Chapter 2803 - Unleashing Full Strength

Chapter 2803 - Unleashing Full Strength

Actually, Yuwen Hualong had already noticed Chu Feng before Chu Feng even said anything to him.

Thus, the corners of Yuwen Hualong’s mouth were raised into a strange curve.

It was a smile of incomparable hatred, and joy from being able to obtain revenge.

“What’s wrong with this guy? It’s only been a short while since we last met, and he’s turned into a mute already?”

Chu Feng was confused upon seeing Yuwen Hualong acting like that.

That said, Chu Feng knew very well that Yuwen Hualong was a rank six True Immortal.

Had it been before, Chu Feng might immediately flee upon encountering Yuwen Hualong.

After all, Chu Feng knew that someone of Yuwen Hualong’s personality would definitely not let him off should he encounter him.

However, Chu Feng was now capable of defeating even Xia Yun’er. Thus, he did not feel that he would lose to Yuwen Hualong.

That said, the Yuwen Hualong that was standing before Chu Feng was not actually the real Yuwen Hualong.

The actual Yuwen Hualong was currently sitting on the ground with his palms overlapping one another, forming a special hand seal.


The next moment, the actual Yuwen Hualong disappeared.

At the same time, all of his clones also disappeared.

Thus, the clone standing before Chu Feng had also disappeared.

“Where’d he go?”

Chu Feng was shocked to see that Yuwen Hualong had suddenly disappeared.

After all, the speed at which he had disappeared was simply too quick.

However, right after Yuwen Hualong disappeared, he reappeared.

Seeing this, Chu Feng’s expression changed.

He asked, “So that one earlier wasn’t the real you? You used some sort of method to shift your location?” 

“Your eyesight is pretty good. In that case, do you know why I’ve used such a precious Clone Teleportation Talisman to guard the various exits from the mountain?” As Yuwen Hualong asked Chu Feng that question, he began to walk toward him.

“What else could your purpose possibly be? It would naturally be to take care of me,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re quite smart. However, I am not merely going to simply take care of you. Instead, I am going to avenge Tingyi. I will cripple your cultivation, bring you back to Tingyi and make you kneel and apologize to him,” Yuwen Hualong spoke fiercely.

“Oh, so you’ve come to avenge Yuwen Tingyi?”

“If that’s the case, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“You damned bastard, you did that sort of thing to my brother Tingyi, yet you still dare to laugh?!”

Yuwen Hualong was extremely furious. He abruptly raised his hand and shot forth his martial power. His martial power transformed into many flying swords that came flying at Chu Feng.


Chu Feng had already anticipated Yuwen Hualong’s attack.

Immediately, the Divine level Lightning Mark appeared on his forehead. At practically the same time, the Ancient Era’s War Sword also appeared before Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was currently a rank four True Immortal. After using the Lightning Mark, his cultivation became that of a rank five True Immortal.

Adding on the power to surmount one level of cultivation possessed by the Ancient Era’s War Sword, Chu Feng’s current battle power was identical to Yuwen Hualong’s.

With the situation being like that with the Ancient Era’s War Sword standing before Chu Feng, Yuwen Hualong’s attack was simply unable to cause any harm to Chu Feng.

“Clank, clank, clank~~~”

When those flying swords made of martial power collided with Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword, they would either be knocked away or snapped apart. However, Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword was not moved in the slightest. In fact, there was not even the slightest trace of a scratch on it.

Although both of them possessed identical battle power, it was obvious which of them was stronger.

“You’re a rank four True Immortal?” Yuwen Hualong revealed a surprised expression.

He knew very well that Chu Feng had only been a rank two True Immortal at the beginning, and was a rank three True Immortal when he fought Yuwen Tingyi.

How come when it was his turn to confront Chu Feng, Chu Feng’s cultivation of rank three True Immortal became rank four True Immortal?

This Chu Feng had concealed his cultivation?


Chu Feng did not answer Yuwen Hualong. Instead, he flipped his palm and took out his Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s battle power increased once more. His oppressive might not only caused the surrounding rocks and sand to flutter about, it even shook the enormous trees. To be exact, it shook an entire region of the forest.

“Enough of your superfluous words. I do not wish to waste time. Go ahead and unleash your full strength,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, you have truly concealed yourself extremely well. It is no wonder Tingyi was no match for you.”

“However, so what if you’re a rank four True Immortal? Today, I, Yuwen Hualong, am still going to cripple your cultivation.”

“Not only you, I will cripple the cultivations of all those that are related to you. Those disciples from the Sacred Pellet Villa and the Immortal Armament Villa, all those that are related to you, in fact, all those that have spoken for you, I will cripple all of their cultivations. Not only that, I will also dig out their eyes, slice off their tongues, chop off their limbs and then set up a spirit formation around them so that they will never be able to heal their injuries, so that they will forever be cripples,” Yuwen Hualong spoke with fuming rage between gritted teeth.

Seeing how fierce and malevolent Yuwen Hualong appeared, Chu Feng firmly believed that he would definitely do as he had declared. This Yuwen Hualong was one such malicious and vicious individual.

“It would appear that I will have to have you suffer the same sort of fate as Yuwen Tingyi,” Chu Feng said.

“You dare to still talk big?! I will have you know the disparity between you and I!”

After shouting those words, Yuwen Hualong took out two Incomplete Immortal Armaments.

His Incomplete Immortal Armaments greatly resembled Xia Yun’er’s Incomplete Immortal Armaments. They were also a pair of weapons, and top quality Incomplete Immortal Armaments.

That being said, their outward appearance was different. Xia Yun’er’s Incomplete Immortal Armaments were long silver swords. They suited Xia Yun’er’s celestial fairy-like demeanor.

As for Yuwen Hualong, he was currently holding a pair of daggers. Furthermore, his daggers were very strange. They were actually curved, and quite short. They were completely incompatible with Yuwen Hualong’s demeanor.

Although the weapons did not seem to suit him, it remained that Yuwen Hualong’s battle power had increased quite a lot after he held the two Incomplete Immortal Armaments in his hands.

“Watch my attack!”

Yuwen Hualong suddenly stepped forward. He moved into a horse stance, and then swung his Incomplete Immortal Armaments.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Many blade rays started flying out. Not to mention the power of the blade rays themselves, merely the shockwave from the blade rays caused the surrounding trees to be severed.

With this one attack, the surrounding trees were all sliced in half. This sort of destruction continued for several kilometers.

However, when such a powerful attack landed on Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword, they met the same fate as the flying swords from earlier - they were unable to do anything to the Ancient Era’s War Sword.

“How could this be?” Seeing the result of his attack, Yuwen Hualong felt disbelief.

His battle power had been greatly increased by the two Incomplete Immortal Armaments he held in his hand.

Moreover, the attack he had unleashed earlier was not an ordinary martial skill either. Instead, it was a Taboo Martial Skill.

How could such a powerful attack be unable to even shake Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword?

“Was I not clear enough?”

“Very well, I’ll say it again. Go all-out against me,” Chu Feng said.