Chapter 2821 - Being Betrayed

Chapter 2821 - Being Betrayed

“No, I haven’t. All these years, I have been searching for that group of serpent monstrous beasts the entire time. However, I have not been able to find them. I don't even know who they are,” Li Xiang said.

“There are truly too many different races of monstrous beasts in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. For some monstrous beast races, they will be hidden and extremely difficult to find,” Li Xiang’s friend hurriedly added.

“Even if I must search through the entire Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, I still must find them,” Li Xiang said with rage fuming between gritted teeth.

As Li Xiang spoke, he involuntarily clenched his fists. Hatred and unreconciliation emerged in his eyes.

“In that case, do you remember what they look like?” Chu Feng asked.

“I do. At that time, they had taken their actual form. They were a group of serpent monstrous beasts with bodies covered with black scales, long red fangs and red eyes. Although their strength differed, their size was practically the same. They were all seventy-four meters long,” Li Xiang said.

“That form is quite easy to identify. Rest assured, I will definitely help you capture them one day and avenge your parents,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng knew the pain of having one’s clan exterminated very well. Thus, he had decided that he would help Li Xiang obtain his revenge should he have the ability to do so in the future.

“Big brother Chu Feng, there were over a hundred serpent monstrous beasts back then. However, only thirty-one of them killed my parents and ate their flesh. I do not wish to willfully slaughter the innocent. If you are to happen to encounter them one day, merely the lives of those thirty-one serpent monstrous beasts would suffice,” Li Xiang said.

“Very well,” Chu Feng nodded.


Suddenly, a boundless oppressive might emerged out of the blue.

That oppressive might was too powerful and too sudden. Chu Feng and the others were all caught off-guard by it.

At that moment, Chu Feng and the others all lost the ability to fly, and began to rapidly fall from midair.

“Bang, bang, bang…” Consecutive crashes were heard. Chu Feng and the others were all smashed deep into the ground like dying dogs. They were unable to move at all.

Even the strongest individual among the Sacred Pellet Villa’s group, Elder Ma Changchun, was unable to move at all.

That oppressive might was simply too powerful, too frightening. Before it, Chu Feng felt that he was pitifully small.

“Crap, it’s a Martial Immortal. It’s a Martial Immortal-level expert.”

Chu Feng started to panic. Their opponent was simply too powerful. Chu Feng felt that he was powerless to fight back.

With merely a thought, his opponent would be able to completely annihilate Chu Feng, killing him on the spot.

“No, Chu Feng, there’s someone in the sky still,” Her Lady Queen said.,

Chu Feng had fallen on his back. Thus, he was able to see the situation above.

It turned out that whilst all of the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa were enveloped by that oppressive might, there was an exception.

That person was an elder of the Sacred Pellet Villa.

That elder had a very upright appearance. He could be said to be the most upright looking elder among all of the Sacred Pellet Villa’s group of elders.

Chu Feng knew who that person was. His name was Shi Fufang. He was the person who had spoken the least on this journey. There had practically been no interaction between him and Chu Feng.

Originally, Chu Feng had had a decent impression of him since he did not try to flatter his way into friendship with Chu Feng like the others.

However, at this moment, that Elder Shi Fufang’s eyes were filled with treachery.

Furthermore, he was looking down at the crowd held down by the oppressive might with an expression seemingly of enjoying the suffering of others.

It was only at that moment that Chu Feng realized that elder by the name of Shi Fufang was a dangerous character.

However, that oppressive might was obviously not his. Although Elder Shi Fufang was very strong, he was a bit weaker than Elder Ma Changchun. Thus, it would be impossible for him to suppress Ma Changchun to the ground using his own oppressive might.

Since it wasn’t his, whose was it then? Who was the one that was planning to attack Chu Feng?


At the moment when Chu Feng and the others were guessing who the owner of that oppressive might was, they all started floating into the sky.

However, apart from speaking, Chu Feng and the others were still unable to move in the slightest. They seemed to be manipulated like puppets.

“It’s you all?!”

After being brought back into the sky, Chu Feng saw a group of people.

He finally realized who it was that wanted to take care of him.

Chu Feng recognized this group of people. He had met them in the Spirit Formation Immortal Domain.

They were the people from Yuwen City.

Those Yuwen City elders, Yuwen Hualong and Yuwen Tingyi were all present.

However, there was an unfamiliar face among them.

That person was a black-haired old man. Although he had the appearance of an old man, his body was extremely robust. It was like he was a humanoid monstrous beast.

Not only was his body robust like that of a monstrous beast, but he also had a very fiendish face.

That Martial Immortal-level aura was being emitted by none other than that man.

“Yuwen City’s City Master, Yuwen Yanhong!!!”

Upon seeing that fiendish-looking old man, Elder Ma Changchun’s expression changed greatly.

At that moment, Chu Feng finally found out who that old man was.

At that moment, that Sacred Pellet Villa’s Elder Shi Fufang flew toward the people from the Yuwen City and arrived behind Yuwen City’s City Master.

Yuwen City’s City Master seemed to have come prepared. He immediately took out a silver blade and tossed it to Shi Fufang.

That was not an ordinary blade. Instead, it was an actual Immortal Armament.

“My thanks.”

After receiving the Immortal Armament, Shi Fufang carefully put it away. A joyous smile emerged on his face.

At that moment, Elder Ma Changchun let out a furious shout, “Shi Fufang, it was you who betrayed us?!”

It was not only him who was furious, all of the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa present started to curse out in rage at Shi Fufang.

They had all realized what had happened. It would be impossible for the people from Yuwen City to discover them and Chu Feng.

It was most definitely Shi Fufang who had secretly notified them of their location. It was only because of that that the people from Yuwen City were able to catch up to them.

That Shi Fufang remained very undisturbed by the curses from the Sacred Pellet Villa’s crowd. He looked to the Yuwen City’s City Master and said with a very indifferent tone, “Remember to kill them all. Otherwise, I will not be able to stay in the Sacred Pellet Villa anymore.”

“Rest assured, our Yuwen City also does not wish to start a war against the Sacred Pellet Villa. We will naturally kill them all.”

“That said, if we are to kill them all, how are you to explain your survival upon your return?” The Yuwen City’s City Master asked.

“I had something that I needed to settle on this journey to begin with. I have only journeyed together with them so that I could notify you all of their location. Upon my return, I can tell the others that I parted ways with them,” Shi Fufang said.

“Very well,” after the Yuwen City’s City Master finished saying those words, he turned to Chu Feng.

Even though he appeared to be very calm, when his gaze landed on Chu Feng, Chu Feng felt incomparably powerful killing intent and hatred.

However, that was normal. After all, Chu Feng had crippled the cultivation of his son and his Yuwen City’s strongest genius.

“It is I who crippled the cultivations of Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong, I will shoulder the consequences myself.”

“If you have the ability, then aim your revenge at me, Chu Feng. Let them go,” Chu Feng said.

“With how much they shielded you, they deserve to die too,” the Yuwen City’s City Master said.

“However, Chu Feng, you don’t have to be so urgent to die. I will have you properly experience the sensation of being in so much pain that you’ll wish to die,” after the Yuwen City’s City Master finished saying those words, he looked to Yuwen Tingyi and asked, “Which one is Li Xiang?”

“It’s him!” Yuwen Tingyi shouted while pointing at Li Xiang.


The next moment, Li Xiang immediately flew toward the Yuwen City crowd. He arrived before Yuwen Tingyi and stopped.

Li Xiang was forced to kneel before Yuwen Tingyi.