Chapter 2799 - Treasure, Concealment Talisman

Chapter 2799 - Treasure, Concealment Talisman


At the moment when Her Lady Queen was confused, Chu Feng let out a light groan.

She knew that Chu Feng was currently suffering from some sort of pain. However, since he was unable to scream loudly, he could only tightly clench his teeth and endure the pain with great difficulty.

However, as the pain was extremely unbearable, Chu Feng was unable to keep himself from letting out light groans.

“Even if this guy is deceiving me, his acting is too good, no?” Her Lady Queen muttered.

Even though she felt that Chu Feng was lying to her, she did not disturb him. She was cautious on the off chance that Chu Feng was really going through his tribulation and not acting.

After a short moment passed, Chu Feng opened his eyes.

“Eggy, I’ve really succeeded. My current cultivation is that of a rank four True Immortal. I have managed to withstand the Divine Tribulation’s lightning and ascended to rank four True Immortal,” Chu Feng said.

“Ah? Are you lying or are you telling the truth? I have clearly not seen the slightest bit of lightning. In fact, I did not even hear a single bit of thunder,” Her Lady Queen was feeling very shocked.

“Indeed. Not to mention sound, there was no trace of the lightning at all. However, I was able to sense the lightning striking me. Furthermore, it really did end up tempering me.”

“That said, the power of the Divine Tribulation’s lightning also decreased greatly. Thus, I managed to make my breakthrough very effortlessly.”

“Regardless, it’s very strange this time around. Could it be… that it’s because of Buried Spirit Lake? Buried Spirit Lake has concealed my Divine Tribulation’s lightning and decreased its strength?” Chu Feng analyzed.

“That is possible. The Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm is truly extraordinary. Last time around, while you were in that hunting ground, the Divine Tribulation’s lightning disappeared after descending halfway.”

“As for this time around, it actually disappeared completely. Not even you were able to see or hear the Divine Tribulation’s lightning. Only when you experienced it do you know that it has descended.”

“If this was truly because of Buried Spirit Lake, then this Buried Spirit Lake would be too miraculous,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Since my cultivation has increased, my spirit power will also increase somewhat. I will use my Heaven’s Eyes to carefully survey this Buried Spirit Lake and see exactly how extraordinary it is.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng activated his Heaven’s Eyes and looked downward.

After using his Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng was able to see even further. However, he was still unable to see the bottom of Buried Spirit Lake.

That said, Chu Feng had managed to notice something as he observed.

“What is that?”

Her Lady Queen also noticed it. It was something floating on Buried Spirit Lake’s wall.

Unfortunately, as it was located too far away, not even Chu Feng or Her Lady Queen could determine what it was.

“I’ll get a bit closer,” as Chu Feng spoke, he continued to submerge himself in Buried Spirit Lake. As Chu Feng approached, he managed to clearly see what that item was.

Those were three paper talismans. Perhaps due to the fact that there were scars and bruises on the walls, they were stuck to the wall. As the undercurrent moved about, those three talismans fluttered about indefinitely,

“Those seem to be treasures,” Her Lady Queen said.

“I think so too. It might be possible that they’re some expert’s treasure that was brought up here by the erupting lake water,” Chu Feng said.

There was a basis for the things said by Chu Feng and Her Lady Queen.

The reason for that was because those three paper talismans were white, and densely packed with symbols and runes.

Furthermore, those symbols and runes were of a very advanced level. They were most definitely not something that ordinary world spiritists could achieve.

“Quickly, retrieve them so that we can have a look,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Okay,” Chu Feng spread open his palm. Immediately, boundless attractive power enveloped the area down below.


Suddenly, columns of water began to surge toward Chu Feng. However, while those three paper talismans were fluttering even more violently, they showed no sign of detaching from the wall.

“I refuse to believe this,” Chu Feng refused to believe that he could not obtain the three paper talismans. He flipped his wrist and opened his palm.

This time around, golden light started to shine brightly as boundless martial power surged forth from Chu Feng’s palm. The martial power took the form of a palm and began to extend toward the three paper talismans.

Soon, the palm formed with martial power arrived before the three paper talismans. That palm grabbed tightly onto them.

However, when Chu Feng attempted to retrieve his martial power palm, he immediately started frowning. He was shocked to discover that he was actually unable to retrieve his martial power palm.

To be exact, even though Chu Feng had clearly grabbed onto the three paper talismans with his martial power palm, he was unable to move them.

“This is simply too strange. It doesn’t seem like those paper talismans are merely stuck to the wall,” Chu Feng muttered.

“Chu Feng, maybe it’s better to forget about them. They’re merely three paper talismans. Even if they’re the possessions of a dead expert, they might not necessarily be treasures,” Her Lady Queen said.

