Chapter 2780 - Paying The Price

Chapter 2780 - Paying The Price

“Seems like I’m on the verge of dying.”

With a wry smile on his face, Li Xiang shook his head. He did not really think that Chu Feng had arrived to save him.

Instead, he felt that he was having hallucinations because he was about to die. He felt that what he had heard were merely hallucinating sounds.

“Li Xiang, are you alright?” However, right at that moment, Chu Feng’s voice not only sounded by Li Xiang’s ears, but Li Xiang even felt that someone was helping him up.

Li Xiang raised his head to look, and discovered that Chu Feng was beside him. Furthermore, Chu Feng was bringing him and moving away. By the time Chu Feng stopped his movements, the two of them had distanced themselves far away from Yuwen Tingyi. Furthermore, even more people appeared around Li Xiang. Not only were there disciples from the Immortal Armament Villa, but there were also disciples from his Sacred Pellet Villa.

“Big brother Chu Feng, it really is you?”

Li Xiang did not dare to believe his eyes. He was actually rescued?

At that moment, Li Xiang was no longer as strong-willed as he was before. Tears began to spill from his eyes.

He was crying because he knew that he might really be saved, that he might not have to die.

“Li Xiang, don’t be scared, you’re fine now.”

“However, you are injured. Thus, do not say anything, and focus on retaining your physical strength and cooperating with me so that I can heal your injuries,” Chu Feng said to Li Xiang with a smile on his face.

While Chu Feng appeared to be very calm on the surface, Chu Feng was feeling very restless inside.

He had already set up a healing formation and started helping Li Xiang heal his injuries. However, he discovered that he had arrived a bit too late. A lot of Li Xiang’s cultivation had already escaped from him. Even with Chu Feng’s current strength, the outcome would still not be optimistic.

“This is truly searching all over the world just for what you want to voluntarily appear before you. Chu Feng, I have searched for you painstakingly, yet was unable to find you. However, you actually brought yourself to me.”

“The Heavens have eyes. This is truly what they mean by the Heavens have eyes.”

Right at that moment, frantic laughter suddenly exploded from nearby.

It was Yuwen Tingyi. Although he was laughing, he looked very frightening. The reason for that was because he was laughing very sinisterly.

Chu Feng did not bother to pay attention to Yuwen Tingyi at all. In fact, he did not even bother to take a single glance at him. He had completely disregarded Yuwen Tingyi, and was focused on healing Li Xiang’s injuries.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng knew very well that since Li Xiang’s dantian was pierced and a great amount of his cultivation had escaped, right now was the most optimal timing for Chu Feng to help cure Li Xiang’s injuries.

Being ignored by Chu Feng, Yuwen Tingyi narrowed his brows and asked coldly, “Chu Feng, do you not understand the situation you’re in right now? Or could it be that you thought that just because you possessed the backing of the Ancient Era’s Serpent Clan that I, Yuwen Tingyi, would not dare to touch you?”

“Shut up!”

To his enormous surprise, Chu Feng actually shouted at him. Furthermore, he did so with a commanding tone.

“Motherfucker! You are truly arrogant! If I don’t let you experience some suffering, you will truly not know what I, Yuwen Tingyi, am capable of.”

“Good, very good, I will help you. I will have you suffer the same sort of fate as that Li Xiang.”

Yuwen Tingyi hated Chu Feng from deep in his bones to begin with. Thus, after being treated in such a manner by Chu Feng, Yuwen Tingyi’s fury started to burn even more intensely. Without any hesitation, Yuwen Tingyi raised his hand and planned to attack Chu Feng.

Likely, Yuwen Tingyi also noticed that Chu Feng’s cultivation was stronger than before. Thus, he unleashed a fatal attack at Chu Feng from the get-go.

At the moment when Yuwen Tingyi’s fatal attack was about to reach Chu Feng, five rays of light flew out from Chu Feng’s body.

After those five rays of light flew out from Chu Feng’s body, they turned into five enormous figures.

Most importantly, those five figures possessed auras even more powerful than Chu Feng. Their cultivation was actually the same as Yuwen Tingyi; they were all rank five True Immortals.

After those five figures appeared, they not only blocked Yuwen Tingyi’s attack, but they also began to unleash attacks at Yuwen Tingyi.

Those five figures not only possessed the auras of rank five True Immortals, but their actual strength was also that of rank five True Immortals.

Furthermore, their attacks were exceptionally powerful. It was as if they were truly immortals.

Faced with the sudden attacks of five rank five True Immortals, Yuwen Tingyi was caught unprepared.

As for the disciples from the Sacred Pellet Villa and the Immortal Armament Villa, they were completely stunned.

The reason for that was because those five figures not only possessed immortal airs like actual immortals, but they were also extremely exceptional in their usage of martial power. Most importantly, the disciples knew that those five figures were not actual cultivators. Rather, they were some sort of technique.

“What sort of technique is that? It’s actually that powerful?”

“They feel like secret skills. But, how could there be secret skills this powerful?”

As the people present were not merely martial cultivation experts but also world spiritists, they possessed very strong perception. Soon, someone determined that what Chu Feng had unleashed were secret skills.

Indeed, what Chu Feng was using were secret skills. They were the Five Elements Secret Skills.

The special characteristic of the Five Elements Secret Skills was that their cultivation would always be a level above that of their master.

Back when Chu Feng was still in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm with a cultivation below the True Immortal realm, the Five Elements Secret Skills were practically useless because Chu Feng’s heaven-defying battle power was too strong, whereas the Five Elements Secret Skills did not possess any.

