Chapter 2846 - Chu Feng’s Path

Chapter 2846 - Chu Feng’s Path

The Soul-devouring Beast was roughly eighty meters in length.

Its entire body was pitch-black, and covered with scales. It had a snake’s head, a leopard’s body, and a tiger’s claws.

Furthermore, not only did it have eight legs, but a pair of bat wings were also emerging from its back.

Those wings reached a hundred meters across when extended.

Furthermore, as the scales covering its body were all black, the Soul-devouring Beast gave Chu Feng a fierce and ruthless sensation, but also a somewhat strange feeling.

That being said, Chu Feng’s attention was mostly focused on the map-like pattern on the Soul-devouring Beast’s body.

After the Soul-devouring Beast descended from the sky, it did not immediately start to move. Instead, it stood where it was and slowly rotated. Most importantly of all, that Soul-devouring Beast had its eyes closed when it made that turn. It was as if it were deliberately allowing everyone to see the pattern on its body.

Unfortunately, everyone had already escaped. Chu Feng was the only one to witness this scene.


Suddenly, the Soul-devouring Beast opened its eyes.

A dark green light emerged from its eyes.

At the moment when the Soul-devouring Beast opened its eyes, Chu Feng felt waves of frightening aura. It caused his blood to run cold and his hair to stand on end.

Even though he was without martial power and unable to use any martial skills, Chu Feng was still able to ascertain that the sensation he felt was killing intent.


The next moment, the Soul-devouring Beast let out a roar. That roar was so ear-piercing that it caused Chu Feng’s ears to buzz nonstop, and turned him momentarily deaf.

It took a while until his hearing started to gradually return.

“Chu Feng, did you manage to see it clearly?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“I did,” Chu Feng replied.

“If you did, then why aren’t you escaping?” Her Lady Queen urged.

At that moment, Chu Feng stopped his hesitation. He turned around and began to rapidly run toward the thick clouds.

The reason for that was because the Soul-devouring Beast had awakened. Likely, it would start to unleash a massacre at that moment.


Right when Chu Feng was about to reach the clouds, he suddenly heard an incomparably miserable scream.

Chu Feng knew that someone had encountered misfortune. Merely, everyone had decided to take different paths to escape. Thus, how could one encounter misfortune so quickly?

Subconsciously, Chu Feng turned around and took a glance at the mountain peak.

Upon looking, Chu Feng started to frown.

The Soul-devouring Beast had disappeared. This meant that… the person that let out that scream earlier might’ve done so because he or she had encountered the Soul-devouring Beast.

The speed of that Soul-devouring Beast was simply too fast. Furthermore, it was actually completely silent when it moved. There was no sign of its movement, and one could not sense its arrival at all either.


Soon, another scream was heard. That scream came from a completely different direction.

“Chu Feng, quickly, run! That Soul-devouring Beast is an existence with martial power. As for you, you’re only an ordinary person now. If it wanted to kill you, you would not know how you died,” Her Lady Queen urged.

At that moment, Chu Feng also fully realized how enormous the disparity between an ordinary person and an existence with martial power was.

Thus, Chu Feng no longer turned around to look, and instead began to run toward the thick clouds with his fastest speed.

As he ran, he continuously heard screams.

Those screams would all only sound once before stopping. However, this meant that the people that screamed had been met with misfortune.

Thus, Chu Feng knew that, in addition to Ren Xiaoyao that he had tossed down the cliff, at least nine other people had died.

The reason why Chu Feng was unable to be certain about the exact number was because he had greatly distanced himself from the mountain peak now. Thus, even if more people ended up dying, Chu Feng would not be able to hear their screams.

After all, Chu Feng was at that moment only an ordinary person. Both his strength and hearing were extremely weak.

Chu Feng continued to follow the chain bridge. Soon, he arrived between two mountains.

The reason why Chu Feng was said to have arrived between two mountains was because there were cliffs and rock faces on either side of him.

