Chapter 2823 - Hell Tornado

Chapter 2823 - Hell Tornado

“I’ll kill you all!!!”

A furious shout resonated through the void.

Even though Chu Feng was currently being restricted and could not move in the slightest, that furious shout of his was extremely resounding. Not only was his voice filled with endless anger, but it was also overflowing with killing intent.

His killing intent shook even the void itself, and caused the sky to change color.

“What a powerful killing intent. If you are to be spared today, how dangerous will you become once you mature in the future?” The Yuwen City’s City Master said.

Actually, upon sensing Chu Feng’s killing intent, the great majority of people from Yuwen City only looked to Chu Feng with ridiculing gazes. They did not consider Chu Feng to be an actual threat.

After all, they felt that regardless of how powerful Chu Feng’s killing intent might be, it would still be useless. Before their Yuwen City’s City Master, Chu Feng was powerless like an ant. The Yuwen City’s City Master would be able to let Chu Feng experience a miserable death with merely a point of his finger.

However, their Yuwen City’s City Master, on the other hand, recognized how dangerous Chu Feng was.

Chu Feng’s killing intent was much more frightening than that of ordinary people. Among people of the younger generation, Chu Feng’s killing intent was the one killing intent that he had seen that caused him to feel the most uneasy.

This made him realize that Chu Feng would become extremely frightening once he matured in the future.

A threat must not be left alive.


Screams began to sound nonstop. The remaining people of the younger generation from the Sacred Pellet Villa all started flying involuntarily. In the end, they all uniformly kneeled before the people from Yuwen City.

“Settle this quickly.”

The Yuwen City’s City Master said to Yuwen Tingyi.

He was afraid that an unforeseen event might occur, and wanted to kill Chu Feng quickly.

However, he also respected his son. Thus, he wanted to allow his son to kill Chu Feng using the method that he wanted.

“Spare us, spare us.”

“Please spare us. There isn’t much of a relationship between us and Chu Feng.”

Many of the Sacred Pellet Villa’s younger generations started to wail. They were all shivering in fear. Tears and snot covered their faces. They were truly afraid.

“Only one among you all will be able to live. I will spare whoever kills Chu Feng with this blade,” Yuwen Tingyi said.


“Let me do it.”

“Let me. Let me kill him. Please give me a chance.”

Even though those Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciples had also addressed Chu Feng as big brother earlier, they all chose to betray Chu Feng without the slightest hesitation when their own life was in danger.

However, this was understandable too. After all, Chu Feng and them did not know one another well. Who would possibly be willing to sacrifice their life for someone that they did not even know well?

“Haha. Chu Feng, do you see this? These people that have addressed you with big brother are all trying to kill you in order to save themselves.”

“However, with all those people wanting to kill you, exactly which one should I allow to kill you? I must truly take my time to choose the right candidate for the task.”

After he finished saying those words, Yuwen Tingyi looked to those people and said, “Come. Express yourselves. I will choose the person with the best performance, the greatest desire to survive and the greatest desire to kill Chu Feng.”

“Me! Choose me! Allow me to help you kill that Chu Feng!”

“Lord Yuwen Tingyi, please choose me! I want to live! I don’t want to die!”

At that moment, those people of the younger generation all started to shout with their all. They were all fighting over this last opportunity to live. For this, they started to flatter Yuwen Tingyi and talk maliciously about one another and Chu Feng.

“You bunch of disappointing fools! You all have truly disgraced our Sacred Pellet Villa!” Elder Ma Changchun cursed out in rage.

However, his curse of rage did not manage to do anything. Before life and death, the great majority of people would only choose self-preservation. How could they possibly have the heart to concern themselves with the lives and deaths, much less the opinions, of others?

To those people, not to mention killing Chu Feng, even if they were to be tasked with killing their own elders, there were definitely people among them that would be willing to do so.


“Seems like that Chu Feng will end up dying.”

At that moment, a voice so very pleasant to hear sounded from a place not far away.

It was Chu Lingxi. Chu Lingxi was standing in the sky not far away and watching everything.

Standing beside Chu Lingxi was a man.

He had the appearance of a middle-aged man. He was not very tall, and his build was not very robust. However, his stern face was covered in scars. This made it so that he looked very fierce.

That said, the most frightening aspect regarding that man would be none other than his eyes. Those eyes were cold and devoid of emotions. They were even more frightening than the eyes of ferocious beasts.

When one saw him, they would involuntarily start to tremble in fear.

As for his aura, it was like a bottomless well. It was completely unfathomable.

Before him, even the Yuwen City’s City Master would not be able to withstand a single blow.

