Chapter 2820 - Li Xiang’s Enemy

Chapter 2820 - Li Xiang’s Enemy

“How was it, how was it?”

Her Lady Queen seemed to be able to tell that Chu Feng had stopped his linking attempt. Thus, she moved toward Chu Feng with an excited expression on her face to ask him how it went.

“It’s not good,” Chu Feng sighed and shook his head. Then, he began to tell Her Lady Queen about what had happened when he was linked to those Asura Spirit World’s world spirits.

“Hahaha, you’re truly too slow. Even those mediocre fellows have rejected you.”

“Do you now know how honored you are to have someone like this Queen enter a contract with you?” Her Lady Queen burst into loud laughter. She actually started ridiculing Chu Feng.

“I’ll give it another try,” being ridiculed by Her Lady Queen in such a manner, Chu Feng instead felt insistent on proving himself.

However, on Chu Feng’s second attempt, the amount of world spirits he was able to link to not only decreased, but their cultivations also decreased.

After that, Chu Feng made several more attempts. However, each result was inferior to the last.

“So linking with world spirits is actually this difficult. Or could it be that it is relatively harder to link with the Asura Spirit World’s world spirits?”

“I finally know why my mother would forcibly capture you two and seal you in my world spirit space. Likely, she knew very well that it’s very difficult to subdue world spirits from the Asura Spirit World.”

Chu Feng gasped with admiration. He finally realized the pains his mother had gone through to help him.

Seeing that Chu Feng was planning to give up, Her Lady Queen encouraged, “Don’t give up, continue trying.”

“I’m not trying anymore. I’ve discovered that linking using one’s spirit power is limited too. If I make repeated attempts, the result will only be worse every time. I will try again after some time has passed. Next time, I will properly prepare myself before making my attempt.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed. “Something has happened outside.”

Even though Chu Feng’s consciousness was in his world spirit space, he was still able to sense the situation outside.

Chu Feng hurriedly moved his consciousness from his world spirit space back to his body.

It was only at that moment that Chu Feng discovered that they were currently traveling above a boundless plain. The sky that was originally sunny and cloudless was currently densely covered with black clouds. Thunder could be heard repeatedly. Below the thunder, tornadoes were connecting heaven and earth. They were spinning and snarling near and far like wind dragons emerging from the sky and wreaking havoc through the entire world.

At a glance, it looked very spectacular.

However, this was not something created by a martial cultivator. Rather, it was something created by nature.

“What is this?” Chu Feng asked.

“Big brother, it’s alright. This plain is called the Hell Plain. Tornadoes are present on this plain all year round. Tornadoes of this level will not pose any threat to martial cultivators of our level,” Li Xiang said.

“Hell Plain? Why would this place have such a frightening name?” Chu Feng asked.

“This Hell Plain will have tornadoes for at least three hundred days out of the three hundred and sixty five days in a year.”

“However, on certain specific days, an extremely frightening and enormous tornado will appear. That tornado is extremely frightening. If martial cultivators below the cultivation of Martial Immortal are to be sucked into that enormous tornado, their bodies and souls will immediately be shattered. Not even a corpse will remain. Because of that, that enormous tornado is known as the Hell Tornado,” Li Xiang said.

“So that’s the case. The Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm is truly a miraculous place. Not only does it have the Six Great Sacred Vestiges, but there are actually also places like this,” Chu Feng said.

“There are a lot of miraculous places in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. My hometown, the Heavenly River Snow Domain, is even more miraculous than this.”

“In that place, the snowflakes rise from the ground and fall into the clouds,” Li Xiang said.

“Oh? There’s actually such a miraculous place?” Chu Feng revealed an expression of surprise upon hearing what Li Xiang said.

Generally, snowflakes would fall from the sky to the earth, and cover it with boundless snow.

For snowflakes to appear from the earth itself and fall into the sky, that was simply a reversal of the way snowflakes fell.

Furthermore, it was not something caused by a martial cultivator, but rather by nature itself.

Merely by thinking about it, Chu Feng was amazed at such a scene.

“If I have the time, I’ll go and check out your hometown,” Chu Feng said.

