Chapter 2841 - The Appearance Of Anger

Chapter 2841 - The Appearance Of Anger

Ren Xiaoyao felt extremely unreconciled. He felt as if his reputation had been ruined.

Thus, even though he knew that he had lost to Chu Feng, he was still unwilling to accept it.

Because of that, he continued to stare at the Seven-colored Pearls the entire time. He continued to stare at the Seven-colored Pearls until they dissipated. After that, he was actually staring at the table.

“Brother Xiaoyao, you don’t have to continue staring at it anymore. No matter how long you stare at it, it will still be my victory,” Chu Feng said.

“There’s no need for you to remind me. I, Ren Xiaoyao, am not someone who cannot afford to lose. Take them.”

With a grin of dissatisfaction on his face, Ren Xiaoyao waved his sleeve. Then, the small hill of treasures behind him uniformly soared into the sky. In the end, they all landed behind Chu Feng.

"Do you dare to continue?" Ren Xiaoyao asked.

"How do you wish to gamble?" Chu Feng asked.

"Everything behind you and that Immortal Armament on the table," Ren Xiaoyao said.

"Heh..." Chu Feng chuckled. Then, he said, "What are you going to use as your gambling stake?"

"These should be fine, no?" Ren Xiaoyao waved his sleeve and streaked his palm across his Cosmos Sack.



Two sounds!!

Ren Xiaoyao actually slammed two silvery glimmering spears onto the table.

The two spears were both silver, and had the same length and appearance. Even the auras they were emitting were identical to one another.

They were a pair of weapons. However, they were not ordinary weapons. Instead, they were two Immortal Armaments.

A pair of Immortal Armaments. Their value would generally be a bit greater than two ordinary Immortal Armaments combined.

At that moment, the crowd started to look to one another. They were actually even more excited.

The gamble between Chu Feng and Ren Xiaoyao had become extremely interesting at this point.

With a smile on his face, Chu Feng asked "Are you certain?" with the same tone that Ren Xiaoyao had used to question him earlier.

"Of course," Ren Xiaoyao said.

"Very well, let's continue then," Chu Feng said.



Ren Xiaoyao and Chu Feng raised their Seven-colored Goblets and began to shake them simultaneously. However, this time around, the way the two of them shook their Seven-colored Goblets was completely different.

Their motions were both very fast and very sharp. Merely by looking at their actions, one would feel that they were using extremely extraordinary techniques.



In merely a short moment, both Chu Feng and Ren Xiaoyao actually slammed their Seven-colored Goblets onto the table simultaneously.

Seeing that Chu Feng's actions were actually so similar in timing to his own, Ren Xiaoyao started to frown. However, he soon held the Seven-colored Goblet in his hand tighter and started to smile. He said to Chu Feng, "Chu Feng, your luck has come to an end now."

After he finished saying those words, Ren Xiaoyao raised his Seven-colored Goblet.

The next moment, Seven-colored Pearls began to roll out from the Seven-colored Goblet. There were actually a total of thirteen pearls.

Not only had Ren Xiaoyao surpassed the record of elven Seven-colored Pearls set by Chu Feng earlier, but he had even managed to obtain two more Seven-colored Pearls than Chu Feng.

"Thirteen pearls, that many?!"

"It would appear that Ren Xiaoyao is truly serious."

Upon seeing the thirteen Seven-colored Pearls, the crowd realized that Ren Xiaoyao was merely playing around earlier. That was the reason why his best performance earlier was merely ten Seven-colored Pearls.

However, he had now managed to so easily produce thirteen Seven-colored Pearls. This was sufficient to prove that he had not gone all-out against Chu Feng earlier, that his current performance was his real ability.

"Chu Feng, it's time to accept fate. It is my victory this time around," Ren Xiaoyao said to Chu Feng.

The current Ren Xiaoyao was extremely confident. He was acting as if the outcome of the match was already decided.

"Is that so?"

However, Chu Feng smiled profoundly. He was also emitting absolute confidence in his smile.


While brimming with smiles, Chu Feng raised his Seven-colored Goblet.

"Heavens, this is?!!!"

At that moment, many people's eyes were wide open. Chu Feng had once again astonished the crowd.

The reason for that was because there were a total of thirty-three Seven-colored Pearls on Chu Feng's side of the table.

Chu Feng had actually managed to produce twenty more Seven-colored Pearls than Ren Xiaoyao.

"Impossible! This is impossible!"

Ren Xiaoyao started to scream hysterically. He was unable to contain himself anymore. He pointed to Chu Feng and said, "Chu Feng, you're cheating! It's impossible for the Seven-colored Goblet to produce so many Seven-colored Pearls!"

"That's right, how could the Seven-colored Goblet produce so many Seven-colored Pearls?"

Many others present also began to suspect Chu Feng.

To produce ten Seven-colored Pearls earlier was already extremely astonishing. Yet now, Chu Feng actually managed to so casually produce thirty-three Seven-colored Pearls. This was truly difficult to accept.

This sort of enormous leap was truly difficult to believe.

"Cheating?" Chu Feng smiled. Then, he said, "In that case, watch carefully. See if I, Chu Feng, am really cheating or not."

