Chapter 2804 - Disparity Of Talent

Chapter 2804 - Disparity Of Talent

“Bastard, you are clearly only a rank four True Immortal, yet you dare to act this arrogantly? Did you really think that I can’t injure you?!”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that I promised Han Yu to only cripple your cultivation and not kill you, I wouldn’t have held back against you, and you’d already be dead right now.”

Yuwen Hualong gnashed his teeth with rage; he was completely infuriated by Chu Feng. He was so angry that his eyes grew fierce and red. It was as if they were about to burn with rage.

“Oh? So it was Han Yu who ordered you to come here. That guy truly detests me.”

“Very well, I understand now. I will go and settle this debt with him in the future. However, I must still cripple your cultivation first.”

Chu Feng was not joking around. He was really planning on crippling Yuwen Hualong’s cultivation.

After all, Yuwen Hualong was different from Xia Yun’er.

Behind Xia Yun’er was the Starfall Holy Land. The grand characters of the Starfall Holy Land were beings that Chu Feng currently could not afford to offend.

Furthermore, the reason why Xia Yun’er had held murderous desires toward Chu Feng earlier was because Chu Feng had accidentally seen her naked body.

A woman like her would be extremely conceited. Thus, how could she tolerate someone seeing her naked? As such, Chu Feng was able to understand her, even though she had revealed murderous desire toward him.

As for Yuwen Hualong, he was different. Firstly, Chu Feng had already completely offended the power behind him, Yuwen City.

Next, he had disliked Chu Feng from the very beginning. Even if none of the things that had happened had happened, he would not necessarily let Chu Feng get away either.

Lastly, Yuwen Hualong had made such a fierce and malevolent declaration earlier, stating that he would not spare those that spoke for Chu Feng. Thus, how could Chu Feng possibly spare him?

That was why Chu Feng came to a determination to have Yuwen Hualong suffer the same fate as Yuwen Tingyi, to have his cultivation also be crippled.

“Chu Feng, you are simply too arrogant!”

“Since that’s the case, I will have you experience the ability of this Yuwen Hualong.”

“However, Chu Feng, it is not that easy for one to experience the ability that I, Yuwen Hualong, possess.”

“To experience it, you will have to pay with your life.”

“Thus, I’ve decided. I will not only cripple your cultivation, I will instead kill you and leave you without an intact corpse.”

After he finished saying those words, flames began to surge out of Yuwen Hualong’s body.

The flames were red, and emitting extreme heat. Even though Chu Feng was very far away from Yuwen Hualong, he was still able to feel waves of heat bombarding him unceasingly.

Those were most definitely not ordinary flames. Rather, it was an Immortal Technique.

“Immortal Technique, is it? Come, let me experience exactly what sort of might your Immortal Technique possesses,” Chu Feng remained very calm in the face of the Immortal Technique.

Chu Feng currently possessed a certain amount of understanding toward Immortal Techniques. Thus, he was no longer as surprised as he was when he had first encountered Chu Xianshuo’s Immortal Technique.

“I will satisfy you and have you experience the might of my rank one Immortal Technique: Raging Flames Slash!”

Suddenly, Yuwen Hualong slashed down with both of his arms. The flames that covered his body burst forth following the motion of his arms.


Once the flames separated themselves from Yuwen Hualong’s body, they immediately started spreading. Like a volcanic eruption, they actually extended to several hundred meters in height.

However, those flames soon shrunk in size again. In the end, they stopped at the height of a hundred meters.

Merely, at that moment, they were no longer flames erupting everywhere. Instead, they turned into a blade of blazing flames that emitted bright red light. This flaming blade was extremely imposing. With a might capable of burning heaven and earth, it slashed down toward Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng was already prepared for this. Before that Immortal Technique was unleashed towards him, Chu Feng had already unleashed his Ancient Era’s War Axe.

Furthermore, like how he had fought against Xia Yun’er, Chu Feng combined the Ancient Era’s War Axe and the Ancient Era’s War Sword, and used them to simultaneously protect himself. He had decided to focus wholly on defense.


A loud explosion was heard. Yuwen Hualong’s Immortal Technique had landed on Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword.

In that instant, countless flame serpents began to erupt in all directions, filling an area of several thousand meters and burning all the trees around them.

Yuwen Hualong had finished unleashing his Immortal Technique: Raging Flames Slash.

However, Chu Feng was completely undamaged. Evidently, Yuwen Hualong’s Immortal Technique was unable to breach Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword and Ancient Era’s War Axe.

“Is this all you’re capable of? If this is it, then I am truly disappointed.”

“It is one thing for Yuwen Tingyi to be trash. However, it turns out that you’re also trash. It would appear that Yuwen City is truly without a qualified successor,” Chu Feng mocked.

That said, his words were not merely mockery. The reason for that was because he had confronted Xia Yun’er earlier.

Both Xia Yun’er and Yuwen Hualong had used Immortal Techniques when they fought against Chu Feng. As such, Chu Feng could compare them.

Xia Yun’er had used three different Immortal Techniques in succession, and each of them had been stronger than the last.

By comparison, the Immortal Technique Yuwen Hualong had just used was inferior to even Xia Yun’er’s first Immortal Technique. From this, it could be determined that if one’s cultivation was disregarded, and only one’s talent was concerned, then Yuwen Hualong’s talent would definitely be inferior to Xia Yun’er’s.

“You damned bastard, shut the fuck up! Your daddy is not done yet!”

As Yuwen Hualong spoke, red flames once again started emerging from his body.

Merely, the red flames this time around were a lot more majestic compared to last time. Furthermore, they were already transforming while they were still on his body. The flames took the form of a ferocious beast.

“This guy, he has actually grasped two Immortal Techniques?”

Merely from the aura emitted by Yuwen Hualong, Chu Feng was able to tell that the Immortal Technique he was using this time around was different from the one before. However, Chu Feng was still completely confident and composed.

The reason for that was because even Yuwen Hualong’s second Immortal Technique was inferior in strength compared to Xia Yun’er’s first Immortal Technique.

As for Chu Feng, he was able to block Xia Yun’er’s second Immortal Technique. Naturally, he would not fear Yuwen Hualong’s second Immortal Technique.


Suddenly, when Chu Feng was prepared to block Yuwen Hualong’s second Immortal Technique, Yuwen Hualong suddenly opened his mouth and sprayed out a mouthful of blood. At that moment, the flames that had surrounded his body and were transforming into a ferocious beast immediately started to vanish.

Following that, Yuwen Hualong’s legs grew weak. He swayed left and right, and was unable to stand firm. After struggling for a long while, he fell on his knees with a ‘putt.’

Following that, he vomited two more mouthfuls of blood, dying his clothes red.

The next moment, Yuwen Hualong collapsed onto the ground and landed directly onto the blood he had just vomited.

It was a truly sorry sight.

That said, it was somewhat funny. The reason for that was because Chu Feng had not even fought back, he had been on the defensive the entire fight.

However, after Yuwen Hualong unleashed a series of attacks, he actually caused this sort of injury to himself.

Fortunately, no one was there to witness this. Otherwise, Yuwen Hualong would definitely be ridiculed.

After all, Yuwen Hualong was someone who carried the title of a Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s genius.

Seeing the current Yuwen Hualong, Chu Feng gasped in his heart that the backlash from Immortal Techniques was truly strong.

Yuwen Hualong had only unleashed two Immortal Techniques in succession. Yet, he was already tormented by the backlash to such a state.

Because of this, Chu Feng began to ponder why Xia Yun’er was able to stay completely unscathed even after unleashing three such powerful Immortal Techniques.