The cliffs were very steep and straight. They lead directly to the blue sky. As an ordinary person, when faced with the sleek walls of the cliffs, one simply would not be able to climb them.

Because of the cliffs on either side, Chu Feng only had two paths that he could take: go forward or go backward.

Going backward would mean that he would return to the chain bridge, return to the mountain peak.

Thus, the only path left for Chu Feng would be the path forward.

As Chu Feng continued onward, the cliffs on either side gradually became more moderate. Cracks and chinks appeared in the walls. Furthermore, trees were also emerging from the cliffs. Those trees extending out from the cliffs seemed like they could be helpful for climbing.

“Eggy, did you see that?”

Chu Feng raised his head and stared at a location above.

“I do. I think that should be the so-called Bestowment Talisman, no?” Eggy said.

Although they were uncertain as to what it was, there was a flickering light on a tree on the cliff.

The light was not very dazzling. However, it was enough to cause Chu Feng to take note of it.

I think that’s the case,” As Chu Feng spoke, he grabbed onto a crack on the wall and began to carefully climb the cliff.

“Be careful. It’s very high up. If you are to fall down, you will fall to your death,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Rest assured, with my agility, even if I only have the body and power of an ordinary person now, climbing a wall like this should not pose a problem to me,” Chu Feng said confidently.

Chu Feng did indeed possess the capability to be confident. If it were someone else, even if they possessed the stamina to climb such a cliff, their techniques might not necessarily be sufficient.

However, Chu Feng was someone who possessed superb techniques. Thus, even though that Bestowment Talisman was located very high up, Chu Feng merely gasped slightly upon climbing up to it.

“Sure enough, it’s a Bestowment Talisman.”

Chu Feng revealed a joyous expression as he carefully picked up the Bestowment Talisman.

The Bestowment Talisman resembled an ordinary spirit formation talisman. However, apart from the spirit formation patterns and symbols, three words were written on the Bestowment Talisman.

Rank Three Strength.

Chu Feng broke the Bestowment Talisman. Immediately, he felt a burst of power entering his body.

The next moment, Chu Feng felt as if all of his muscles had transformed. He had become much more powerful. Even his body became incomparably hard.


Suddenly, Chu Feng shot forth a punch. His fist actually struck deep into the stone wall.

Then, Chu Feng formed a claw with his other hand and grabbed at the rock wall.


Crushed rocks scattered about in the air. Chu Feng’s fingers had actually managed to pierce the stone wall.

“Sure enough, this Bestowment Talisman is useful. It will be able to help me find the map’s entrance,” Chu Feng said.

“Map’s entrance? Are you talking about the map that you saw on the Soul-devouring Beast’s body?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“Precisely. Eggy, look carefully at the pattern on this stone wall,” Chu Feng pointed to the wall across from him.

Once Her Lady Queen looked at it, she immediately revealed a cheerful look. Even though it was difficult to make out any clue from a single glance, she was able to tell that the opposing stone wall was indeed somewhat similar to the map on the Soul-devouring Beast’s body.

“Chu Feng, if you are to find the map’s entrance, will you be able to obtain some sort of harvest from it?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“I do not know if it will be fortune or a misfortune. However, since I know about this hidden path, I must investigate it,” After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng suddenly jumped up.

Like a flying monkey, he began to rapidly gallop about the stone wall.

After obtaining the Strength Talisman, leaping a high distance was a piece of cake for him. In fact, even if he were to fall from a very high place, he might not necessarily fall to his death. After all, his physical body was now so tough that it could crush the stone wall without any damage to himself.

If Chu Feng were to encounter others in such a state, killing them would be as easy as crushing ants to death.

However, Chu Feng was evidently not satisfied with his current strength.

After all, his opponents were all extraordinary individuals themselves. Since he was able to find a Bestowment Talisman, the others were most definitely capable of finding them too.

If Chu Feng wanted to obtain victory, he could not purely seek Bestowment Talismans. Instead, he must search for an alternative route.

The map on the Soul-devouring Beast’s body was the path that Chu Feng needed to take.