Chapter 2798 - The Depths Of Buried Spirit Lake

Chapter 2798 - The Depths Of Buried Spirit Lake

“I now realize why those people would insist on diving into the depths of Buried Spirit Lake to investigate even though they might be killed,” Chu Feng said.

“Be careful. If you are to discover something amiss, back away immediately. Do not lose your life here after avoiding Xia Yun’er’s pursuit,” Her Lady Queen said.

As Her Lady Queen shared Chu Feng’s vision and hearing, she was able to hear what Chu Feng heard.

The further down Chu Feng dove, the more distinctive those sounds emerging from the depths of Buried Spirit Lake became.

It could be determined that those were not misconceptions or illusions. Rather, they were actual sounds that could be heard.

This place was simply not as simple as being Buried Spirit Lake. It was simply hell itself. Those frightening wailings, howls and screams were from souls in hell.

Those souls seemed to be crying for help and summoning Chu Feng. They seemed to be calling for Chu Feng to fall into that boundlessness, and suffer endless torment together with them.

“Eggy, say, do you think that the legendary hell actually exists?” Chu Feng asked.

“This Queen doesn’t know whether or not hell actually exists. However, if it really does exist, then this Buried Spirit Lake should be the gates of hell. Thus, you must act accordingly. If you are to accidently pass the gates of hell, you will not be able to return; not be able to find your mother,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Haha, I got it Milady Queen. I will definitely be extremely cautious. If the situation turns bleak, I will turn around and flee.”

Chu Feng laughed. Although he appeared to be relaxed, he was actually acting very cautiously. That said, he was also very excited.

After all, the world of martial cultivation was a world where dangers and opportunities existed side by side.

There was no need to mention how dangerous that place was. As such, Chu Feng felt that it was surely a rare opportunity.

“Eggy, look at the walls around Buried Spirit Lake,” Chu Feng pointed to a wall.

The walls of Buried Spirit Lake were being eroded by the water of Buried Spirit Lake all year round. Thus, they were very smooth.

However, when Chu Feng entered the deeper region, the walls were completely bruised and all scratched up.

The walls of Buried Spirit Lake were very firm and hard. At the very least, even if Chu Feng was to go all-out to attack the wall, he would not be able to leave a single scratch.

That being said, Chu Feng was able to tell that those bruises and scars were most definitely not natural. Instead, they seemed to be formed from battles between martial cultivators or a deliberate destruction.

Suddenly, Eggy said to Chu Feng in a very nervous manner, “Chu Feng, Xia Yun’er will not chase you here. Thus, you do not have to continue to dive. I have a very bad feeling about this place.”

“Okay. I will stop here,” Chu Feng nodded.

Although Eggy and Chu Feng shared vision and hearing, they did not share the same perception. Generally, Eggy would make her determinations by what she saw and heard.

That said, Chu Feng had to admit that Eggy’s judgements were very accurate. In fact, her judgements were sometimes even more accurate than his perceptions. With Eggy telling him to stop, Chu Feng did not dare to rashly continue diving.

Even though Chu Feng was feeling very unwilling, he knew very well what sort of strength he possessed.

“Eggy, say, that girl Xia Yun’er would not chase me down here, right?” Chu Feng asked.

“I don’t think she will. She’s most likely afraid. Otherwise, she would’ve chased you down here already,” Her Lady Queen said.

“I also feel the same. In that case… I might as well attempt to make a breakthrough in my cultivation,” Chu Feng said.

“Have you gone insane? What if she is to chase after you while you’re attempting to break through?” Her Lady Queen said.

“Look, didn’t we just determine that she won’t chase after me?”

“Furthermore, that girl is most definitely staying up there and waiting for me. I cannot stay here forever, no? Moreover, this place is not safe either.”

“However, I feel that if I am to draw support from the dense natural energies here and operate my Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique, I can attempt a breakthrough.”

“After all, I was nearly able to succeed in making my breakthrough before. Perhaps I will be able to succeed here.”

