Chapter 2800 - Fighting Xia Yun’er Again

Chapter 2800 - Fighting Xia Yun’er Again

“Ji, ji, ji…”

Its laugher was very strange. Chu Feng felt his hair stand on end after hearing that laughter.

Furthermore, when it laughed at Chu Feng, Chu Feng was able to clearly see that its mouth did not resemble the mouth of ordinary people. It was very large. It practically took up half of its face.

Furthermore, sharp teeth filled that mouth. There were two rows of such sharp teeth, densely packed and numbering close to a hundred. Those were most definitely not human teeth. They more closely resembled the fangs of ferocious beasts.


Right at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly felt an exceptionally ice-cold sensation at the wrist of his hand that was grabbing onto the three paper talismans. It seemed like something had grabbed his wrist.

That cold sensation was too frightening. Following the wrist, it began to spread through Chu Feng’s entire body.

Looking toward his wrist, there was actually another deathly pale little hand grabbing onto his wrist.


The next moment, Chu Feng felt that he was unable to control his body. He began to rapidly sink into the depths of Buried Spirit Lake.

It was that child. That child was roughly only a meter tall. Its body was very small, yet its head was very large.

Its body was completely deathly pale. It was currently pulling Chu Feng by his wrist and letting out a strange laughter. It was dragging Chu Feng toward the depths of Buried Spirit Lake.

This was the same strange child that had grabbed onto the paper talismans and revealed half of its face from the wall.

“Damn it!”

Sensing that the situation was amiss, Chu Feng hurriedly moved his arm. He wanted to shake off that deathly pale little hand.

However, no matter how hard he shook his arm, Chu Feng was unable to shake off that child. That strange child possessed an extremely great amount of strength. Chu Feng was simply unable to break free from it. He could only allow himself to be dragged towards the depths of Buried Spirit Lake by that child.

Feeling helpless, Chu Feng took out his Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler and began to use it to slash at the child.

However, whenever the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler reached the child, it would pass through its body without leaving a mark.

It was as if the child simply did not possess an actual body at all, and one simply could not land any strikes on it. However, it was clearly grabbing onto Chu Feng’s wrist and dragging him towards the depths of Buried Spirit Lake.

“Damn it!”

At that moment, Chu Feng felt that the situation was extremely bad. It was also only at that moment that he realized how strange Buried Spirit Lake really was.

Why would such a strange child suddenly appear? This was simply something that Chu Feng had never witnessed before.

However, by the time Chu Feng realized that the situation was bad, it was already too late.

At the same time that child’s hand grabbed onto Chu Feng’s wrist, waves of chilling sensations began to assail Chu Feng’s body. in such a situation, Chu Feng’s body was becoming more and more numb. It was as if he had been frozen stiff.

Furthermore, even Chu Feng’s head had started to become fuzzy.

After his head became fuzzy, Chu Feng’s hearing ability actually became even better.

Chu Feng was able to clearly hear countless screams and wails sounding beside his ears. It was as if those wailing and screaming ghosts and monsters were right in his surroundings and were looking at him like food.

“Have I been dragged into hell?”

“I was actually captured and brought into hell by a little brat?”

Unable to contain himself, Chu Feng started laughing bitterly. He was feeling extremely regretful for how greedy he was. He had fallen for that little brat’s trap because of his greed.

Trap, that was most definitely a trap.

While those three paper talismans were indeed treasures, they were used as a lure by that little brat.

From the very start, those three paper talismans were not stuck to the wall at all. Instead, they were being held by that little brat. Thus, no matter what Chu Feng might attempt to do, he would not be able to take those three paper talismans away.

Unfortunately, even though Chu Feng realized the truth now, it was already too late.

That little brat was not an Evil Spirit. Chu Feng had no idea what it was. However, before it, Chu Feng was powerless to do anything.


Right at the moment when Chu Feng had lost all power to resist, symbols and runes suddenly emerged from Chu Feng’s skin. Those symbols and runes seemed to have been concealed within Chu Feng’s body, and were currently making their way out of Chu Feng’s body.

