Chapter 2831 - Chu Feng’s Message

Chapter 2831 - Chu Feng’s Message

After taking care of Yuwen Tingyi, Chu Feng foung Yuwen Hualong’s residence. Like Yuwen Tingyi’s residence, Yuwen Hualong’s residence was also guarded on the outside. However, due to the power of Chu Feng’s concealment talisman, no one detected him when he infiltrated Yuwen Hualong’s residence.

Although the one that ended up unleashing the massacre that day was Yuwen Tingyi, Chu Feng knew very well that this Yuwen Hualong was not a good person either.

Since Chu Feng planned to unleash vengeance upon Yuwen City, the three people that he needed to kill the most were Yuwen Yanhong, Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong.

Currently, as his power was still insufficient, Chu Feng would not be able to kill Yuwen Yanhong. However, he was able to kill Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong.

Thus, like Yuwen Tingyi, Yuwen Hualong must also die.

After infiltrating Yuwen Hualong’s residence, Chu Feng used the same method he used to kill Yuwen Tingyi to kill Yuwen Hualong.

After killing the two of them, Chu Feng did not leave immediately. Instead, he used the corpses of Yuwen Hualong and Yuwen Tingyi to do one thing before leaving.

What Chu Feng had done was related to the grand ceremony tomorrow...


Early next morning, at the first glimmer of dawn, everyone from Yuwen City was gathered in a vast and boundless plaza.

It was not only people from Yuwen City, but the city’s nearby subsidiary powers had also all received an invitation to participate in the grand ceremony. Thus, they had all arrived at Yuwen City very early.

Before countless eyes, Yuwen Yanhong, the city master of Yuwen City, stepped onto the stage.

After sweeping his gaze across the crowd, Yuwen Yanhong suddenly opened his mouth and asked loudly, “Everyone, do you all know why I have gathered you here today? Why I am holding this grand ceremony today?”

The crowd was completely silent. They did not dare to answer presumptuously. Instead, they were all waiting for their Lord City Master to present them with the answer.

“I know that many people feel that I am holding this grand ceremony to celebrate our escape from the calamity brought forth by the Sacred Pellet Villa.”

“However, if anyone is to think that to be the case, then you are mistaken. The reason for that is because that is not the case at all. I have held this grand ceremony in order to celebrate the rebirth of our Yuwen City.”

“What is rebirth? It is not to survive a great catastrophe.”

“After all, the Sacred Pellet Villa has never been an actual threat to our Yuwen City. Our Yuwen City has never feared the Sacred Pellet Villa. Even the hundred Immortal Armaments that I’ve given them will be returned untouched to us one day.”

“Our Yuwen City has been able to take root here for so long because we possess backing.”

“As for our backing, that is what the Sacred Pellet Villa fears.”

“As such, I feel that the Sacred Pellet Villa has never been an actual enemy of our Yuwen City.”

“Who is our Yuwen City’s actual enemy? It is that Chu Feng, that member of the younger generation by the name of Chu Feng.”

“Although that Chu Feng is merely a member of the younger generation, he absolutely cannot be considered to be an ordinary member of the younger generation.”

“Not only is that Chu Feng a genius martial cultivator, he also possesses heaven-defying secret skills, and even trains in the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.”

“With an unknown origin, he appeared out of nowhere and immediately became the target of focus for everyone in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. Like myths, word of his achievements rapidly spread about.”

“Ever since he appeared, the various powers all wanted to befriend him. Not to mention powers like the Sacred Pellet Villa and the Immortal Armament Villa, even the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan that has always been proud and never associated themselves with anyone else were no exception.”

“Why were all the various powers doing this? The reason for that is because they all felt that Chu Feng had a very strong power behind him. Because of that, they all feared Chu Feng.”

“That said, while the other powers might fear Chu Feng, our Yuwen City does not fear Chu Feng.”

“Chu Feng has caused harm to people of our Yuwen City. Thus, regardless of what sort of origin he might possess, our Yuwen City must still make him pay for his actions.”

“It is not only that Chu Feng. In the future, regardless of who it might be, as long as they dare to cause harm to the people of our Yuwen City in a completely uncalled-for manner, our Yuwen City will absolutely not forgive them.”

“Even if the one to cause harm to the people of our Yuwen City is the Heavenly Emperor himself, we will still find him to settle the debt.”

“This is what I wanted to tell everyone today!” The Yuwen City’s City Master said loudly.

Once he said those words, the vast amount of people gathered in the plaza immediately burst into an uproar.

“Yuwen City!”

“Yuwen City!”

“Yuwen City!”




Like thunder, the words ‘Yuwen City’ were resonating through the sky.

Many people from Yuwen City, especially those from the younger generation, were reacting with overwhelming excitement. It was as if they were brainwashed.

At that moment, they truly felt that even if it were people from the Chu Heavenly Clan that had brought them harm, their Lord City Master would still seek to obtain justice for them.

As for the subsidiary powers, they all felt that they had chosen the correct patron.


Right at that moment, strange noises sounded from above the plaza.

Turning upward, the crowd discovered that cracks had actually appeared in the sky above.


In the next moment, the Yuwen City’s City Master let out an incomparably grief-filled scream.

“Heavens, that is??!!”

At that moment, the expressions of many experts present changed enormously.

As for the people of the younger generation, they were all confused and at a loss.

With the strength that they possessed, they were unable to see what exactly had appeared in the sky above.

However, they were able to glean a single word from the scream that their Lord City Master let out: grief.



At that moment, the crack in the sky above started to enlarge. Soon, like a mirror, the sky above shattered apart.

When the sky shattered, the crowd realized that it was actually a concealment formation above the plaza.

That concealment formation had been placed there long ago.

Although that concealment formation was set up very well, the Yuwen City’s City Master and the many other Heavenly Immortal-level experts present would’ve been able to detect its existence had they searched carefully for it.

However, no one expected a concealment formation to be above the plaza. As such, no one noticed its existence.

And at that moment, after the concealment formation was shattered, it was no longer the older generations present whose expressions changed; even those from the younger generation had a massive change in their expressions.


“Heavens! How could this be?!”

Many people from the younger generation cried out in alarm. Many of the younger girls were so frightened by the scene that they started crying.

The reason for that was because there were currently two corpses suspended in midair in a very horrifying manner.

Those two corpses were none other than Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong.

They were the two strongest geniuses of Yuwen City, the two most important successors to Yuwen City.

However, the two of them were both dead. Their heads were also decapitated and held in their hands before their chests.

Not only that, but there were also two lines of large golden-bright and dazzling words slowly appearing in the sky above.


I will shoulder responsibility for my own actions. These two men were killed by me, Chu Feng.

Yuwen Yanhong, do not be anxious. One day, I, Chu Feng, will personally send you down to reunite with your son and disciple.