Chapter 2825 - The Final Safeguard

Chapter 2825 - The Final Safeguard

Chu Feng pondered for a while, but was unable to think of a clue. After that, Chu Feng took out the three concealment talismans he had obtained from Buried Spirit Lake.

A spirit formation covered the three concealment talismans. Then, Chu Feng patted them toward his own head. A light flashed, and the three concealment talismans disappeared.

After he finished doing all that, Chu Feng arrived before Ma Changchun. He wanted to see how Ma Changchun was doing.

Chu Feng discovered that Ma Changchun had merely fainted. It was nothing serious. Thus, using a slight bit of spirit power, Chu Feng woke him.

“Wuu…” Ma Changchun opened his eyes in a daze.

“Senior Ma, are you alright?” Chu Feng asked in a concerned manner.

“Little friend Chu Feng, I am fine. Merely… why would we be here? Could it be that we’ve been saved by someone?”

“Did that Hell Tornado save us?”

After Ma Changchun woke up, he immediately stood up and looked at his surroundings nervously. After observing the surroundings, he realized that they had been saved by someone.

That Hell Tornado was not an actual Hell Tornado. Rather, it should be the ability of a certain powerful expert.

“I also feel that the Hell Tornado saved us. Merely, I have no idea who it was that acted to save us,” Chu Feng said.

“It would appear that we have managed to escape this time thanks to little friend Chu Feng,” Ma Changchun said with a wry smile. It appeared that he felt that the person that had saved them had saved them because of Chu Feng. They were merely saved as a matter of convenience.

“Senior, you must absolutely not say it like that. If it wasn’t for me, you all wouldn’t have encountered this sort of danger,” Chu Feng had a guilty expression on his face.

Chu Feng felt enormous pain and guilt in his heart. He felt as if a knife was being twisted in his heart when he recalled how Li Xiang and his two buddies had died because of him.

“Little friend Chu Feng, it is not as simple as you think. That Shi Fufang possessed some conflict with me to begin with. Even without you, he would have, sooner or later, thought of a way to eliminate me.”

“Merely, I never expected that he would, for the sake of our personal grudges, seek the help of Yuwen City and involve this many people in our conflict. That man’s viciousness and ruthlessness has surpassed my imagination. I was careless, it was my fault,” when Ma Changchun mentioned Shi Fufang, he became extremely furious and filled with regret.

He was furious at how Shi Fufang had betrayed their Sacred Pellet Villa and decided to sacrifice so many lives for the sake of his own future prospects.

He was regretful because he knew that Shi Fufang was not a good and virtuous individual to begin with. Yet, he did not guard against him. His conceit had gradually lead to the disaster that befell them.

“However, since I survived this time, it will be his turn to die.”

“That being said, we must quickly leave this place,” Ma Changchun added.

“Senior, you know where this place is?” Chu Feng asked.

“If I am not mistaken, this should be within the territory controlled by Yuwen City,” Ma Changchun said.

“Yuwen City?”

Chu Feng’s expression immediately changed upon hearing those words. He felt slightly uneasy.

Wouldn’t this be equivalent to entering the tiger’s den right after leaving it?

“That’s right. Yuwen City’s territory is near the Hell Plains to begin with. It is not strange for that Hell Tornado to have brought us here.”

“However, little friend Chu Feng, you do not have to be afraid. Our Sacred Pellet Villa is actually very close to Yuwen City as well.”

“We will return to the Sacred Pellet Villa right away and report this matter to Lord Villa Master. We will definitely make Yuwen City pay for their actions,” Ma Changchun said.

“Very well,” Chu Feng nodded.

It would indeed be much easier to take care of Yuwen City using the power of the Sacred Pellet Villa.

Then, Ma Changchun waved his sleeve, and a special burst of power entered the bodies of the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa.

Soon, those unconscious people all woke up.

“Animal, kneel!” Ma Changchun suddenly shouted angrily and waved his palm through the air.

“Paa,” a person flew out while screaming miserably.

However, right after that person collided with the ground, he was brought into the sky once again. His movements were restricted. With a painful expression, he started flying toward Ma Changchun.

That person was none other than Zhou Yu, the disciple that had planned to kill Chu Feng to save himself earlier.

“Traitor, die!”

At that moment, Ma Changchun actually had an expression filled with killing intent. He planned to directly eliminate that Zhou Yu.

“Senior, please wait,” Chu Feng hurriedly spoke to stop him, “Senior, can you spare his life?”

“Little friend Chu Feng, he is someone who wanted to kill you earlier,” Ma Changchun looked to Chu Feng with a gaze of utter confusion.

