Chapter 2829 - Nighttime Assassination

Chapter 2829 - Nighttime Assassination

“Little friend Chu Feng, could it be that you’re blaming me because I’ve failed to obtain justice for Li Xiang and the other disciples?” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master asked.

“You’ve already obtained justice for them. You’ve also retrieved the Sacred Pellet Villa’s lost face.”

“Merely, I will need to retrieve my own justice.”

“These are two separate matters to begin with. Thus, how could I blame you?” Chu Feng said.

“Little friend Chu Feng, if you want to leave, this old man will not force you to stay. Merely, I hope that little friend Chu Feng will accept this gift.”

The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master took out an Immortal Armament to give to Chu Feng.

The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master was a smart individual. He did not attempt to give Chu Feng one of the Immortal Armaments he had obtained from the Yuwen City’s City Master. Instead, he handed Chu Feng an Immortal Armament that belonged to their Sacred Pellet Villa.

Truth be told, with the value that Immortal Armaments possessed, this was most definitely an enormous gift, even if it was only a single Immortal Armament.

However, Chu Feng did not accept his gift. Chu Feng felt that if he accepted the Immortal Armament, he would be letting down the dead Li Xiang, Gao Hao and Ma Qiang, and in fact, he would be letting down the innocent disciples from the Sacred Pellet Villa whose lives and deaths were unknown.

“One should not be rewarded if it’s not deserved. Chu Feng is unable to accept this generous gift. Seniors, farewell,” After saying those words, Chu Feng proceeded to leave.

The people from the Sacred Pellet Villa did not attempt to chase after Chu Feng.

After all, even their Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master did not urge Chu Feng to stay. As such, how could any of them attempt to urge Chu Feng to stay?

After Chu Feng left, a Sacred Pellet Villa’s elder asked, “Lord Villa Master, you’ve refused fifty Immortal Armaments for that Chu Feng. Was it really worth it?” 

“Is it worth it to ruin the foundation of our Sacred Pellet Villa, accumulated over tens of thousands of years, for a mere fifty Immortal Armaments?” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master asked instead of answering.

“Lord Villa Master, you’re saying that there really is a frightening and mysterious power behind Chu Feng?”

“But, didn’t he say that he was from an Ordinary Realm?” That elder asked.

When the Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master was chatting with Chu Feng earlier, he had also asked Chu Feng about his origins. Chu Feng had replied saying that he was from an Ordinary Realm, and indirectly revealed to the Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master that he did not possess any powerful background.

Although the great majority of elders were skeptical of this, there were indeed people who took Chu Feng at his word. For example, this elder that was asking the Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master that question.

“If I were to tell you that I’m from a Lower Realm, would you believe me?” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s VIlla Master asked.

“This subordinate was foolish,” That elder realized his ignorance and hurriedly bowed and apologized.

The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master looked toward the direction Chu Feng left in and spoke emotionally, “According to Elder Ma’s description, that Hell Tornado was extremely powerful. Let me ask, if one such Hell Tornado were to land on our Sacred Pellet Villa one day, who could possibly withstand it?”

Upon hearing those words, the Sacred Pellet Villa’s elders all started to feel lingering fear. They also felt that their Lord Villa Master was truly wise to refuse the Yuwen City’s City Master’s request.

Given the situation, someone asked, “Lord Villa Master, since the power behind Chu Feng is that strong, why didn’t we seize the opportunity today to eliminate Yuwen City?”

“We would not only be able to eliminate Yuwen City, which has been a thorn in our side, but we would also be able to gain favor from Chu Feng. Wouldn’t it be akin to killing two birds with one stone?” That elder said.

“If I could eliminate Yuwen City, I would’ve done so long ago. How could I be settled by a mere hundred Immortal Armaments? If we were to eliminate Yuwen City, all of of their Immortal Armaments would be ours.”

“You all know very well why I am hesitant in eliminating the Yuwen City.” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master said.

The people from the Sacred Pellet Villa naturally knew that they could not eliminate Yuwen City because of the master of the Yuwen City’s City Master.

Even though that master of his was not in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm at the moment, and it was also unknown whether or not he was alive or dead, no one could guarantee that he would not return.

“Lord Villa Master, if we are able to gain the favor of the power behind Chu Feng, why would we fear a mere Yuwen Yanhong’s master?” Another elder from the Sacred Pellet Villa asked.

