Chapter 2830 - Revenge

Chapter 2830 - Revenge

Chu Feng’s heart subconsciously tightened.

Truth be told, Chu Feng was scared.

After all, before him was Yuwen Yanhong, a Martial Immortal-level expert. He was someone who could drown him alive with merely a spit. Furthermore, Yuwen Yanhong deeply detested him and was determined to kill him.

However, Chu Feng’s panic only lasted for a split second and his worry promptly dissipated..

Chu Feng discovered that even an existence on Yuwen Yanhong’s level seemed to be unable to discover him.

“Chu Feng, your concealment formation is amazing. It actually managed to conceal you from even Yuwen Yanhong.”

“Not to mention being unable to sense your aura, he was unable to hear even your footsteps. That concealment talisman of yours has utterly and completely concealed you,” Her Lady Queen spoke excitedly.

Actually, when Chu Feng saw Yuwen Yanhong, Her Lady Queen’s heart had also tightened. She had thought that Chu Feng was doomed.

However, when Yuwen Yanhong reacted in a manner that indicated that he had not noticed Chu Feng at all, Her Lady Queen was immediately wild with joy. She felt that Chu Feng’s concealment talisman was simply too miraculous. If it wasn’t for the concealment talisman’s miraculous power, Chu Feng would be royally screwed.

“It seems like I’ve managed to successfully conceal myself,” Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief.

Furthermore, he had been conversing with Her Lady Queen in a manner akin to telepathy. As such, others were simply unable to hear them. Thus, Chu Feng was not worried that Yuwen Yanhong would discover him through his conversation with Her Lady Queen.

“Chu Feng, roughly how long will that concealment talisman of yours last?” Her Lady Queen asked.

Even though the concealment talisman had managed to successfully conceal Chu Feng from Yuwen Yanhong, if the concealment talisman did not have a long duration, Chu Feng would, sooner or later, be exposed. Her Lady Queen was worried that the concealment talisman would not last for long.

“Before using it, I was unable to determine how long it would last. However, now that I’m using it, I am able to tell how long the concealment talisman will last.”

“Its duration has surpassed my imagination. It should last for roughly twelve hours,” Chu Feng said.

“Twelve hours? That long? It would appear that you will be able to leave this place safely,” Her Lady Queen said.

After all, it had only been four hours since Chu Feng had infiltrated Yuwen City and found Yuwen Tingyi’s residence. With eight hours left, it was sufficient time for Chu Feng to escape unscathed.

Thinking back on it, back then, Chu Feng had spent enormous effort to set up the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation. Yet, it was only able to last for such a short period of time.

However, a concealment talisman this powerful was actually able to last for twelve hours straight. This was sufficient to reveal exactly how powerful the concealment talisman was.

After verifying that Yuwen Yanhong would not be able to discover him, and that the power of the concealment talisman could last for eight more hours, Chu Feng decided to just stand at the side of the sleeping chamber and listen to the dialogue between the father and son.

“Tingyi, one can retrain one’s lost cultivation. How old are you this year, and how long are the lifespans of martial cultivators?”

“With your talent, as long as you continue to train, you will sooner or later become a martial expert. Our Yuwen City will still be inherited by you,” Yuwen Yanhong was comforting Yuwen Tingyi.

The reason for that was because Yuwen Tingyi, a grown man, was actually covered in tears. Furthermore, he had a very wronged expression on his face.

Yuwen Tingyi had already been lamenting to his father when Chu Feng entered his sleeping chamber. He was telling his father that he must definitely kill Chu Feng, definitely avenge him.

“Father, I will do my best. Having experience from the past, even if I am to train again, the speed of my growth will definitely be even faster.”

“However, I am unable to tolerate this grievance. That Chu Feng must be captured. I do not have to kill him personally. It would do as long as he is killed,” Yuwen Tingyi said.

“Tingyi, rest assured. Regardless of whether or not this Chu Feng possesses any background, regardless of whether or not he has people backing him, I will still not spare him,” Yuwen Yanhong vowed.

“It is not only that Chu Feng, even those that are related to Chu Feng, I want all of them to be killed too,” Yuwen Tingyi gnashed his teeth furiously as he said those words. Even though tears filled his face, even though he appeared to be filled with grievances, the sinister appearance that he had on his face at that moment completely revealed how ruthless he was.

“Very well. Father will promise you this too.”

The Yuwen City’s City Master Yuwen Yanhong immediately agreed to Yuwen Tingyi’s cruel and ruthless request.

From this, it could be seen that this father and son pair were jackals of the same tribe.

Suddenly, Yuwen Tingyi lowered his head and said powerlessly, “Father, I will not participate in the grand ceremony tomorrow.”

At that moment, Yuwen Yanhong grew silent momentarily.

He then said, “Very well, you and Hualong merely need to properly rest. Neither one of you need to participate in the grand ceremony tomorrow.”