“But, he shouldn’t have had to die because of me to begin with. Senior, please spare him.”

“He has not done anything wrong. I am not his fellow disciple, and have only known him for a very short period of time. For him to kill me to save himself is the correct decision. I do not blame him and do not feel that he has done anything wrong,” Chu Feng said.

Regardless of what the justification might be, Chu Feng would generally not spare those that wanted to kill him.

Thus, even though Zhou Yu had to make that decision to kill him in order to save his own life, had it been before, Chu Feng would still not interfere should Ma Changchun want to kill him.

However, the situation now was different.

After personally witnessing Li Xiang and his two buddies dying because of him, Chu Feng’s heart was surging. Due to the guilt that he felt toward Li Xiang and his two buddies, Chu Feng was able to comprehend Zhou Yu’s decision.

Because of that, Chu Feng did not wish for Zhou Yu to die. At the very least, he did not want Zhou Yu to die because of him.

“Very well, since little friend Chu Feng has spoken, I will spare your life.”

“However, while I will not kill you, you must still be punished.”

After saying those words,a Changchun waved his sleeve. Immediately, a burst of martial power surged forth and transformed into chains of flames that bound Zhou Yu.


Soon, Zhou Yu started to scream miserably. The flame chains started burning away at his body, causing him to endure enormous suffering.

Ma Changchun flipped his finger, and a burst of spirit power enveloped Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu’s expression was still distorted and in pain. He was still screaming hysterically. However, his voice could not be heard outside of the spirit formation.

“Senior,” Chu Feng was unable to tolerate seeing Zhou Yu being tortured, and wanted to speak out against it.

He truly felt Zhou Yu’s decision earlier to be understandable. As Zhou Yu said, if one did not look out for oneself, heaven and earth would combine to destroy them.

Furthermore, he did not know Chu Feng very well, and did not possess any friendship with him.

Thus, the decision he had made at the time was very easy to make for the great majority of people.

The great majority of people would all make the same sort of decision as Zhou Yu.

“Little friend Chu Feng, our Sacred Pellet Villa possesses our rules. What Zhou Yu did should be a capital offense punishable by death. However, due to you speaking out for him, I have decided to show him leniency. That said, this punishment of his is unavoidable,” Ma Changchun said to Chu Feng.

After being told that, Chu Feng found it unsuitable to say anything else.

Chu Feng knew very well that the guilt that he felt was his own business, whereas the rules of the Sacred Pellet Villa were something that he possessed no authority over.

Afterwards, Chu Feng and the others began to travel toward the direction of the Sacred Pellet Villa.

“Chu Feng, do you think the Sacred Pellet Villa is reliable or not?”

En route, Her Lady Queen ask Chu Feng that question. After being betrayed by Shi Fufang earlier, Her Lady Queen no longer held confidence in the Sacred Pellet Villa.

“Actually, I also do not trust the Sacred Pellet Villa completely. However, I wish to avenge Li Xiang and the others. I do not want them to have died so tragically in vain. And right now, the Sacred Pellet Villa is the only power that is capable of helping me.”

“However, Eggy, you do not have to be so worried either. Do you still remember the concealment talismans I obtained at the depths of Buried Spirit Lake?” Chu Feng asked.

“I do. It seems like you did something with them earlier?” Her Lady Queen said.

Earlier, before waking up Ma Changchun and the others, Her Lady Queen had witnessed Chu Feng doing something with those three concealment talismans.

Merely, Her Lady Queen didn’t know what Chu Feng did with them because Chu Feng’s movements were very fast.

“Mn, I’ve used a special spirit formation to enclose them in my soul, linking them with my thoughts.”

“If I am to encounter a mishap, even if my body is no longer capable of moving, I will still be able to activate the concealment talismans.”

“Although I’ve never used those concealment talismans before, I feel that they are very powerful,” Chu Feng said.

“But, those concealment talismans should only be able to conceal you, no?”

“Are you able to enclose the Evil God Sword within your body too? If you’re able to do that, you’ll be able to activate the power of the Evil God Sword when you encounter dangers, no?” Her Lady Queen said.

“That I cannot do. Weapons possess their own consciousness. I am unable to fuse them with my soul, unable to enclose them within my body.”

“However… I am able to hold it in my hand,” as Chu Feng said those words, he took out the Evil God Sword and held it in his hand.

Seeing the Evil God Sword in Chu Feng’s hand, Her Lady Queen grew much more relieved.

Even though she knew that the Evil God Sword was very dangerous, it was also the greatest power that Chu Feng could use.

Regardless of whether it might be Chu Feng or Eggy, they both knew that the Evil God Sword was Chu Feng’s final safeguard.