devouring Beast, Her Lady Queen immediately felt that Chu Feng was either toying with her or boasting.

“Eggy, there is a foundation for my confidence. It is that Bestowment Talisman that gave me such confidence.”

“After obtaining that Bestowment Talisman, I feel that my attack power is now unparalleled in this Everchanging Mystery Realm,” Chu Feng said.

“That Pinnacle Strength Bestowment Talisman gave you that sort of confident feeling?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“That’s right, that’s it,” Chu Feng said.

“Haha, it’s actually that miraculous. In that case, that Immortal Technique with Xia Yun’er’s kiss mark would be in your grasp, no?”

After confirming it with Chu Feng, Her Lady Queen grew even more excited.

“Although this Pinnacle Strength Bestowment Talisman has given me enormous power, my body remains at the level of Rank Three Strength,” Chu Feng said.

“In other words, only your power has increased?”

Her Lady Queen felt very disappointed. She had originally thought that Chu Feng had obtained an unequalled body. However, judging from things now, that was not the case. Chu Feng had only obtained pinnacle power, but his physical body had not changed.

In other words, while Chu Feng possessed astonishing attack power, his body was relatively weak by comparison.

If he was to be sneak attacked or carelessly struck by an opponent with powerful strength, it would still be fatal.

“It’s alright, I will be careful. I will not give others the chance to kill me.”

Chu Feng knew what Her Lady Queen was worried about. Thus, he spoke to comfort her.

“Check out the second box,” Her Lady Queen urged.

Chu Feng opened the second box. Upon opening it, he discovered that there was another Bestowment Talisman in it.

Upon seeing that Bestowment Talisman, both Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen became extremely excited.

The reason for that was because this Bestowment Talisman was different from the one from the first box.

This Bestowment Talisman was called Fate-determining Death.

Apart from the name that was on the Bestowment Talisman, there were several sentences on the box.

Those sentences served to explain the usage of that Bestowment Talisman.

They roughly told Chu Feng that as long as he obtained the power of that Fate-determining Death’s power, Chu Feng would pretty much become the victor of this game.

The reason for that was because the Fate-determining Death’s Bestowment Talisman was very special. As long as Chu Feng died, the game would end.

Regardless of whether Chu Feng killed himself, was killed by the Soul-devouring Beast or killed by another participant, it would not matter at all.

As long as Chu Feng died, the game would come to an end.

Furthermore, regardless of how Chu Feng died, he would remain the final victor.

In other words, as long as Chu Feng obtained the power of this Bestowment Talisman, he would practically be the victor of the game.

Chu Feng was afraid that something unexpected might happen. Thus, he immediately pinched the Fate-determining Death Bestowment Talisman in his hand.

After he pinched apart it, the Fate-determining Death Bestowment Talisman turned into a special power that assimilated with Chu Feng’s body.

“It’s all settled now. As long as you die, you will win the game. With this, others simply have no means of winning.”

“Haha, I am growing more and more expectant as to exactly what will be in this third box,” Her Lady Queen said.

It was not only Her Lady Queen who was looking forward to it. Chu Feng himself was also looking forward to it.

The first box had bestowed Chu Feng with the power to defeat the Soul-devouring Beast.

The second box guaranteed that Chu Feng would win the game should he die.

In that case, what would be hidden in the third box?

Chu Feng opened the third box. Immediately, light emerged from the box. The light practically filled the entire cave. That light was simply too dazzling, so dazzling that they were akin to sharp blades piercing into Chu Feng’s eyes.

Even though Chu Feng possessed a body that could smash stones apart, he was still forced to move back repeatedly before such an intense light. He did not dare to open his eyes.

The intense light persisted for a long while before starting to slowly grow weaker.

When the intensity of the light grew much weaker, Chu Feng finally managed to open his eyes. He looked to that light once again.

At that moment, Chu Feng was finally able to clearly see exactly what that light was.

“That is?”

After seeing it clearly, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously. Disbelief and astonishment filled his eyes.

It turned out that the source of the light was actually a map.

That map was drawn using a special power. That was the reason why it let out such a dazzling light.

As the light started to weaken, the map also started to dissipate. However, before the map dissipated, Chu Feng had already remembered it in his heart.

Because he had remembered the map in his heart, Chu Feng knew the name of the map.

The name of the map was...

… Exalted Archer’s Tomb!!!