“Should I reach a breakthrough, and my cultivation becomes rank four True Immortal, that girl Xia Yun’er will not be able to do anything to me. I would not have to fear her anymore either,” Chu Feng said.

“Okay. However, I have a demand. I will only allow you to attempt your breakthrough after you agree to my demand,” Her Lady Queen said.

“Very well, go ahead and tell me what it is,” Chu Feng said.

“Let me out. I will look out for Xia Yun’er for you. If she is to come down to kill you, I will notify you of it so that you can prepare yourself,” Her Lady Queen said.

“No, that is absolutely out of the question,” Chu Feng shook his head repeatedly. He had a very determined attitude.

“Why not? This means that you are also unable to guarantee that Xia Yun’er will definitely not chase after you.”

“Since you do not have certainty, why do you still insist on taking this risk?” Her Lady Queen said.

“While I can take the risk, I cannot have you take any risks. Furthermore, this place is dangerous. If I am to let you out here by yourself, how could I be at ease?”

“Regardless, I am absolutely against this matter. You do not have to bring it up again.”

“Eggy, I’m sorry. I cannot listen to you this time around. I hope you do not blame me for being so stubborn.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he began to attempt to make his breakthrough to rank four True Immortal.

“You…” Her Lady Queen became very furious. She was angry at how stubborn Chu Feng was.

However, she also knew very well that Chu Feng needed a quiet environment in order to make his breakthrough. Thus, even though she was extremely furious and wanted to lash out in curses at Chu Feng, she could only endure her anger because she did not want to affect Chu Feng’s breakthrough attempt.

After Chu Feng began, he unleashed his Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique and began to absorb a great amount of the natural energies in the area.

Chu Feng was not doing this because he did not possess a sufficient amount of natural energies to make his breakthrough. It was exactly the opposite of that; Chu Feng possessed a lot of natural energies in his dantian.

Chu Feng was doing this because he wanted to use the natural energies here as assistance. He was doing this because he felt that he was only a bit away from being able to successfully make his breakthrough.

Chu Feng had not trained in his Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique in vain. Chu Feng felt that should he operate the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique to absorb some martial comprehension from the natural energies here, he might be able to successfully make his breakthrough.

Just like that, Chu Feng began his breakthrough attempt. Not long after, Chu Feng’s eyes opened.

Chu Feng did not notice that when he opened his eyes, a stream of energy had exited his body and soared into the sky. It seemed to be trying to summon something.

However, there was another stream of energy that appeared as the first stream of energy soared into the sky.

That stream of energy originated from the walls of Buried Spirit Lake. It was emitting an Ancient Era’s aura. It had mixed together with the stream of Energy Chu Feng emitted and reached deep into the sky.

That being said, Chu Feng was completely unaware of all this.

“Failed?” Her Lady Queen asked.

The reason she asked that was because Chu Feng had no trace of change after opening his eyes. He simply did not look like he'd succeeded. Instead, it seemed like he had failed.

“No, I’ve succeeded. Eggy, I’ve successfully made my breakthrough,” Chu Feng said.

“Succeeded?” Her Lady Queen was very shocked upon hearing what Chu Feng said. However, she soon revealed a skeptical expression. She said, “You must be lying to me, right? If you’ve succeeded, why didn’t the Divine Tribulation’s lightning appear?”

“Indeed, why didn’t the Divine Tribulation’s lightning appear? But… I’ve clearly made my breakthrough,” Chu Feng looked upward with a confused expression.

Everything was completely quiet. There was not much if any motion in the water at all. It really did not seem as if that Divine Tribulation’s lightning had struck.

“It’s here, the Divine Tribulation’s lightning is here,” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed enormously. Then, he hurriedly sat in the deep water and closed his eyes. He had made his preparations to take on the Divine Tribulation’s lightning.

That being said, Her Lady Queen shared Chu Feng’s vision. Thus, she also saw what Chu Feng saw. As for what she saw, there was clearly nothing at all.