“Fool, when even you could think of courting favor from the power behind Chu Feng through this opportunity, how could the power behind Chu Feng possibly not know about this? How could they possibly appreciate our actions?”

“It is not that easy to gain the favor of a huge monster like that,” The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Villa Master said.

Hearing those words, the elders all grew quiet.

Indeed, it was not that easy to curry favors and befriend those huge monsters.


After Chu Feng separated from the people of the Sacred Pellet Villa, he did not directly proceed for the Void Sacred Tree.

Instead, he stopped at the border of Yuwen City.

“Chu Feng, are you really planning to do such a risky thing?”

“For a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long. Why must you be so anxious to take revenge that you’re willing to take on such a risk?” Her Lady Queen said worriedly.

She had already realized what Chu Feng wanted to do. Chu Feng planned to use the concealment talisman to infiltrate Yuwen City. Then, he planned to find the opportunity to kill Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong.

That being said, it was a very dangerous decision. That was the reason why Her Lady Queen was so worried.

“I cannot swallow this anger just like this. Although I am unable to kill Yuwen Yanhong, I must kill Yuwen Tingyi,” Chu Feng said.

“But, will those concealment talismans of yours really work?” Her Lady Queen was worried that Chu Feng’s concealment talismans would not be able to conceal him from the Yuwen City’s City Master.

“I feel that these concealment talismans will work. Even if they really fail me, I still have the Evil God Sword. If worst comes to worst, it’ll be a life and death struggle,” Chu Feng said while holding the Evil God Sword in hand.

Her Lady Queen sighed and said, “Forget about it. Since you’ve already decided, just do it then. However, it’s best that you do it at night. After all, they’ll let their guard down then.” 

“Okay, I’ll do as you say,” Chu Feng nodded.


The people from Yuwen City had no idea that Chu Feng would be so daring as to actually plan on infiltrating their Yuwen City to assassinate Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong.

Even though they’d lost a total of a hundred Immortal Armaments today, a loss that caused their Yuwen City’s strength to decrease enormously, they had managed to escape a great calamity.

They knew very well how much the Sacred Pellet Villa wanted to eliminate their Yuwen City.

Because of that, they were also extremely afraid that the Sacred Pellet Villa would use the opportunity to unleash a massacre upon them.

Thus, although they had suffered enormous losses, it remained a happy occasion, as their Yuwen City still existed.

Even though they weren’t able to kill Chu Feng, they had successfully humiliated him.

Because of that, they decided to celebrate. They were going to celebrate the fact that Chu Feng was powerless to do anything to them even after they’d tried to kill him.

Because of this, the Yuwen City’s City master had decided to hold a grand ceremony early on the morrow.

He planned to use this opportunity to tell everyone in Yuwen City that, regardless of who it might be, he would not let anyone that dared to touch the people of their Yuwen City get away.

Even that Chu Feng who might possess a mysterious power behind him was no exception.

Actually, the celebration was merely one part of it. Mainly, he was trying to use the opportunity to raise the morale of his Yuwen City.

Finally, nighttime arrived. Chu Feng had already activated a concealment talisman and stealthily infiltrated Yuwen City.

The power of the concealment talismans were as Chu Feng had anticipated. After entering Yuwen City, he was like an invisible man. No one noticed his existence.

After fumbling about in Yuwen City and carefully inspecting it, Chu Feng had found Yuwen Tingyi’s residence and infiltrated it.

The palace that Yuwen Tingyi was living in was not only grand and imposing, but it was also guarded by a powerful spirit formation.

Even Chu Feng was unable to see through Yuwen Tingyi’s residence. If he wanted to find figure out what was going on inside, he had to enter it.

The palace that Yuwen Tingyi lived in was enormous. Finding Yuwen Tingyi there was not an easy task, as Chu Feng would have to search through the rooms one by one.

Finally, Chu Feng discovered Yuwen Tingyi in a very sumptuous sleeping chamber.

However, to Chu Feng’s surprise, he discovered upon entering the sleeping chamber that it was not only Yuwen Tingyi that was here. His father, Yuwen Yanhong, was also here.

At that moment, Chu Feng was actually in the same room as Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen City’s strongest expert, Yuwen Yanhong.

Furthermore, it seemed that Yuwen Tingyi and his father were discussing no other topic than killing him.

Chu Feng was truly treading on dangerous ground this time around!!!