Chapter 2840 - Gambling With Immortal Armament

Chapter 2840 - Gambling With Immortal Armament

“You’re planning to continue?”

Once Chu Feng said those words, many people revealed astonished expressions.

“Very well.”

Ren Xiaoyao accepted the challenge without any hesitation. With a smile on his face, he took out a treasure with a value identical to Chu Feng’s treasure. With that, the two of them began their second round of gambling.

Chu Feng was still using the same method in the second round; he was still imitating Ren Xiaoyao.

The result this time around was exactly the same. Chu Feng was once again defeated by Ren Xiaoyao.

"Brother Chu Feng, thanks for the gift."

With a smile on his face, Ren Xiaoyao retrieved Chu Feng's treasure.


Chu Feng did not admit defeat. He once again took out a treasure and placed it on the table.

However, he was once again defeated by Ren Xiaoyao.







Chu Feng suffered miserable defeats in succession. However, he insisted on continuing to gamble, and began to put forth better gambling stakes. He had no desire to concede at all.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Feng had lost over a hundred treasures to Ren Xiaoyao.

Truth be told, Chu Feng had lost practically all of his most valuable treasures to Ren Xiaoyao by this point.

"Haha, brother Chu Feng is truly a forthright person. You’ve actually gifted me so many treasures for free. I am starting to feel apologetic for accepting them."

Ren Xiaoyao had placed all of the treasures that he had won from Chu Feng and the treasures that he himself had taken out as gambling stakes from the very start behind him.

At that moment, the treasures that were all emitting light had formed a little two-meter-tall hill behind Ren Xiaoyao. It was a truly dazzling sight.

With a beaming smile, Ren Xiaoyao asked Chu Feng, "Brother Chu Feng, say, did you rely on luck to win against Han Yu and the others? Or could it be that I, Ren Xiaoyao, am better at gambling than you?" 

His words were filled with mockery and scorn.

"I've heard of a phrase before," Chu Feng said.

"What phrase?" Ren Xiaoyao asked.

"On the gambling table, the one to win first is known as... paper, while the one to win after is known as... money," Chu Feng said.

"Haha. Brother Chu Feng, could it be that you're still planning to continue gambling with me?" Ren Xiaoyao started to laugh out loud mockingly.

"Of course I'll continue. This time around, we might as well make the gambling stakes larger," Chu Feng said.

"Larger? How do you wish to make them larger?" Ren Xiaoyao asked.

"I want everything behind you," Chu Feng pointed to the pile of treasures behind Ren Xiaoyao.

"The treasures behind me are each valuable treasures by themselves. When placed together, their value is quite high. What do you plan to use to bet against them?" Ren Xiaoyao asked.

"This should do, no?" As Chu Feng spoke, he took out an item from his Cosmos Sack and placed it on the table.

Upon seeing the item Chu Feng had placed on the table, not only did Ren Xiaoyao's expression change, but even the surrounding crowd were astonished.

The reason for that was because the item that Chu Feng took out was the Immortal Armament he obtained from the Immortal Armament Villa, the Darkstone Dagger.

"Has this Chu Feng gone insane? He has gambled against Ren Xiaoyao so many times without winning a single time. Yet, he actually took out an Immortal Armament as the gambling stake. Is he so overly rich that he does not take Immortal Armaments as anything serious, or could it be that he has become addicted to gambling, and is dreaming that he will be able to defeat Ren Xiaoyao with luck?"

"Too reckless, that Chu Feng is simply too reckless. Never would I have imagined that he is actually someone who would let his emotions affect his judgement like this. He is simply blind."

At that moment, many of the surrounding people were unable to contain themselves, and began to either send voice transmissions or whisper to one another. They were all discussing Chu Feng.

They felt that Chu Feng’s decision was truly unwise.

They were deeply disappointed by Chu Feng, and had a whole new impression of him.

According to the rumors, although Chu Feng was a very despotic person, he was also very smart. Otherwise, Han Yu wouldn’t have been defeated by him.

However, the current Chu Feng was simply not smart at all. He could no longer be described as foolish. Rather, he was extremely foolish. He was simply giving all of his treasures to Ren Xiaoyao for free.

“Brother Chu Feng, are you serious?” Ren Xiaoyao used a doubtful gaze to look at Chu Feng. He seemed to not believe that Chu Feng would actually bet an Immortal Armament against him.

“Brother Xiaoyao, do I look like I’m joking with you?” Chu Feng asked.

“Haha, how can you still be this confident? Did you really think that you can win against me?” Ren Xiaoyao asked.

Although Chu Feng had never won once the entire time, there was not the slightest trace of panic or depression on Chu Feng’s face. Instead, he had been confident the entire time.

That confident expression on Chu Feng’s face seemed to be stating that the loser was Ren Xiaoyao, and not him.

Truth be told, Ren Xiaoyao was extremely displeased by Chu Feng’s reaction.

After all, he was trying to crush Chu Feng’s spirit by winning against him. He wanted Chu Feng to have a depressed expression all over his face. He wanted Chu Feng to feel unhappy.

However, what he wished to see never appeared on Chu Feng’s face. As a result, Ren Xiaoyao would naturally feel very displeased.

“Brother Xiaoyao, I’ve already said it before. In gambling, the one to win first is not the actual victor. We still do not know who the one to smile in the end will be,” Chu Feng said.

“Brother Chu Feng, what you’ve said is reasonable. However, it’s only reasonable in the case of one being able to win now and then, back and forth. It is only valid among people with a similar level of skill.”

