Chapter 2802 - World Spirit Summoning

Chapter 2802 - World Spirit Summoning

“That’s not impossible either. However, no matter how much we guess right now, it will all be useless. It is better that you wait until you possess sufficient strength to return here again and then dive into the depths. At that time, you will find your answer, no?” Her Lady Queen said.

“What you say makes sense. That is actually also what I’m thinking. Eggy, say, why do the two of us always think of the same thing? Could it be that this is the legendary connection between heart and soul?” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

“Pah! This Queen is clever and quick-witted. You do not even possess half of my intelligence. Yet, you say that we possess a connection between heart and soul?” Eggy curled her lips and rolled her eyes. She revealed a gaze of contempt at Chu Feng.

“Haha,” Chu Feng laughed foolishly. He would always feel extremely happy when he managed to obtain some small advantage from Her Lady Queen, even if it was extremely petty.

“Oh, that’s right. Eggy, there’s something else I need to tell you,” suddenly, Chu Feng seemed to recall something major.

“What is it now?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“When I broke through to Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, I sensed a world spirit’s beckoning call,” Chu Feng said.

“What? A world spirit’s beckoning call? You’re saying that there’s an Asura World Spirit that wants to follow you?” Her Lady Queen felt very surprised.

Generally, it would always be world spiritists that summoned world spirits. Very rarely would a world spirit call for a world spiritist.

After all, if world spiritists did not summon a world spirit, the world spirit should not know about the world spiritist’s existence.

“That seems to be the case. Perhaps it’s a world spirit that wants to follow me. Otherwise, why would it call for me?” Chu Feng said.

“Then, did you manage to sense its strength? If it is powerful, why didn’t you directly summon it?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“Before I could sense much of anything, its call for me had disappeared. That being said, regardless of how powerful it might be, I will not have any interest in it. I feel that it would do for me to have only you, Milady Queen.” Chu Feng said.

“Enough of your farts. If it is beneficial to you, this Queen simply wouldn’t mind you summoning other world spirits.”

“That said, Chu Feng, I feel that you should attempt summoning other world spirits. Our Asura Spirit World’s world spirits are generally very powerful.”

“If you’re able to summon a world spirit with a cultivation above your own, wouldn’t it be able to become your assistance on the path of martial cultivation?”

“Even if its growth in the future is slow, you can very easily summon another world spirit. That is what all world spiritists do,” Her Lady Queen said.

“But…” Chu Feng was still hesitant.

His first world spirit was Her Lady Queen. If it wasn’t for Her Lady Queen helping him throughout his journey, not to mention getting as far as he had, Chu Feng might’ve already died.

Although Chu Feng’s world spirit space had grown much larger as his world spirit techniques became stronger, and he was now able to host over ten thousand world spirits without issue, Chu Feng felt that his world spirit space was more like Her Lady Queen’s home.

He did not wish for other world spirits to share his world spirit space with Her Lady Queen.

Furthermore, Chu Feng also understood what Her Lady Queen said to him.

World spirits would choose to follow or not based on the strength of the world spiritist.

Although it was possible for world spirits to increase their strength by refining the source energies of others, Chu Feng couldn’t willfully slaughter the innocent to increase the strength of his world spirits. Furthermore, if he was to kill those that were weak, they would also have very weak source energies that wouldn’t be able to help a world spirit at all.

Due to that, a single situation would emerge. Even though the world spirit a world spiritist summoned might be very powerful and stronger than the world spiritist when it was summoned, if the world spiritist grew stronger too fast, like Chu Feng for example, then the world spirit would, sooner or later, be surpassed by the world spiritist.

When that happened, that world spirit would become useless and the world spiritist would not be willing to waste time and energy on it.

Under those circumstances, the world spiritist would remove the contract with the world spirit, returning the now-weakened world spirit back to the spirit world and resummon an even more powerful world spirit.

This was something extremely cruel. However, it was also something the great majority of world spiritists did.

After all, to the great majority of world spiritists, their world spirits were merely a sort of ability derived from their world spirit techniques.

However, it was different for Chu Feng. He was someone who would treat his world spirits as friends. Thus, he was unable to discard his world spirits. He also did not wish to summon world spirits to exploit their strength so that his martial cultivation would be easier.

“Chu Feng, I am being earnest. Your world spirit techniques are very powerful, and your talent is even stronger. I think that, with your talent, you should be able to summon world spirits even more powerful than yourself.”

“You should not waste that talent of yours. After all, it’s something you’ve inherited from your mother.”

“You have been growing with the talent that you’ve inherited from your father all this time.”

“However, I feel that it is time for you to use the talent you’ve inherited from your mother to protect yourself now.”

“Furthermore, you are, after all, a world spiritist. It has been so long, yet you’ve never gone out of your way to summon a single world spirit. Do you not wish to experience the sensation of summoning a world spirit, the sensation of communicating with a lifeform from another world?” Her Lady Queen advised Chu Feng earnestly.

As long as it was something beneficial to Chu Feng, Her Lady Queen would unconditionally support it, and even encourage Chu Feng to do it.

“Okay then. I will give it a try when I have the opportunity to do so. That would be fine, no?” Chu Feng said.

“When would that be?” Her Lady Queen asked.

“After I leave this place. I will attempt to summon a world spirit after I leave this place. After all, I will need to find an opportunity to learn an Immortal Technique.”

“In my confrontation against Xia Yun’er, I’ve realized how powerful Immortal Techniques are. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had grasped powerful Immortal Techniques, it would be impossible for me to be defeated by her when we possess the same battle power. Thus, I must learn an Immortal Technique.”

“While doing that, I will also make an attempt at communicating with world spirits.”

“That being said, even if I am to summon world spirits, I will not be summoning a lot of world spirits at once. At the very most, I will only summon one,” Chu Feng said.

“It’s settled then,” Her Lady Queen said.

“It’s settled,” Chu Feng smiled and nodded.

After that, Chu Feng started to chat and laugh with Her Lady Queen while he walked down the mountain.

Chu Feng was very excited the entire time.

After all, he had obtained quite a harvest on this journey. Not only did he become a Dragon Mark Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, but he had also cured the injury to his spirit power.

Furthermore, he had also obtained a greater understanding of Buried Spirit Lake, and even obtained three powerful concealment talismans.

With those three concealment talismans, Chu Feng would be able to escape without a trace should he encounter powerful foes.

While walking down the mountain, Chu Feng was completely at ease.

Although the compass was unable to guide him to the pillars of light, Chu Feng was not worried at all as to whether or not he could find one.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng had seen many pillars of light on his way up the mountain. Once he walked through the stone forest, he would return to that forest maze. At that time, even if Chu Feng was to walk around randomly, he would still encounter a pillar of light.

Leaving that place would simply be too easy.

Sure enough, after Chu Feng walked out from the stone forest and began to walk around the mountain at random, a pillar of light appeared not far away from him.

However, upon seeing that pillar, Chu Feng suddenly stopped.

He discovered that there was a figure standing before it.

“Isn’t that Yuwen Hualong?” Chu Feng uttered in surprise.

“Why would you still be here?” Chu Feng asked.

Chu Feng was confused. After all, Buried Spirit Lake’s eruption had already ended. Yet, Yuwen Hualong was still inside the mountain.

Furthermore, he just so happened to encounter Yuwen Hualong. This was too much of a coincidence.

Furthermore, judging by Yuwen Hualong’s appearance, it seemed like he was waiting for someone.

Waiting for someone… could it be that he was waiting for him?