Chapter 2842 - Ten Thousand Arrows Soulbreaker

Chapter 2842 - Ten Thousand Arrows Soulbreaker

“Motherfucker! You dare insult me?! You’re courting death!”

Being publicly insulted by Chu Feng, Ren Xiaoyao was immediately furious. He abruptly unleashed his oppressive might toward Chu Feng to attack him.

Even though Ren Xiaoyao was not trying to kill Chu Feng, it remained that he had directly unleashed an attack at Chu Feng.


However, before Ren Xiaoyao’s oppressive might could even reach Chu Feng, it was blocked by an even more powerful oppressive might.

It was Song Yunfei. It was Song Yunfei’s oppressive might that blocked Ren Xiaoyao’s oppressive might.

At that moment, Song Yunfei’s oppressive might had practically flooded the entire space.

It was not only Ren Xiaoyao; practically everyone present was able to sense Song Yunfei’s powerful oppressive might.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s heart moved. After sensing Song Yunfei’s oppressive might, Chu Feng knew that he was absolutely no match for Song Yunfei.

However, precisely because of that, Chu Feng realized that Song Yunfei did not unleash his oppressive might merely to help him.

If that were the case, there was no need for him to let everyone, including Chu Feng, sense his oppressive might.

As for why Song Yunfei was doing this, it was actually very simple. He was manifesting his power.

Song Yunfei wanted everyone present to know that he, Song Yunfei, was the ruler of that place.

Without permission from him, Song Yunfei, no one was allowed to behave atrociously there.

“Brother Xiaoyao, it is merely a game. If you are to take the game that seriously, it will be unbefitting of your status.”

Song Yunfei said those words while staring at Ren Xiaoyao. He was speaking very calmly. However, his eyes were very sharp.

As for Ren Xiaoyao, even though he was feeling extremely unreconciled, he regained his calm and retrieved his oppressive might upon seeing Song Yunfei’s sharp eyes. At the same time, he stopped saying anything.

At that moment, the cave became extremely quiet. No one was saying anything anymore. This made the atmosphere a bit awkward.

Only Chu Feng was reacting as if he was not affected at all, and began to put away all of the treasures he had obtained from Ren Xiaoyao into his Cosmos Sack. This included the pair of Immortal Armaments.

“Brother Xiaoyao, my thanks,” After putting the Immortal Armaments away, Chu Feng clasped his fist at Ren Xiaoyao.

Chu Feng’s action seemed to be courteous. However, everyone could tell that he was deliberately angering him.

Sure enough, once Chu Feng said those words, Ren Xiaoyao became so furious that his veins started bulging. However, in the end, he did not erupt. Instead, he stared fiercely at Chu Feng, let out a humph and turned around.

Seeing that Ren Xiaoyao had actually swallowed his anger and humiliation, Chu Feng became even more pleased. He felt somewhat relaxed.

After all, it was Ren Xiaoyao who decided to deliberately make things difficult for him in a completely uncalled-for manner. Ren Xiaoyao could be said to have suffered the consequences of his own actions. This served him right.

Furthermore, Chu Feng knew that it was most definitely not only Ren Xiaoyao that looked down on him among the crowd there.

Thus, Chu Feng picked up the Seven-colored Goblet again and swept his eyes across the crowd. “Is anyone else willing to play this game with me?”

“Brother Chu Feng, please don’t mess with us. You’ve already grasped the mystery of the Seven-colored Goblet. You were even able to produce a hundred Seven-colored Pearls. How could we possibly be a match for you?”

Many people started to smile wryly once Chu Feng asked that question.

They had realized how formidable of a person Chu Feng was.

Not mentioning anything else, merely Chu Feng’s comprehension ability was absolutely not something that they could compare to.

“Mentioning games, I actually have something fun here. Might everyone be interested in trying it out?” Right at that moment, Xia Yun’er suddenly spoke.

“Oh? Miss Xia has a fun game? What sort of game is it? How do we play it? Tell us about it.”

Xia Yun’er was, after all, a major beauty. Furthermore, it was mostly men there. Thus, once she said those words, the men immediately rushed toward her to strike up a conversation with her. It was as if they had discovered an opportunity to get close to her.

