Chapter 2805 - Cultivation Crippled

Chapter 2805 - Cultivation Crippled

“Bastard, I’ll definitely kill you!”

Yuwen Hualong tried with great difficulty to climb back up. Even though his health had become extremely weak, his murderous desire toward Chu Feng did not decrease. It would appear that he was feeling extremely unreconciled, and wanted to continue to fight against Chu Feng.

For the sake of healing his injuries quickly, Yuwen Hualong took out a large amount of medicinal pellets and stuffed his mouth with them.

Although it was true that healing medicines were capable of healing one’s injuries, to swallow all those medicinal pellets at once, one would definitely suffer from their backlash even though they would heal injuries a bit sooner.

From this, it could be seen that Yuwen Hualong was truly worried.

That being said, after swallowing all those medicinal pellets, Yuwen Hualong’s injuries healed greatly. At the very least, he was soon able to stand on his feet.

“Chu Feng, are you prepared to die yet?”

After Yuwen Hualong stood back up, he once again held the two Incomplete Immortal Armaments in his hands.

“Go on and continue. I’m waiting for you to go all-out against me,” Chu Feng said indifferently.

“Very well, I, Yuwen Hualong, will satisfy you,” Yuwen Hualong said those words with fuming rage between gritted teeth.


The next moment, Yuwen Hualong’s body shifted. He actually started flying toward the pillar of light behind him.

Yuwen Hualong was trying to escape.

It turned out that after he had failed his second Immortal Technique, he simply had no plan to continue fighting against Chu Feng.

He’d planned to escape from that place from the very start. His earlier declaration that he would kill Chu Feng was all to mislead him.


At that moment, the Ancient Era’s War Sword trembled slightly, and a burst of oppressive might was shot forth. That oppressive might knocked Yuwen Hualong, who was just about to reach the pillar of light, several hundred meters away.

“Aiyayaya, what are you doing? If you are to do this, I’d be extremely worried. Didn’t you say that you were going to cripple my cultivation? Why are you fleeing instead?” While saying those words, Chu Feng began to walk toward Yuwen Hualong with his Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler in hand.

“Chu Feng, w-w-what are you planning to do? If you dare to do anything to me, our Yuwen City will definitely not let you get away. My brother Han Yu will definitely not let you get away either,” seeing Chu Feng approaching him, Yuwen Hualong started to shiver in fear.

He had already witnessed what had happened to Yuwen Tingyi, and did not wish to end up suffering the same fate.

After all, the one thing that a genius as conceited as Yuwen Hualong cared about the most was his cultivation.

“Are you dumb or what? You actually used your Yuwen City and Han Yu to threaten me at a time like this?”

Chu Feng shook his head with a smile on his face. He found this to be truly funny. The reason for that was because he felt what Yuwen Hualong said to be very ridiculous.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had arrived before Yuwen Hualong. He raised his Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler and aimed it at Yuwen Hualong’s dantian.

“Chu Feng, I was wrong, I was truly wrong. Please spare me. If you are to spare me this once, I will definitely repent and mend my mistaken ways. From today onward, even if you have me be your ox or horse, I will be completely willing.”

Seeing that Chu Feng was determined to cripple his cultivation, Yuwen Hualong not only immediately changed his tone, but his eyes were even streaming with tears. It was as if he truly knew his wrongs.

Seeing Yuwen Hualong’s current appearance, Chu Feng laughed. “You say that you knew your wrongs, so why is it that I still feel killing intent and the desire to retaliate against me from your eyes?”

After saying those words, Chu Feng unleashed his Dragon Mark Immortal-level spirit power.


Seeing Chu Feng’s Dragon Mark Immortal-level spirit power, Yuwen Hualong’s face immediately turned ashen.

Not only did he realize that Chu Feng had managed to successfully make a breakthrough in his world spirit techniques, he also realized that Chu Feng’s perception was extremely powerful. Thus, Chu Feng must’ve really noticed the deep hatred he held deep within his heart.