In the end, Yuwen Yanhong agreed to his request. He knew very well what sort of personality Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong possessed - they were both extremely proud individuals.

Even though the grand ceremony tomorrow was meant to boost morale and declare to the crowd that they would not fear anyone regardless of who their enemies might be, it would still be humiliating for Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong.

After all, their cultivations were both crippled by Chu Feng. As such, Yuwen Yanhong was able to understand them not wanting to attend the ceremony.

Afterwards, the father and son continued to chat a while longer. Then, Yuwen Yanhong left Yuwen Tingyi’s sleeping chamber.

After Yuwen Yanhong left, Chu Feng did not immediately set out to kill Yuwen Tingyi. Instead, he followed Yuwen Yanhong out. It was only after he verified that Yuwen Yanhong had left and would most likely not return that Chu Feng returned to Yuwen Tingyi’s room.

After returning to Yuwen Tingyi’s sleeping chamber, Chu Feng set up a soundproofing formation around the room.

The reason for that was because there were experts guarding Yuwen Tingyi’s sleeping chamber from the outside. If they were to hear any sound, the one that would end up suffering would be Chu Feng.

Fortunately, Yuwen Tingyi was a cripple now. Thus, it was a very easy task for Chu Feng to set up a spirit formation that could trap him within it.

After he finished setting up preventive measures, Chu Feng hopped onto Yuwen Tingyi’s bed and sat across from him.

Chu Feng was looking at Yuwen Tingyi at such a close distance. However, Yuwen Tingyi did not notice him at all.

Yuwen Tingyi was currently holding a portrait in his hand. It was none other than Chu Feng’s portrait.

Suddenly, Yuwen Tingyi tore Chu Feng’s portrait to pieces. Furthermore, he loudly shouted, “Chu Feng, I so wish to tear you to pieces with my very own hands!”


Right at that moment, Chu Feng unleashed his attack. He extended a hand and ferociously grabbed Yuwen Tingyi’s throat.


Yuwen Tingyi immediately revealed a flustered expression upon feeling that his throat was suddenly being grabbed by someone. Soon, pain and confusion covered his face.

He was completely stunned.

The reason for that was because Yuwen Tingyi was unable to see Chu Feng at all. Yet, he was able to tell that there was a hand firmly grabbing onto his throat.

At that moment, Yuwen Tingyi was unable to even utter a sound.

“Yuwen Tingyi, what’s wrong? Do you not know who I am?” Chu Feng said coldly.

“Wuu! Wuu!! Wuu!!!”

Yuwen Tingyi’s expression became extremely ugly upon hearing Chu Feng’s voice. His muffled screams grew even louder, and his struggles grew even more violent.

At that moment, fear had replaced the vicious look on his face. He was extremely alarmed; extremely frightened.

There was no trace of the viciousness and vengefulness from earlier. He was truly afraid. He knew very well what sort of end he would receive after landing in Chu Feng’s grasp.

“You wish to speak? Very well, I’ll allow you to speak.”

Chu Feng waved his sleeve and tossed Yuwen Tingyi to the ground.

Once Yuwen Tingyi crawled up from the ground, he immediately started fleeing toward the door.

While running, he loudly shouted, “Men! Chu Feng is here! Quickly, come save me!!!”


However, right when Yuwen Tingyi reached the doorway, he let out a scream. He was knocked flying back, and crashed ruthlessly into the wall.

In fact, the impact of the crash was not very strong. However, to the current Yuwen Tingyi, it was an extremely powerful impact. Otherwise, Yuwen Tingyi would not be grimacing in pain and bleeding from his nose after being knocked back.

The current Yuwen Tingyi was truly fragile.

“Go on and shout. Shout louder. See if anyone will come and save you,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, please spare me. I beg of you, please spare me. As long as you spare me, my father will give you whatever you want,” Yuwen Tingyi actually knelt and started begging Chu Feng for forgiveness.

Most ridiculous of all, Yuwen Tingyi had no idea where Chu Feng was. Thus, he started changing the direction that he was kneeling toward nonstop as he continued to bow with his hands held in front and begging for forgiveness.

However, Chu Feng held no trace of sympathy for Yuwen Tingyi at all.

The more hypocritical Yuwen Tingyi was, the greater the killing intent Chu Feng held.

“If your begging could return the lives of Li Xiang and the others, I could consider sparing you.”

“However, everything is too late now. You must pay for what you’ve done.”


Chu Feng waved his sleeve, and a blade of martial power swept past. Decapitating Yuwen Tingyi on the spot.

After Yuwen Tingyi’s head fell to the ground, his aura disappeared completely.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had not only beheaded Yuwen Tingyi, but he had also shattered Yuwen Tingyi’s soul.

Yuwen Tingyi had been killed by Chu Feng.

“Ma Qiang, Gao Hao, two brothers, I, Chu Feng… have avenged you two,” Chu Feng said while holding Yuwen Tingyi’s head.