Chapter 2781 - Logical Choice

Chapter 2781 - Logical Choice


The Five Elements Secret Skills turned into five rays of light and returned to Chu Feng’s body.

The crowd was surprised by this scene. They didn't understand whether Chu Feng did this because he was confident, or if it was because of something else.

After all, they felt that even though the Five Elements Secret Skills were no longer capable of stopping Yuwen Tingyi, they were still capable of annoying him and making him unable to focus completely. With that in mind, they were beneficial for Chu Feng. Thus, Chu Feng shouldn’t have retrieved them.

“Pay the price?”

“Who gave you the confidence to speak to me in such a manner?”

“Could it be that you really think that you can defeat me?”

At that moment, Yuwen Tingyi sneered arrogantly.

Even though he was already panicking slightly in his heart, even though he knew that Chu Feng possessed a secret skill, an enormous golden sword that was extremely powerful and capable of increasing his battle power by an entire level, Yuwen Tingyi did not feel that he would lose to Chu Feng.

The reason for that was because he felt that he was much stronger than Chu Xianshuo.

In fact, he felt that Chu Xianshuo was a disappointment to the title of genius. He felt that it would simply be impossible for Chu Xianshuo to be discussed alongside him.

Thus, even though Chu Feng had defeated Chu Xianshuo in battle, Yuwen Tingyi did not believe that Chu Feng was very powerful.

As the saying goes, even among people of the same cultivation, there would be differences in strength. As for Yuwen Tingyi, he had always felt himself to be an extremely powerful individual among all rank five True Immortals. As such, he did not feel that Chu Feng would be able to rival him.


Right at that moment, with a thought from Chu Feng, golden light began to radiate before him. Then, the Ancient Era’s War Axe and Ancient Era’s War Sword appeared simultaneously.

After the two secret skills appeared, the earth and the surrounding space started to tremble violently. At the same time, overwhelming oppressive might swept forth, aimed directly at Yuwen Tingyi.

In an instant, a violent wind erupted, and dead leaves started to swirl in the air. That oppressive might was no small matter.

Sensing how powerful that oppressive might was, Yuwen Tingyi also started to frown. He hurriedly held the Incomplete Immortal Armament in his hand horizontally before him. At the time, surging martial power was released. Like layers of defensive formations, they blocked the path before him.

Those were no ordinary defensive formations. Rather, it was a martial skill.

Yuwen Tingyi was trying to utilize that method to block the oppressive might unleashed by the Ancient Era’s War Sword and the Ancient Era’s War Axe.


However, the next moment, when the oppressive might came in contact with Yuwen Tingyi’s defensive martial skill, that defensive martial skill was instantly shattered.

As for Yuwen Tingyi, he was an utter mess. He was knocked several meters away by the oppressive might. When he landed on the ground, the Incomplete Immortal Armament he had previously held had left his grasp, and both of his arms had been shattered by the oppressive might.

However, Chu Feng’s Ancient Era’s War Sword did not stop with just that. Instead, it continued to move toward Yuwen Tingyi. In the end, it pierced into Yuwen Tingyi’s body.


Yuwen Tingyi’s head faced the sky. With his mouth wide open, he started to scream miserably.

His scream was akin to the howling of wolves. It resonated through the entire region and reached the ears of everyone present.


At that moment, the disciples from the Immortal Armament Villa and the Sacred Pellet Villa all opened their mouths wide in shock. They looked to one another and then became even more astonished.

Even though they had felt Chu Feng’s killing intent before all this happened and knew that Chu Feng’s killing intent was even scarier than Yuwen Tingyi’s killing intent, it remained that that was only killing intent, and could not represent the true battle power a martial cultivator possessed.

Because of this, the crowd was very worried about Chu Feng when he decided that he would confront Yuwen Tingyi. They were scared that Chu Feng would not be a match for him.

After all, Yuwen Tingyi’s reputation was very resounding among the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm’s younger generations.

Never would they ever have imagined that Yuwen Tingyi would be defeated so miserably. Chu Feng had defeated Yuwen Tingyi in merely a split second.

How could the disparity between the two of them be so enormous?

They clearly knew that when Chu Feng fought against Chu Xianshuo, they had fought for a while before Chu Feng emerged victorious.

How come when it was Yuwen Tingyi’s turn, he would be so thoroughly defeated?

“I got it now. When Chu Feng fought against Chu Xianshuo, he was trying to prove himself. Thus, he had not gone all-out from the very start, and was instead just trying to suppress Chu Xianshuo the entire time.”

“However now, due to Yuwen Tingyi having injured Li Xiang, Chu Feng’s heart was filled with anger. Thus, he wanted to instantly settle the battle, and went all-out from the very start.”

“As for the result of him going all-out, it is clear to all of us. Before such a Chu Feng, even Yuwen Tingyi is unable to fight back,” a disciple from the Immortal Armament Villa said to another disciple with a low voice.

Even though he was speaking very quietly, he was still heard by others.

After hearing what he said, the others all nodded their heads. They felt that what he said was very reasonable.


Another miserable scream was heard. That scream was even more miserable than the previous scream. Yuwen Tingyi was actually lifted up by the Ancient Era’s War Sword.

Actually, Yuwen Tingyi was only slightly pierced through by the Ancient Era’s War Sword. Otherwise, with how enormous the Ancient Era’s War Sword was, if it was to completely pierce through Yuwen Tingyi, he would have died horribly already.

However, the situation at hand for Yuwen Tingyi was very miserable too. His expression was twisted and distorted. Pain filled his entire face. At that moment, he was able to feel the threat of death.

“Chu Feng, what are you planning to do? If you dare to do anything to me, my Yuwen Clan will definitely not spare you!”

Sensing that the situation was bad, Yuwen Tingyi immediately brought forth his own clan to support himself.


Right after Yuwen Tingyi said those words, the Ancient Era’s War Sword penetrated him a bit deeper.

Chu Feng simply had no desire to stop.

“Brother Chu Feng, just let it pass. There really isn’t a need for you to do all this for Li Xiang.”

“That’s right. Brother Chu Feng, Yuwen Tingyi has already received his lesson. You should just spare him.”

At that moment, the disciples from the Immortal Armament Villa began to urge Chu Feng against killing Yuwen Tingyi. They all felt that there was no reason for Chu Feng to completely offend the Yuwen Clan just because of Li Xiang.

After all, they all knew that Chu Feng and Li Xiang had not known one another for long. This sort of relationship was the most superficial kind. It would truly be unworthy should Chu Feng really kill Yuwen Tingyi because of Li Xiang.

“Chu Feng, what they said is correct. You shouldn’t be treating me like this because of that Li Xiang.”

“After all, you and Li Xiang have only known one another for a short while. Furthermore, he was trying to take care of you before too. He is simply not following you out of sincerity.”

“There is simply no need for you to be so against me because of someone like him.”

At that moment, even Yuwen Tingyi was saying that sort of thing.

Hearing those words, Li Xiang was feeling somewhat upset. He also felt that he was unworthy of Chu Feng treating him so well.

After all, what Yuwen Tingyi said was correct. He had indeed tried to take care of Chu Feng before.

Had it not been for the fact that Chu Feng possessed a special status and the elders of the Sacred Pellet Villa were unwilling to take care of Chu Feng, Li Xiang would likely have already gotten away with his plot against Chu Feng.

There was simply no need for Chu Feng to offend the Yuwen Clan for someone like him.

Should it be someone with the slightest bit of rationality, they would know what they should do.