“No, this is a rare harvest. I must check them out.”

As Chu Feng spoke, his body started moving. He actually started moving toward the paper talismans.

Chu Feng had already dove very deep into Buried Spirit Lake. And now, he was submerging himself even deeper once more. The strange wailing and screaming sounds were growing more and more distinctive. It was as if they were extremely close to Chu Feng now.

At that moment, Chu Feng felt his scalp go numb. He felt his hair stand on end and his blood run cold.

Even though Chu Feng had entered many remnants before, he was still unable to help himself from feeling slightly panicked here.

The reason for that was because the feeling that place gave off was simply too strange. If one had to describe it, that place truly resembled the boundary to hell. If one were to be only slightly careless, one would fall into the boundless reaches of hell.

At that moment, Chu Feng had truly felt the flavor of danger from the depths of Buried Spirit Lake.

That being said, Chu Feng felt that it should be fine if he were to only reach the location where those three paper talismans were suspended.

Finally, Chu Feng approached those three paper talismans. He discovered that there were simply no bruises or scratches on the surface of the wall where the three paper talismans were located.

In other words, those three paper talismans were not stuck to a crack or scratch on the wall.

It was as if that wall had some sort of attractive power, drawing the three paper talismans to it.

“What is going on?” Chu Feng walked forward and carefully inspected the wall. However, even when he used his Heaven’s Eyes, he was unable to see through it.

“Although I have no idea why these three paper talismans were stuck to the wall, these paper talismans really are treasures. Eggy, do you see this? We have picked up treasures,” Chu Feng was feeling extremely excited.

After observing, Chu Feng was unable to figure out why the paper talismans were stuck to the wall. However, he had discovered what those three paper talismans were and how precious they were.

“Judging by their appearance, they seem to be paper talismans for concealment,” Eggy said.

“Right. They are concealment talismans. Furthermore, they’re extremely powerful. They are simply the most powerful paper talismans I’ve ever seen. I wonder who refined them.”

“The way I see it, if I am to use those concealment talismans, not even Martial Immortal-level experts would be able to detect me. Those concealment talismans are much more powerful than the Immortal-avoiding Concealment Formation,” Chu Feng said.

“They’re that amazing?” Hearing those words, Her Lady Queen also revealed a joyous expression.

“Indeed, they’re very amazing. They are simply works of art created by a very powerful world spiritist. It might even be possible that the world spiritist that created these concealment talismans was above Exalted-cloak,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng was currently overwhelmed with excitement. Exalted-cloak World Spiritists were very rare existences in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. As for world spiritists above Exalted-cloak, there was likely none in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

As such, how could Chu Feng not feel excited after discovering such a treasure?

“Then why are you still standing here? Quickly, go ahead and retrieve them,” Her Lady Queen urged with a smile on her face.

“Righto,” Chu Feng did not hesitate. He immediately grabbed the three paper talismans.

Chu Feng pulled his hand back after grabbing onto the paper talismans, and the three paper talismans actually left the wall.

At that moment, Chu Feng was able to clearly see that there was nothing on the wall at all. Judging from its appearance, it didn't have any special attractive force either. Chu Feng did not understand why the three paper talismans would be firmly drawn to the wall. Even when he used his martial power, he was unable to move those paper talismans.

“Could it be that one can only retrieve those paper talismans with one’s own body?” This thought came to Chu Feng’s mind.

“What’s going on?” Right at that moment, Chu Feng noticed that the paper talismans had stopped moving once again.

However, those paper talismans had clearly left the wall. Just like that, they were being held in Chu Feng’s hand and fluttering in the water.

Why was Chu Feng unable to move them?

“Chu Feng, be careful!”

Suddenly, Her Lady Queen cried out in alarm. She had noticed something.

At practically the same moment when Her Lady Queen called out to warn Chu Feng, Chu Feng also noticed that thing.

It was actually a hand, a deathly pale little hand. That hand was currently grabbing onto the other side of the three paper talismans. It turned out that Chu Feng was unable to move the three paper talismans because that little hand had grabbed onto them.

Most importantly, that deathly pale little hand simply did not resemble a human’s hand. Rather, it was more like a ghost’s hand.

That deathly pale little hand was extending out from the wall itself.

Following the deathly pale little hand, Chu Feng’s gaze turned to the wall again.

Right at that moment, that wall actually started to wiggle. The next moment, a face emerged from the wall.

It was the face of a child. However, that face was also deathly pale. There was no trace of color at all. Furthermore, its two eye cavities were completely pitch-black; there were actually no eyeballs at all.

That frightening face currently had its mouth wide open, and was smiling at Chu Feng.