“Is it not unsuitable for you to use that phrase to describe you and I? After all… you’ve never managed to win a single time against me,” Ren Xiaoyao mocked.

Chu Feng was still extremely calm. He only said, “If you don’t dare to continue, I can drop the subject here. I, Chu Feng, will not urge you to continue.”

Once Chu Feng said those words, Ren Xiaoyao’s smile immediately froze.

Chu Feng’s words were truly too ear-piercing. It was as if he, Ren Xiaoyao, was the one that did not dare to continue gambling against Chu Feng, and not the other way around.

This caused Ren Xiaoyao to feel extremely furious. He was unable to tolerate such words from Chu Feng. After all, the one that had been losing the entire time was Chu Feng, and not him.

Ren Xiaoyao felt that Chu Feng was unqualified to say such words. As the loser, how could he have the nerve to say those words?

“Very well, since you are so insistent on gifting me your Immortal Armament, I, Ren Xiaoyao, will help you succeed today. I will let you know exactly which of us will be the one to smile in the end.”

As Ren Xiaoyao spoke, he once again picked up the Seven-colored Goblet.

Following him, Chu Feng also picked up his Seven-colored Goblet.

Chu Feng’s expression was still unchanged. Just like before, he starting imitating Ren Xiaoyao’s motion.

As for Ren Xiaoyao, he appeared particularly serious this time around.


Seeing that Chu Feng’s method remained the same as before, many people started to sigh.

They all felt that Chu Feng was too stubborn, truly pigheaded. He had lost to Ren Xiaoyao through that method countless times. Yet, he was still using the same method, he still hadn’t learned from his mistake. Furthermore, he was doing so while gambling with an Immortal Armament at stake.

They felt that describing Chu Feng with the word ‘stupid’ was no longer sufficient to describe how stupid Chu Feng was.

In fact, Chu Feng could be said to be the most stupid individual that they’d ever met.


Finally, Ren Xiaoyao’s Seven-colored Goblet landed on the table.

To the crowd’s surprise, Chu Feng did not slam his Seven-colored Goblet onto the table immediately after Ren Xiaoyao. Instead, he was still shaking his Seven-colored Goblet.

Time slowly passed. Chu Feng actually shook his Seven-colored Goblet for twice the amount of time Ren Xiaoyao had.

The crowd were surprised by Chu Feng’s action.

It turned out that they had been mistaken. This time around, Chu Feng was not attempting the same thing as before. He was not purely imitating Ren Xiaoyao.

However, Ren Xiaoyao was still completely confident in his victory. Not only was he not panicking, he even had a mocking smile on his face.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s hand landed. Finally, the Seven-colored Goblet Chu Feng in his hand landed on the table.


After Chu Feng’s Seven-colored Goblet landed on the table, Ren Xiaoyao immediately lifted his Seven-colored Goblet. Many Seven-colored Pearls began to roll out of the Seven-colored Goblet.

When the Seven-colored Pearls stopped rolling out of the Seven-colored Goblet, Ren Xiaoyao had a prideful and pleased expression on his face.

The reason for that was because there were a total of ten Seven-colored Pearls on the table.

“There’s actually that many? It would appear that Ren Xiaoyao is truly serious this time around.”

The surrounding crowd were slightly surprised. The reason for that was because the ten Seven-colored Pearls could be said to be Ren Xiaoyao’s best performance so far.

It was no wonder Ren Xiaoyao was so pleased with himself. He was indeed qualified to be pleased.

When the crowd looked to Chu Feng again, they all felt sorrowful for Chu Feng.

They felt that not only was Chu Feng going to lose, buty he would also suffer his most miserable loss this time around.

“Brother Chu Feng, could it be that you thought that the longer you shake the Seven-colored Goblet, the more Seven-colored Pearls it would form?”

“I can only tell you that that sort of thinking is simply too childish. I dare to guarantee that your Seven-colored Goblet will not even be able to produce three Seven-colored Pearls,” Ren Xiaoyao said to Chu Feng.

He was immensely arrogant. It was as if he was already the high and above victor, looking down on the incomparably miserable loser.

He had already determined that Chu Feng would lose.

As for Chu Feng, he merely smiled at Ren Xiaoyao’s ridicule. It was a very profound smile with a flavor of toying with someone.


The next moment, Chu Feng lifted his arm and the Seven-colored Goblet in his hand from the table.


When the crowd saw the Seven-colored Pearls in Chu Feng’s corner, they were immediately astonished. In fact, there were even people that were stunned.

Even Song Yunfei, Xia Yun’er and Jian Wuqiang revealed a major change in their expression.

The reason for that was because there were a total of eleven Seven-colored Pearls on the table. There was one more than Ren Xiaoyao.


Ren Xiaoyao was tongue-tied. He looked closely at the eleven Seven-colored Pearls on the table as he rubbed his eyes nonstop.

It was as if he was deeply afraid that he was seeing things. However, with each rub of his eyes, he started to feel his chest suffocating and his scalp going numb with greater intensity. He was feeling great disbelief, and was unwilling to accept what he saw.

“Brother Xiaoyao, what did you say earlier?”

“No more than three Seven-colored Pearls, was it? If that’s the case, may I know how many Seven-colored Pearls there are here?” Chu Feng looked to Ren Xiaoyao with a beaming smile.

That smile of his was still very shallow and faint. It was practically the same smile as the smile he had always held on his face.

However, to the current Ren Xiaoyao, that smile was very deep. It was as if Chu Feng was smiling at a clown, it was as if Chu Feng was sneering at him as if he were a clown.

It turned out that Chu Feng has been ridiculing him from the very start.