“Sure, sure. Unfortunately, my parents are no longer here. Otherwise… I could have my mother prepare a delicious Snowbeast Feast for you. My mother’s Snowbeast Feast is top-rated. It is a delicacy that no world spiritist, regardless of how powerful they are, can create,” Li Xiang spoke in reminiscence.

“Your parents have passed away?”

Chu Feng was surprised upon hearing those words. Li Xiang was not very old, and thus his parents shouldn’t be very old either.

Faintly, Chu Feng felt that there was a reason for their deaths.

“Big brother Chu Feng, Li Xiang’s parents were killed by serpent monstrous beasts,” one of Li Xiang’s good buddies said.

“Serpent monstrous beasts?” Chu Feng’s expression changed.

“Li Xiang’s hometown was originally a place where humans lived. It could even be considered to a paradise. However, one day, a group of serpent monstrous beasts suddenly passed through Li Xiang’s hometown. They’d heard that Li Xiang’s mother was able to make a very delicious Snowbeast Feast, and thus decided to have Li Xiang’s mother prepare them a Snowbeast Feast.”

“However, Li Xiang’s maternal grandfather had died at the hands of monstrous beasts. Thus, Li Xiang’s mother deeply detested monstrous beasts. Naturally, she refused the request from that group of serpent monstrous beasts.”

“However, no one would’ve expected that group of serpent monstrous beasts to be so ruthless. Because Li Xiang’s mother refused them, they ended up killing all of Li Xiang’s clansmen and turned them into a human feast, eating all of them.”

“At that time, Li Xiang was sealed away by his father through a treasure. It was only because of that that he managed to escape death. However, he also personally witnessed the miserable deaths of his parents and clansmen and how they were then turned into food and eaten by those monstrous serpents,” Li Xiang’s friend said.

Chu Feng was very surprised upon hearing those words. He looked to Li Xiang. There was suddenly a trace of guilt on his face.

He had realized why Li Xiang decided to beat up that monstrous serpent for no reason at all.

As the saying goes, there was no love without reason and no hatred without reason in the world.

The reason why Li Xiang detested monstrous serpents was because his own clansmen had died at the hands of a group of monstrous serpents.

“Li Xiang, it would appear that I had wrongfully blamed you for your actions that day,” Chu Feng patted Li Xiang’s shoulder.

Perhaps he had recalled the scene of his parents’ death due to what his friend had said, but Li Xiang had an expression laden with grief.

However, when Chu Feng’s hand touched Li Xiang’s shoulder, Li Xiang immediately forced a smile on his face. With a cheerful smile, he said, “Big brother Chu Feng, it’s all in the past now.”

“Li Xiang, I understand that you hold hatred in your heart. However, as the saying goes, for every grievance, someone is responsible, for every debt, there is a debtor. You should not hate all serpent monstrous beasts just because your clansmen were killed by a group of serpent monstrous beasts. At the very least, you cannot unleash your hatred upon those innocent serpent monstrous beasts,” Chu Feng said.

“I understand. Big brother Chu Feng, I will definitely fix this defect of mine. I will no longer randomly attack serpent monstrous beasts. However, big brother Chu Feng, there is one thing that I must make clear. Although I deeply detest serpent monstrous beasts, I have never once killed an innocent serpent monstrous beast. At the very most, I would beat them up to vent my anger.”

“That said, big brother Chu Feng, please rest assured. I will definitely change this ailment of mine.”

Li Xiang vowed in a very earnest manner. Seeing that, Chu Feng knew that Li Xiang was feeling repentant from the bottom of his heart. He knew that Li Xiang was not just putting on a show for him.

“Very well, I trust you.”

“That said, have you managed to avenge your parents’ deaths?” Chu Feng asked.

This was a massive hatred composed of his entire clan being killed. Any ordinary person would want to get revenge for this matter.

It would be even more so for someone as hot-blooded as Li Xiang. Chu Feng knew that Li Xiang would definitely want to avenge his parents and clansmen.

That said, Chu Feng didn’t know if Li Xiang had already obtained revenge for his clan’s extermination.