Thus, even though they were a level of cultivation above Chu Feng, they were ineffective in battle.

However, now that Chu Feng had stepped into the True Immortal realm, everything had changed.

Chu Feng’s heaven-defying battle power had also disappeared. In that sort of circumstance, the Five Elements Secret Skills’ special characteristic could be unleashed once again.

Even though Chu Feng knew that it would be impossible for the Five Elements Secret Skills to actually defeat Yuwen Tingyi, they were able to obstruct him.

As for the Five Elements Secret Skills, they did not disappoint Chu Feng either. The five of them possessed sharp attacks, and coordinated with one another properly. They really managed to stop Yuwen Tingyi.

At that moment, Chu Feng had bought himself some time to continue healing Li Xiang’s injuries.

However, the more Chu Feng continued to heal Li Xiang, the more powerless he felt.

In the end, Chu Feng was only able to preserve Li Xiang’s cultivation at rank nine Martial Ancestor. He was unable to restore Li Xiang’s rank one True Immortal-level cultivation.




At that moment, muffled explosions were heard nonstop. Water splattered about, and waves of fire surged forth.

It was the Five Elements Secret Skills. They were being repeatedly killed by Yuwen Tingyi.

The reason why Yuwen Tingyi was able to kill the Five Elements Secret Skill was because a large black blade had appeared in his hand.

That black blade was an Incomplete Immortal Armament. Yuwen Tingyi had gotten serious.

However, while the Five Elements Secret Skills might not be a match for Yuwen Tingyi, they possessed another special characteristic. That is, as long as their master lived, they would be undying and indestructible.

Even though the bodies of the Five Elements Secret Skills were being destroyed by Yuwen Tingyi one after another, they immediately recovered and returned to attacking Yuwen Tingyi.

“Chu Feng, do you really think that you can stop me with a mere trick like this?!”

Yuwen Tingyi suddenly let out a snarl. The next moment, his body started transforming.

His skin turned rock-like. It was as if he had turned into a rock humanoid. Furthermore, he was emitting a dazzling silver light.

That said, not only was Yuwen Tingyi still agile, but his aura also became stronger than before.

It was Divine Power. Although Yuwen Tingyi’s Divine Power was incomparable to Chu Feng’s Lightning Mark, and could not increase his cultivation, it was still capable of greatly increasing his battle power.

After he unleashed his Divine Power, the Five Elements Secret Skills were completely incapable of contending against him. Even though the Five Elements Secret Skills were undying and indestructible, they were simply incapable of even hindering Yuwen Tingyi.

“Chu Feng, stand there and don’t attempt to escape. Your daddy will come and destroy you right away.”

Yuwen Tingyi had a sinister expression on his face. He appeared even more frightening than a ferocious beast. With his Incomplete Immortal Armament in hand, he began to walk toward Chu Feng one step at a time.

Seeing this scene, the disciples from both the Immortal Armament Villa and the Sacred Pellet Villa grew scared. Involuntarily, they began to retreat.

The reason for that was because they all noticed Yuwen Tingyi’s determined killing intent. He was not only planning to cripple Chu Feng’s cultivation, he was planning to kill Chu Feng.

At that moment, there were people that started to send Chu Feng voice transmissions, telling him to quickly escape with Li Xiang.

Although they all knew that Chu Feng had defeated Chu Xianshuo, they also all knew that Chu Xianshuo was, although also a genius, inferior to Yuwen Tingyi.

Thus, although Chu Feng had defeated Chu Xianshuo, they couldn't be certain as to whether or not he would be able to defeat Yuwen Tingyi.

However, Chu Feng turned a deaf ear to their urging for him to escape with Li Xiang. It was as if he could not hear anything at all. Chu Feng began to help Li Xiang tidy up his clothes.

Even though Yuwen Tingyi was approaching him with overflowing killing intent, Chu Feng did not have the slightest intention to flee. Seeing this, the crowd all started to worry. Not only were they worried that Chu Feng and Li Xiang would be killed, they were also worried that they would be killed.

“This sensation?”

Suddenly, the expressions of the disciples from the Immortal Armament Villa and the Sacred Pellet Villa changed enormously.

They sensed a killing intent even more frightening than Yuwen Tingyi’s killing intent. As for that killing intent, it was being emitted from a location very close to them.

Chu Feng. It was Chu Feng. That killing intent was being emitted from Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you…?”

The crowd looked to Chu Feng again. When they did so, their bodies trembled, and their hair stood on end.

The reason for that was because they discovered that the current Chu Feng was completely different from before. If one were to ask what was different regarding Chu Feng, they would not be able to tell. Merely, the current Chu Feng gave them a very frightening sensation.

Before the frightened gazes of the crowd, Chu Feng slowly stood up. In his hand was his Incomplete Immortal Armament, the Divine Dragon’s Blood Ruler.

Although Chu Feng had not turned into a rock-like monster in the manner that Yuwen Tingyi did, Chu Feng was even more frightening than Yuwen Tingyi.

Lightning was flashing in his eyes. They simply did not resemble a human’s eyes. Those eyes were simply even more frightening than those of monsters, for those eyes resembled the eyes of a demon.

Chu Feng’s gaze was focused on Yuwen Tingyi. Sensing Chu Feng’s current gaze, even Yuwen Tingyi’s body started to tremble. Involuntarily, he stopped advancing.

Yuwen Tingyi was actually starting to panic.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s incomparably ice-cold voice sounded. “Yuwen Tingyi, I do not care what sort of identity you possess. Today, I, Chu Feng, will make you pay the price for what you’ve done.”