As for that man, he was wearing the outfit of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Law Enforcement Hall. This was sufficient enough to indicate his identity.

It was because of that man being there that Chu Feng, the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa and the people from Yuwen City were unable to notice that Chu Lingxi and that man were so close to them.

Naturally, they would also not be able to hear their conversation.

“Young miss, if you wish to save that Chu Feng, I can help,” the man said.

“Uncle Xingde, let’s not meddle in other people’s business,” Chu Lingxi said.

Even though she had realized that Chu Feng was in dire straits, she was extremely calm. She had the appearance of an actual spectator.

Regardless of which side suffered, it would be none of her concern. She was merely there to watch the show.

Hearing Chu Lingxi say it like that, the man by the name of Chu Xingde said no more. Like Chu Lingxi, he decided to simply observe.

Suddenly, Chu Lingxi turned around, looked to that Chu Xingde and said, “That said, Uncle Xingde, if you wish to save this Chu Feng, I would have no objections.”

Chu Xingde smiled, but did not answer her.

“If Uncle Xingde is not planning to save him either, then that Chu Feng will truly end up suffering.”

Chu Lingxi smiled. Then, she looked to Chu Feng again.


A while later, Yuwen Tingyi finally chose a Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciple.

“It’s up to you now. Don’t try to play any tricks. Otherwise, I’ll have you wish you were dead.”

While threatening that disciple, Yuwen Tingyi handed the martial power blade to him.

However, that male disciple did not react in the same manner as Li Xiang and his two buddies. He did not attempt to attack Yuwen Tingyi after receiving the blade.

There wasn’t much of any sentiment between him and Chu Feng. Even if there was any, it was only a little bit. It was nowhere at the level where he would sacrifice himself for the sake of Chu Feng’s life.

Thus, with the martial power blade in hand, he began to walk toward Chu Feng.

However, his footsteps were not steady. Even though he had revealed himself to hate Chu Feng enormously before Yuwen Tingyi, he still ended up shivering when he was truly tasked with killing Chu Feng.

Sweat covered his face. It could be seen that he was very afraid, and was under enormous pressure.

“Zhou Yu, if you dare to do anything, you will no longer be a disciple of our Sacred Pellet Villa!” Elder Ma Changchun shouted.

After being shouted at like this, that man by the name of Zhou Yu started to shiver even more intensely.

However, even though this was the case, he did not stop his footsteps. He was growing closer and closer to Chu Feng. Finally, he arrived before Chu Feng. However, he did not immediately attack Chu Feng.

With a shivering voice, he said, “Big brother Chu Feng, don’t blame me. One must look out for oneself, or else heaven and earth will combine to destroy you. I do not wish to die like this. I have no choice but to do this.”

As he spoke, he raised the blade in his hand and planned to hack it down upon Chu Feng.

With the might of that martial power blade, if it were to truly strike Chu Feng, Chu Feng would definitely end up being killed by it.


Right at that moment, an enormous tornado suddenly appeared where Chu Feng and the others were located.

When that enormous tornado appeared, the black clouds in the sky actually turned purple. Lightning densely packed filled the sky. That lightning was tens of times larger than ordinary lightning.

That tornado connected heaven and earth. It was rotating with an extremely fast speed. In an instant, it completely engulfed Chu Feng and the others.

However, this was merely the beginning. The range of the purple clouds began to spread wider and wider. That tornado was also growing larger and larger.

Soon, that tornado became so enormous that Chu Feng and the others were no longer capable of being seen. The only thing visible apart from that enormous purple tornado was the lightning that flickered within it.

As the enormous tornado rotated, it was like hundreds of millions of ferocious beasts roaring at the same time. It was extremely frightening.

“Crap! It’s actually the Hell Tornado!”

Upon seeing this scene, even the Yuwen City’s City Master revealed a great change in expression. He brought the people from the Yuwen City and hurriedly ran far away.


Not long after they escaped, before that enormous tornado could even approach them, those Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciples that were kneeling before them started screaming. Then, like loose leaves, they were sucked into the Hell Tornado.

However, they were clearly quite a distance away from that enormous tornado.

From this, it could be seen how frightening the Hell Tornado was.


The Hell Tornado was still growing in size. It had completely altered the region. Even the tornados that were blustering about on the vast plain were affected by that Hell Tornado and forcibly sucked into it.

At that moment, underneath the purple sky, apart from the fleeing silhouettes of the people from Yuwen City, only that Hell Tornado was present on the vast plain. That Hell Tornado connected the heaven and earth, and was wreaking havoc all around.

It was like the Hell Tornado was the ruler of the region, capable of exercising enormous powers.