Today, he would likely not be able to escape from a calamity.


Suddenly, Chu Feng’s Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler struck down. With a ‘puu,’ blood splattered everywhere. Not only did Chu Feng’s Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler pierce into Yuwen Hualong’s body, it had also shattered Yuwen Hualong’s dantian.


Below the mountain. The crowd were still gathered here. They seemed to be waiting for someone, waiting for a great show.

After all, they all knew that Yuwen Hualong had, for the sake of taking care of Chu Feng, even used a treasure like the Clone Teleportation Talisman. They all wanted to know if Yuwen Hualong had captured Chu Feng, and whether or not Chu Feng was able to keep his cultivation.


Suddenly, one of the pillars started to flicker with light. At that moment, the crowd immediately turned their gazes toward it.

Just like that, before the focus of the crowd, Chu Feng walked out from the pillar.

Not only was Chu Feng completely unscathed, he even had a faint smile on his face.

“Big brother Chu Feng, it is truly great that you’re fine. I am truly relieved to see that you’re alright.”

Li Xiang and his two buddies immediately rushed over upon seeing Chu Feng. The three of them were the ones that were worried about Chu Feng the most.

After all, it was because of Li Xiang that Chu Feng had crippled Yuwen Tingyi’s cultivation. Thus, they all felt that this matter was related to them. If Chu Feng’s cultivation was to truly be crippled by Yuwen Hualong because of this, they would feel extremely guilty. Likely, they would feel apologetic toward Chu Feng for the rest of their lives.

“Outrageous!” Han Yu suddenly shouted.

Then, he pointed at the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder, “You all dared to say that you were not deliberately helping Chu Feng?! You all dare to help him this openly, do you still dare to deny your association?!”

“Little friend Han Yu, I urge you to speak with a respectful tone. When has our Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan helped little friend Chu Feng?” That Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan’s elder spoke in a very displeased manner.

“Yuwen Hualong entered the mountain with my Clone Teleportation Talisman. It is sufficient to guard all of the exits. As long as you all did not create another exit for him, it was impossible for him to come out here,” Han Yu loudly declared.

“Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan, you all dare to shield Chu Feng like this?! Our Yuwen City will not let you get away with this!”

At that moment, the Yuwen City elders also grew furious, and all began to lash out at the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan.

In fact, it was not only the Yuwen City elders and Han Yu that felt this way, many others present also felt the same way.

They all felt that the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan was helping Chu Feng. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be possible for Chu Feng to escape from Yuwen Hualong.

“Yuwen Hualong? I encountered him,” right at that moment, Chu Feng spoke with a very calm tone.

At that moment, everyone present, including Han Yu and the Yuwen City elders, all turned their gazes to Chu Feng, their expressions very complicated.

“Big brother Chu Feng, you encountered Yuwen Hualong? Where did you encounter him?” Li Xiang and his two buddies were extremely shocked upon hearing that.

Actually, what Li Xiang and his two buddies asked was precisely what everyone present wanted to know.

Chu Feng had encountered Yuwen Hualong. Thus, how was he be able to stand before them unscathed?

“I encountered him at an exit,” Chu Feng said.

“Then where is Yuwen Hualong? Where is he now?” Li Xiang and his two buddies asked in unison.

“Where is he?” Chu Feng smiled faintly. Then, he took out a sack from his waist. “Isn’t he here?”

After saying those words, Chu Feng tossed forth his sack. Immediately, the sack expanded in size. The next moment, a figure fell out from the sack.


Seeing that figure, the expressions of many of the people present changed enormously.

Even the Starfall Eight Immortals revealed a change in expression in their eyes. To a greater or lesser extent, they were shocked.

The reason for that was because the figure that fell out from the bag was not only badly mutilated; his cultivation was also completely gone.

As for that person, he was none other than Yuwen Hualong, who had declared that he would cripple Chu Feng’s cultivation earlier.

Thus, why was it that Chu Feng was completely unscathed, and Yuwen Hualong was left in such a miserable state?