Chapter 2819 - Linking With World Spirits

Chapter 2819 - Linking With World Spirits

There were requirements for one to learn Immortal Techniques. For ordinary people, they would need to be at least rank five True Immortal in order to learn a rank one Immortal Technique.

Geniuses with extraordinary talent would be able to learn one with the cultivation of rank four True Immortal.

However, for someone with Chu Feng’s comprehension, they would actually be able to learn a rank one Immortal Technique at the cultivation of rank three True Immortal.

Even though Chu Feng had managed to ultimately win in his consecutive confrontations against Yuwen Tingyi, Yuwen Hualong, Han Yu and Xia Yun’er, he had realized the might of Immortal Techniques during these confrontations.

As such, he felt that he must grasp an Immortal Technique as quickly as possible.

What Chu Feng needed to do right now was precisely to learn the rank one Immortal Technique: Asura Poison Flow.

At Chu Feng’s level of comprehension, as long as it was not a technique that was especially difficult to learn, there was simply no need for him to learn through practice.

As long as Chu Feng studied the method to use this Immortal Technique and completely comprehended it, he would be able to use it.

To the current Chu Feng, learning the rank one Immortal Technique: Asura Poison Flow was actually extremely simple.

Thus, while journeying, Chu Feng used only a single day to master the Asura Poison Flow.

If this was to be known by the people from the Sacred Pellet Villa, they would definitely be extremely astonished.

After all, when they were at Chu Feng’s level of cultivation, they were most definitely unable to grasp a rank one Immortal Technique this quickly. Furthermore, to grasp a rank one Immortal Technique merely by comprehending it and not actually practicing it was something that they never dared to even imagine.

However, Chu Feng had accomplished just that.

After Chu Feng grasped the rank one Immortal Technique, he came to a full realization that Immortal Techniques were truly the strongest method that True Immortal-level experts possessed to confront their enemies.

Take the rank one Immortal Technique: Asura Poison Flow for example.

Although this Immortal Technique possessed a cooldown period that made it so that Chu Feng could only used it once during a certain period of time, its might was very impressive. It possessed an effect of weakening one’s opponent’s Immortal Technique and battle power.

While it might not necessarily defeat one’s opponent, it was capable of making Chu Feng’s opponent unable to contend against him anymore.

The Asura Poison Flow could be said to be an oddity among Immortal Techniques. However, without a doubt, it was a very powerful Immortal Technique.

“Had I known this Immortal Technique to be this useful, I would’ve learned it long ago. Had I done that, I wouldn’t have nearly been defeated by Han Yu.”

Chu Feng sighed and was slightly regretful at not having learned this Immortal Technique immediately.

Even though Chu Feng ultimately won the battle against Han Yu, only he himself knew that he had barely won that battle.

If it wasn’t for Han Yu underestimating him, Chu Feng might have been the one to lose.

For example, had Han Yu unleashed his rank two Immortal Technique from the very start, even if Chu Feng was protected by the Five Elements Secret Skills, he would definitely be seriously injured.

At that time, even if Han Yu would end up receiving a backlash from using his rank two Immortal Technique, his level of injury would definitely be lighter than Chu Feng’s.

If they were to continue fighting then, the outcome of the battle would have truly been difficult to determine.

“Isn’t it the same to learn it now? Furthermore, as there’s still idle time in the journey, Chu Feng… why don’t you try to link up with world spirits?” Her Lady Queen said.

“Link up with world spirits? Right now?” Chu Feng was surprised. After all, he did not wish to contract other world spirits to begin with.

“That’s something that you promised this Queen before. Are you planning to back out of your promise?”

Her Lady Queen immediately started pouting with her hands on her waist. It seemed like she would get extremely angry should Chu Feng not listen to her and do as she said.

“Of course not, of course not. I’ll attempt it right now, okay?” Chu Feng said.

As Chu Feng spoke, he shifted his consciousness into his world spirit space.

Chu Feng had to cast his consciousness into his world spirit space in order to link up with world spirits. After all, his world spirit space was the channel that connected him to the Asura Spirit World.

“Hehe, don’t be angry, I will attempt it right now.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he sat cross-legged on the ground and prepared to begin linking with other world spirits.

“You must be serious and not toy around. If you aren’t serious, this Queen will be able to tell,” Her Lady Queen said in a supervising tone and with a serious expression.

In this sort of situation, how could Chu Feng dare to not be serious? He had no choice but to put forth all of his focus into linking with a world spirit.


Once Chu Feng began, it was as if he had opened a gate to another world.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt as if his spirit power had entered a strange space.

It seemed like a tunnel. Being inside this tunnel, Chu Feng was able to sense the thoughts of others and even hear their voices.

To put it simply, Chu Feng felt as if he had entered the minds of others through the use of his spirit power.

As for those other individuals, they were most likely world spirits from the Asura Spirit World.

Merely, Chu Feng was unable to see their appearances at all. He could only sense their cultivation.

“Excuse me, can you hear me?” Chu Feng asked.

“Who? Who said that?”

“Motherfucker! Who scared me?!”

“Aiyah, what is this? Why am I hearing someone’s voice?”

Once Chu Feng said those words, several voices were immediately heard in response.

There were voices that were scared, voices that were panicky, voices that were shocked and voies that were pleasantly surprised. However, the majority of them were all questioning Chu Feng in turn.

Through the responses from these many voices, Chu Feng realized that he was actually linked to multiple world spirits.

To be exact, it was ten world spirits. Chu Feng was currently linked to ten world spirits.

“Hello, I am a world spiritist,” Chu Feng said with a gentle tone.

After all, there were women among them. Thus, Chu Feng needed to show some elegance in his demeanor.

“World spiritist? Holy crap, the legendary world spiritists actually really exist?”

“Hey hey hey, I’ve heard that as long as I enter a contract with you, I will be able to enter your world. Is that true?”

“Quickly, give me source energy! Give me source energy now! As long as there’s source energy, my cultivation will be able to increase rapidly! I will then be able to take revenge on those people that snatched my wife from me!”

“Humph, a world spiritist with such a weak level of cultivation wants to contract this great sir and make me your helper? In your dreams. Quickly bugger out of this great sir’s head. Else, I will tear you to pieces.”


Many voices responded simultaneously once again.

At that moment, Chu Feng realized a couple issues.

Firstly, it seemed that the Asura Spirit World’s world spirits had all heard of world spiritists before. Furthermore, they all knew about world spiritists.

However, it seemed that they had rarely ever been in contact with world spiritists. Thus, they became extremely interested in Chu Feng.

However, the issue was that those that were interested in Chu Feng were all weak world spirits, they were all only Martial Ancestors.

At that moment, the only True Immortal-level world spirit that Chu Feng was linked with was only a rank one True Immortal.

However, this rank one True Immortal world spirit was very arrogant. He was actually unwilling to enter a contract with Chu Feng.

“A mere rank one True Immortal dares to be this arrogant? This great sir does not want you, scram,” Chu Feng said in a very displeased manner.

“Motherfucker! You dare to speak to this great sir in such a manner?! If you have the ability, then come out. This great sir will tear you to shreds.”

That rank one True Immortal-level world spirit grew extremely furious. Chu Feng even felt his killing intent.

If Chu Feng were to really appear before it, it would definitely attempt to kill him.

However, Chu Feng did not bother to continue to tangle himself with him. He retrieved his spirit power that connected him to the world spirits. After retrieving his spirit power, Chu Feng’s consciousness returned to his world spirit space.