Furthermore, they had an appearance resembling lightning, and were moving about Chu Feng’s body nonstop.

At the beginning, they were only ordinary veined patterns. However, those veined patterns were not only increasing nonstop, but they were also emitting light.

The light was growing more and more intense. The veined patterns were surging faster and faster. They were like countless lightning bolts surging about from Chu Feng’s body. They seemed to be planning to burst out from Chu Feng’s body.

“Ji, ji, ji…”

At that moment, that little brat turned around and saw the countless lightning bolts surging about on Chu Feng’s body. Not only did that little brat remove its strange smile, it even revealed an incomparably frightened expression.

The next moment, the little brat immediately let go of Chu Feng’s wrist. Furthermore, as if it had been terrified, it immediately started to dive towards the depths of Buried Spirit Lake. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared.

After that little brat disappeared, the countless bolts of lightning that covered Chu Feng’s body and seemed like they were about to burst gradually receded and returned to Chu Feng’s body. They left behind absolutely no trace of their existence at all.

As for Chu Feng, his consciousness was completely fuzzy due to the little brat’s coldness which had assailed him. However, after that little brat left, the coldness began to wane. Gradually, Chu Feng’s consciousness started to return.

When his consciousness returned, Chu Feng discovered that the little brat had disappeared, and he was floating in the center of Buried Spirit Lake’s lakewater by himself. In his hand were the three paper talismans.

“What’s going on? Where did that little brat go?” Chu Feng was feeling extremely flabbergasted.

Chu Feng did not notice that his body had emitted countless lightnings. Thus, he had no idea that the little brat had been scared away by them.

Chu Feng thought that little brat had decided to let him off. However, he was unable to think of a reason as to why that little brat would let him off.

“It couldn’t possibly be that the little brat only wanted to toy with me, and didn’t plan to actually take my life, right?”

This was the only possibility Chu Feng could think of.

“Who cares? Quickly, leave this place. It’s too dangerous here. If that brat is to call for its companions to come and return with a whole bunch of brats, how could you possibly take them on?” Her Lady Queen said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng said no more, turned around and started fleeing.

Chu Feng not only activated his Divine level Lightning Mark immediately, but he also unleashed the Ancient Era’s War Sword. He unleashed all of his strength to fly up through Buried Spirit Lake with the fastest speed.

Chu Feng currently had a cultivation of rank four True Immortal. After using his Divine level Lightning Mark, his cultivation increased to rank five True Immortal.

As for the Ancient Era’s War Sword, it possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting a single level of cultivation.

Thus, the current Chu Feng was capable of contending against rank six True Immortals.

Thus, he no longer feared Xia Yun’er.


Meanwhile. Xia Yun’er had no idea that Chu Feng had made a breakthrough in cultivation.

She was still staying where she was and waiting for Chu Feng’s emergence. She felt that Chu Feng had not died in Buried Spirit Lake, and that he would definitely return. Thus, she had chosen to stay and wait for him.


Suddenly, rumbles sounded from below. Powerful oppressive might was being emitted from the deep water.

Overflowing waves were rushing forth from below in successive waves.

“Finally, he’s out.”

Xia Yun’er’s eyebrows immediately narrowed as killing intent soared in her eyes.

She held her two silver swords firmly, and cyan flames soon engulfed her entire body.

After unleashing her Divine Power, her rank four True Immortal-level cultivation instantly increased to rank five True Immortal.


Suddenly, water surged forth, and golden light started flashing. Together with the Ancient Era’s War Sword, Chu Feng appeared before Xia Yun’er.

“Chu Feng, die!”

Upon seeing Chu Feng, Xia Yun’er’s killing intent grew even stronger. She gripped her Incomplete Immortal Armaments tightly and was planning to charge to attack Chu Feng.


However, right at the moment when Xia Yun’er was about to attack, a boundless oppressive might swept forth from the Ancient Era’s War Sword.

Faced with that oppressive might, Xia Yun’er was powerless to move. Instead, she was forcibly pushed to the wall by that oppressive might. She was unable to move in the slightest.