Chapter 2782 - This Is Chu Feng

Chapter 2782 - This Is Chu Feng

“What you all have said is all correct.”

Right at that moment, Chu Feng spoke.

“I know what is advantageous for me to do and what is detrimental for me to do.”

“However, must I always do what is advantageous for me? Must I never do what is detrimental to me?” Chu Feng asked the crowd.

“Brother Chu Feng, the world of martial cultivators is an extremely cruel one. One really should make sensible choices.”

“That’s right, brother Chu Feng. Moreover, that Yuwen Tingyi has already admitted defeat. You should just spare him.”

It was not only the Immortal Armament Villa’s disciples that started to urge Chu Feng against killing Yuwen Tingyi, even the Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciples began to urge Chu Feng against killing Yuwen Tingyi.

They were actually all thinking for Chu Feng’s sake. They did not wish for Chu Feng and the Yuwen Clan to become completely irreconcilable enemies with one another.

After all, regardless of how talented Chu Feng might be, he was still only a member of the younger generation with limited strength. If he were to kill Yuwen Tingyi and offend the Yuwen Clan at such a time, it would be extremely detrimental for Chu Feng.

“Sensible choices? What are sensible choices?”

“If I am to do as you all suggested, then as long as it’s something that I want, regardless of who that thing might belong to, I should seize it for myself should I be capable of doing so. Even if I am to kill innocent people in the process, I still should not hesitate, right?”

“If I like a woman, then regardless of whether or not she likes me, I merely need to forcibly seize her, right?”

“As for those people that I am unable to handle, then even if they killed my friends or even my family, I should not attempt to avenge my friends and family because I am no match for them. Instead, I should attempt to befriend them, call them brothers and disregard former hatreds, is that right?”

Chu Feng cast his gaze to the crowd and asked with a forceful tone.

At that moment, everyone turned silent. They were unable to respond.

The reason for that was because they also felt that what Chu Feng had said was not without justification.

Indeed, there were a lot of things that would be beneficial to oneself in the world. However, one could not do everything that was beneficial to oneself and not do something just because it was detrimental.

After all, people were composed of blood and flesh, they were beings with emotions and feelings.

“Yuwen Tingyi, I have no need for you to tell me who Li Xiang is.”

“How could I not know that I do not know him very well? How could I not know that the two of us have only been acquaintances for a very short period of time?”

“However, since I have decided to befriend him, it means that he is my friend. Even though I have only known him for several days. It remains that he is my friend.”

“As for I, Chu Feng, I do not allow anyone to touch my friends. If anyone is to touch my friends, then even if that person is the Celestial Emperor himself, I, Chu Feng, would still not spare him,” Chu Feng said to Yuwen Tingyi.

“Chu Feng, y-you…you must think this over properly. If you dare to kill me, my Yuwen Clan will definitely not spare you,” seeing that Chu Feng was not planning to spare him, Yuwen Tingyi had started stuttering.

“I know that even without your reminder. If I am to touch you today, your Yuwen Clan will definitely not spare me. As long as I am still in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, your Yuwen Clan will definitely chase after me to kill me.”

“However, I would like to ask this. If I didn’t touch you today, would you have spared me?” Chu Feng asked.

“I… this…”

“Chu Feng, I… I actually never planned to harm you. I was merely trying to frighten you, merely playing a joke with you,” Yuwen Tingyi explained.

“Heh…” Hearing that explanation, Chu Feng laughed. He found what Yuwen Tingyi said to be extremely funny.

“You merely wanted to play a joke with me? Thus, the killing intent you revealed towards me earlier was merely fake, you beating up Li Xiang and covering him with cuts and bruises was fake, you crippling his cultivation was also fake. All of this is a joke, isn’t that right?”

“I…” Yuwen Tingyi did not know how to answer.

“Very well, since all that you’ve done are jokes, I, Chu Feng, will also play a joke with you today.”

As Chu Feng spoke, the Ancient Era’s War Sword started to shine even brighter. The next moment, it penetrated a bit deeper into Yuwen Tingyi’s body. At the same time, an enormous change occurred to Yuwen Tingyi’s body.


At that moment, Yuwen Tingyi’s mouth opened wide, and he let out a miserable scream.

“However, you don’t have to fear either. I will not kill you. I will have you personally tell your clan that it was I, Chu Feng, who crippled your cultivation.”


After Chu Feng finished saying those words, the Ancient Era’s War Sword pulled back from Yuwen Tingyi’s body.


At that moment, the screams Yuwen Tingyi let out grew even more miserable. In fact, his screams were somewhat desperate.

The reason for that was because his dantian had been completely destroyed by Chu Feng. His cultivation had been crippled by Chu Feng.

Furthermore, Chu Feng had crippled his cultivation completely. There was no chance for him to even restore his cultivation.

“Chu Feng, you really dare to cripple my cultivation?! Remember this: my Yuwen Clan will definitely not let you get away with this, we will definitely not let you get away with this!!!”

Yuwen Tingyi gnashed his teeth with fury as he looked to Chu Feng with murderous desire filling his eyes. From his eyes, one could tell how much he detested Chu Feng.

“I know. I know that you will not let me get away with it. That’s fine, I will wait for you all.”

“Assuming that your Yuwen Clan is capable of eliminating this, Chu Feng,” Chu Feng answered indifferently.

Hearing those words, Yuwen Tingyi nearly fainted from anger.

He finally realized why Chu Feng dared to treat him in such a manner. It turned out that Chu Feng had never placed the Yuwen Clan in his eyes to begin with.

That said, Yuwen Tingyi actually had no idea that that wasn’t the case.

Chu Feng was currently completely on his own in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm. While the Yuwen Clan could not be considered to be among the strongest powers in the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, and could not be considered a huge monster, they were still a power with some strength.

A power with the strength of the Yuwen Clan was still not something that the current Chu Feng could afford to offend.

Should he offend the Yuwen Clan, it would become extremely dangerous for Chu Feng. At the very least, he would have an opponent that he could not handle. In the future, he would not be able to avoid a life of fleeing.

Chu Feng also knew that if he didn’t kill Yuwen Tingyi, his opponents might only be Yuwen Tingyi and Yuwen Hualong. However, if he was to cripple Yuwen Tingyi’s cultivation, his opponents would be the entire Yuwen Clan.

However, so what?

If he was fearful of anything and everything, then he wouldn’t be Chu Feng.

Thus, even though he knew that he would be pursued by the Yuwen Clan in the future Chu Feng was still not afraid.

Before even doing anything, Chu Feng was already prepared to confront the Yuwen Clan. That was the reason why Chu Feng was able to remain this calm.


“Paa, paa~~~”

Right at that moment, a series of crisp clasps suddenly sounded from behind Chu Feng.

The sudden applause shocked the people from the Immortal Armament Villa and the Sacred Pellet Villa.

Upon turning around, they discovered that it was actually the people from the Starfall Holy Land. Leading them was Xia Yun’er.

The claps originated from Xia Yun’er’s lily white hands.

“Young master Chu Feng is truly courageous, loyal and affectionate. It is my enormous privilege to be able to be young master Chu Feng’s friend,” Xia Yun’er praised Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was not surprised in the slightest by Xia Yun’er’s appearance. The reason for that was because Chu Feng had sensed her and the Starfall Holy Land’s disciples’ auras long ago.

Thus, Chu Feng knew very well that Xia Yun’er and the others had been there for some time already. They had not revealed themselves the entire time because they were secretly observing the situation from the shadows.

Thus, Xia Yun’er and the others personally witnessed the process of Chu Feng crippling Yuwen Tianyi.