Chapter 2824 - Saved By Whom?

Chapter 2824 - Saved By Whom?

While the Hell Tornado arrived quickly, it also left quickly.

After the Hell Tornado dissipated, the purple clouds that covered the sky also started disappearing.

Soon, a clear and boundless sky returned to the Hell Plains. Not a single cloud could be seen in the azure sky.

One truly could not imagine that that place was ravaged by that frightening Hell Tornado earlier.

However, it was not only the Hell Tornado that disappeared. Chu Feng and the others had also disappeared with the Hell Tornado.

“Father, where’s Chu Feng and the others?” Yuwen Tingyi asked. There was a slightly worried expression in his eyes. He was afraid that Chu Feng had escaped.

“That Hell Tornado from earlier was no small matter. Even I would likely suffer disastrously should I be sucked into it. Chu Feng and the others will naturally have died,” the Yuwen City’s City Master replied in a very certain manner.

“Lord City Master, since they’ve all died, I will take my leave now,” the Sacred Pellet Villa’s traitor Shi Fufang clasped his fist at the Yuwen City’s City Master.

“Elder Shi, we know about your conflict with that Ma Changchun. It could be said that we have helped you eliminate your major enemy in the Sacred Pellet Villa. You should know how to act upon your return to the Sacred Pellet Villa, no?” The Yuwen City’s City Master said.

“Rest assured, I have no idea what happened here today. Naturally, I will have no idea if and how they died,” Shi Fufang said.

Hearing those words, the Yuwen City’s City Master nodded his head in satisfaction.

After that, the Yuwen City’s City Master led the Yuwen City’s crowd and left. As for Shi Fufang, he also left in a different direction.

They had thought that they had plotted flawlessly. However, they had no idea that all of their actions were being completely witnessed by some people.

As for those people, they were naturally Chu Lingxi and Chu Xingde.

Suddenly, Chu Xingde looked to the nearby sky and said, “Xingren, shouldn’t you show yourself?”


Once he said those words, a figure appeared out of thin air.

It was a man. Not only was he wearing the exact same outfit as Chu Xingde, but his face was also riddled with scars, while his eyes were also sinisterly cold. Most importantly, even his aura was unfathomable like Chu Xingde’s.

This person was Chu Xingren, the person that the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Law Enforcement Hall’s Vice Hall Master had ordered to secretly tail and protect Chu Feng.

“Young miss. Second brother.”

After Chu Xingren appeared, he moved toward Chu Xingde and Chu Lingxi and clasped his fist to greet them.

“Uncle Xingren, why are you also here?” Chu Lingxi was very surprised to see Chu Xingren. She revealed a pleasantly surprised expression.

“Young miss, didn’t you know that your uncle Xingren was ordered by Lord Vice Hall Master to secretly protect Chu Feng?” Chu Xingde said.

“I didn’t. I have no idea there was such a thing,” Chu Lingxi revealed a very surprised expression.

“Oh, no wonder uncle Xingde refused to help Chu Feng even when he was about to be killed. It turns out that you already knew that Uncle Xingren would secretly protect Chu Feng,” Chu Lingxi said.

However, soon, Chu Lingxi’s expression changed again. With a malicious expression on her face, she said to Chu Xingren, “Uncle Xingren, were you also present when Chu Feng entered Buried Spirit Lake?”

“I was at the same location as my second brother,” Chu Xingren said.

“I can testify to that,” Chu Xingde said.

It could be seen from their conversation that the two of them had not followed her into Buried Spirit Lake, and were together somewhere.

Chu Lingxi sighed and spoke in a slightly disappointed manner. “It’s truly a pity then. Uncle Xingren, you, like uncle Xingde, missed a great sight.”

“What happened?” Chu Xingde and Chu Xingren asked together.

“Hehe, it’s fine if the two of you don’t know. I won’t tell you,” Chu Lingxi smiled profoundly. She had kept this secret for Xia Yun’er.

Seeing Chu Lingxi acting like this, Chu Xingren and Chu Xingde did not try to press her on the subject. They were already accustomed to the personality of this mischievous and weird young miss.

“Xingren, was that Hell Tornado earlier caused by you?” Chu Xingde asked.

Hearing those words, Chu Xingren immediately frowned. He had an uneasy feeling.

Soon after, he asked, “Second brother, that was precisely what I wanted to ask you. That wasn’t caused by you?”

Hearing such a response from Chu Xingren, Chu Xingde’s expression also changed. He asked, “In that case, that was not caused by you?”

“It was not,” Chu Xingren said decisively.

“I didn’t do anything either. If you don’t believe me, you can ask young miss,” Chu Xingden said.

“Right, I can testify to that,” Chu Lingxi said.

“Then, if it was neither you nor I, who did that?” Chu Xingren’s expression started shifting nonstop. A complicated look filled his eyes.

“Could it be that it’s not something artificial at all, and was instead the actual Hell Tornado?” Chu Lingxi said.

“Impossible. That was definitely something artificial,” Chu Xingde and Chu Xingren said in unison.

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t it mean that Chu Feng has been saved by someone else?” Chu Lingxi said.

“That’s most likely the case,” Chu Xingde and Chu Xingren said.

“Merely, who could it be?” Chu Xingde and Chu Xingren started to ponder.

There were not many people in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm that were capable of such a feat.

This was especially true when they recalled the Hell Tornado from earlier. It was likely not only frightening in appearance, but frightening in power too.

If the power of that Hell Tornado was proportional to how frightening it had seemed, the two of them would likely have also suffered enormously should they have entered it.

This meant that the person who had saved Chu Feng was stronger than the two of them.

When disregarding the experts from their Chu Heavenly Clan, not many people in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm possessed strength superior to the two of them.

Thus, the range at which the two of them could suspect who saved Chu Feng grew much narrower.

However, they were unable to think of anyone stronger than them that could possibly be related to Chu Feng and would act to save him.

Thus, at that moment, the two entered deep contemplation.

“That Chu Feng couldn’t possibly really be Chu Xuanyuan’s son, right?” Chu Lingxi said.


Chu Lingxi’s words came as a shock. Both Chu Xingde and Chu Xingren’s expressions changed. They were actually in awe.

If Chu Feng was really Chu Xuanyuan’s son, the person who had saved Chu Feng earlier was very possibly Chu Xuanyuan himself.

As for Chu Xuanyuan, he was an extremely extraordinary existence.


Chu Feng had been saved by someone.

However, he also did not know who saved him. When he was sucked into the Hell Tornado, he lost consciousness.

When Chu Feng regained consciousness, he had no idea what had happened during the time when he was unconscious. In fact, he did not even know how long he was unconscious for. He only discovered that he was lying on a river bank.

The Sacred Pellet Villa’s Elder Ma Changchun and other elders were also here. That Zhou Yu who had wanted to kill Chu Feng earlier was also there.

However, Zhou Yu was the only one of the Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciples that was still here. The life and death of the others were all unknown.

The elders and Zhou Yu were all lying by the river bank in different postures. They were all unconscious.

Judging from their appearance, Chu Feng was the first to regain consciousness.

“What’s going on? Who saved me?”

Chu Feng rubbed his slightly pained head.

He was practically certain that he was saved by someone. Merely, he was unable to understand who it was that had saved him.

Whilst Chu Feng was pondering, a pair of deep eyes were gazing at Chu Feng from a nearby forest.

That pair of eyes was not only deep, but they were also filled with intelligence. It was as if those eyes had experienced countless years. They were very mysterious.