Even Ren Xiaoyao, who was so enraged by Chu Feng that his complexion had turned ashen and his veins started bulging; also immediately rushed toward Xia Yun’er and revealed a smile on his face.

“Has everyone heard of the Everchanging Mystery Realm?” Xia Yun’er asked.

“Everchanging Mystery Realm?”

Hearing those words, the great majority of people present reacted in the same manner as Chu Feng; they were all confused.

As for Ren Xiaoyao, his eyes brightened up. He hurried said, “I know of the Everchanging Mystery Realm.”

“Brother Xiaoyao, you really know it?” Someone asked.

“How could I lie?” Ren Xiaoyao straightened his back and revealed a proud expression.

“In that case, exactly what is it?” Someone asked.

“That’s a long story. When speaking of it, we will have to begin fifty thousand years ago.”

“According to legend, an expert appeared in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm fifty thousand years ago. That person was known as Exalted Pleasures.”

“Exalted Pleasures was an extremely talented individual. Not only was his talent in martial cultivation something others could not compare to, but he also possessed extremely high attainments in terms of his world spirit techniques. However, he was an oddity among martial cultivators.”

“If others possessed the talent for martial cultivation that Exalted Pleasures did, they would definitely concentrate wholly on martial cultivation. If not, they would definitely study their world spirit techniques meticulously.”

“Exalted Pleasures didn’t do either. All day long, he would be engrossed with the various pleasures of the world. When he found a place that he enjoyed, he would never get tired of it. No matter how others tried to urge him, it would all be useless. The reason for that was because that was his life’s pursuit.”

“What he sought was not to reach an unsurpassed level on the path of martial cultivation. Rather, he wanted to follow his heart’s desire and enjoy the pleasures of life.”

“In fact, his lifelong desire was to create an everchanging entertainment treasure.”

“Because of that, he spent meticulous effort on the matter. In the end, he managed to create that treasure at his death’s door.”

“That treasure was capable of allowing one’s spirit power to enter the world within the treasure. After entering it, everything would be arranged by the treasure. One’s original cultivation could be lost, and one’s gender might even be changed.”

“Furthermore, as it was only one’s spirit power that would enter the treasure, one’s actual body will not be affected. Even if one were to be killed in that treasure, one’s body would not have the slightest bit of injury upon exiting the treasure.”

“Most importantly, practically every time one entered the treasure, one would be placed in a different sort of arrangement.”

“As for that treasure, it is called the Everchanging Mystery Realm.”

“Although that Everchanging Mystery Realm is not a protective treasure or an offensive treasure, it is a treasure with considerable value. After all, it was an everchanging treasure.”

“Could it be… Miss Xia, you have the Everchanging Mystery Realm?” Ren Xiaoyao asked Xia Yun’er.

“What a coincidence. Indeed, I have obtained the Everchanging Mystery Realm by chance,” As Xia Yun’er spoke, she took out a small stone box.

Judging from the surface, that stone box was only the size of a egg, and did not seem to be special at all.

However, should one use special observation methods to observe the stone box, one would discover that one would not be able to see through the seemingly ordinary stone box.

“That is the Everchanging Mystery Realm?”

The crowd began to carefully inspect the stone box Xia Yun’er held in her hand. Even though they were unable to see through it, they still wanted to see if they could discover the mystery of the Everchanging Mystery Realm.

“Indeed, this is the Everchanging Mystery Realm. Might everyone be interested in trying it out?”

“Of course, since we have all gathered here by fate, we must put forth a reward even if it’s just a game for passing time.”

“If someone is able to obtain first place in the game presented by the Everchanging Mystery Realm, I, Xia Yun’er, am willing to give this item to that person.”

As Xia Yun’er spoke, she took out a roll of bamboo slips.

Upon seeing the roll of bamboo slips, the expressions of the crowd all changed. Even Chu Feng was no exception.

The reason for that was because there were eight large golden characters written on the roll of bamboo slips.

Rank Three Immortal Technique: Ten Thousand Arrows Soulbreaker.