As Chu Feng spoke, he once again began to shake the Seven-colored Goblet he held in his hand. At that moment, practically everyone was focused on the Seven-colored Goblet held in Chu Feng's hand. Even Song Yunfei and Jian Wuqing were no exception.

They seemed to all want to see if Chu Feng was really cheating.

After all, it was truly a bit too unimaginable for Chu Feng to be able to produce so many Seven-colored Pearls at once.

Chu Feng was not at all affected by the crowd’s supervision. He remained extremely calm and relaxed.

In fact, he even turned to ask Xia Yun’er while shaking the Seven-colored Goblet, “Miss Xia, how many Seven-colored Pearls do you think I can produce this time around?”

“I wouldn’t know the exact amount. However, I hope that young master Chu Feng will be able to produce a hundred Seven-colored Pearls,” Xia Yun’er replied with a beaming smile.

“Very well.”

Chu Feng smiled confidently. Then, he continued to shake the Seven-colored Goblet some more. After that, with a ‘paa,’ he slammed the Seven-colored Goblet onto the table.


At that moment, when Chu Feng lifted the Seven-colored Goblet from the table again, the Seven-colored Pearls began to flow out from the Seven-colored Goblet like an unending stream of water.

As the Seven-colored Pearls continued to roll out from the Seven-colored Goblet, even these geniuses were stunned.

The reason for that was because the amount of Seven-colored Pearls that rolled out from the Seven-colored Goblet was precisely a hundred.

Chu Feng actually managed to produce the exact amount of Seven-colored Pearls that Xia Yun’er wanted him to produce.

This meant that Chu Feng had mastered the Seven-colored Goblet. His mastery was so high that he was able to produce as many Seven-colored Pearls as he wanted.

With this, how could the crowd not be astonished?

“What’s impossible for you isn't necessarily impossible for me.”

“Brother Xiaoyao, I’ll leave you these words. If you want to use a toy like this to fool around, it would be best for you to master it first. Do not come out to flaunt your talent after grasping only the basics.”

“Otherwise, what happened here today might repeat itself,” Chu Feng said to Ren Xiaoyao with a beaming smile on his face.

The mockery within Chu Feng’s words were completely obvious.


Ren Xiaoyao’s complexion turned ashen. His eyes were filled with burning anger as he looked to Chu Feng. However… he was actually at a loss for words.

The reason for that was because he had been carefully watching Chu Feng as he shook the Seven-colored Goblet.

In the end, he had actually discovered that Chu Feng had not cheated. He had really managed to produce a hundred Seven-colored Pearls through shaking the Seven-colored Goblet.

This was something that would forever be impossible for him.

He was truly defeated by Chu Feng.

“Brother Chu Feng is truly amazing. It would appear that you’ve already grasped the method of using the Seven-colored Goblet,” At that moment, even the Starfall Holy Land’s Holy Son, the Demon-level Geniuses List’s third ranked Song Yunfei, started to applaud Chu Feng.

Following that, many others present also started to applaud Chu Feng. They were all acknowledging Chu Feng’s performance.

Even Jian Wuqing, who was always cold and indifferent to everything, was clapping his hands for Chu Feng. In fact, a rare smile was even present on his face.

Following the applause was naturally all sorts of praise.

As the crowd praised Chu Feng, Ren Xiaoyao’s expression became even uglier.

He was feeling extremely sullen. Originally, he had wanted to step on Chu Feng before Xia Yun’er so as to show how amazing he was.

However, never would he have expected that he would be the one to be trampled upon by Chu Feng. He could be said to have been completely humiliated.

“Ren Xiaoyao, what is the meaning of this face of yours? Could it be that you’re planning to act like a sore loser?” Jian Wuqing said to Ren Xiaoyao.

“Sore loser? I, Ren Xiaoyao, am never a sore loser. It’s merely two Immortal Armaments. I, Ren Xiaoyao, do not care about them. Take them,” Ren Xiaoyao tossed the two Immortal Armaments on his side of the table before him toward Chu Feng.

Although Ren Xiaoyao was saying that they did not matter to him, the twitching of his face revealed how the pain he was truly feeling.

“Brother Xiaoyao, it would seem that you’ve truly been defeated miserably this time around,” A man who seemed to be very familiar with Ren Xiaoyao walked over to him.

“Defeated? How? He merely won against me twice, whereas I, Ren Xiaoyao, won against him over a hundred times,” Ren Xiaoyao said in a manner of refusing to admit defeat.

“Heh…” Hearing those words, Chu Feng chuckled. He revealed a very profound smile on his face.

“What are you laughing about?! Was what I said not the truth?!” Ren Xiaoyao shouted at Chu Feng while pointing at him.

At that moment, Ren Xiaoyao was somewhat incapable of controlling his emotions. He was completely displaying his dissatisfaction toward Chu Feng.

Chu Feng’s expression remained unchanged facing such an irritable Ren Xiaoyao. He looked to Ren Xiaoyao and said, “Brother Xiaoyao, did you know that I taught Han Yu and the others a principle while fighting against them. That is, there is never too much deception in war.”

“I would appear that I will have to pass this principle on to you today as well.”