Chapter 2779 - Not A Coward

Chapter 2779 - Not A Coward

Although that Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple left, he did not plan to disregard Li Xiang just like that.

Thus, although he had left, he left marks behind. He planned to find reinforcements and return to rescue Li Xiang.

Unfortunately, even though that Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple fled far away from Li Xiang and Yuwen Tingyi, he was unable to find a single person. Because of that, he started to grow anxious.

After all, from the way Yuwen Tingyi was behaving, that Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple was certain that he was planning to kill Li Xiang. If he was to return too late, then even if he was to find reinforcements to rescue Li Xiang, they would be useless.

Right at the moment when the Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple was filled with worry, a joyous expression suddenly emerged in his eyes.

He had discovered that a large group of people were approaching him. Furthermore, the person leading the group of people was actually Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was precisely the person that the Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple wanted to find the most.

After all, had it been someone else, they might not necessarily concern themselves with Li Xiang. However, this Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple felt that Chu Feng would very likely concern himself with Li Xiang.

“Chu Feng, brother Chu Feng, this is bad, this is extremely bad.”

Suddenly, that Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple started to shout loudly.

Chu Feng had actually noticed that Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple long ago. Chu Feng had been intentionally walking toward the Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple. The reason for that was because Chu Feng wanted to bring the people from both the Immortal Armament Villa and the Sacred Pellet Villa together with him to Buried Spirit Lake should he have the opportunity to reach it.

Thus, whenever Chu Feng encountered someone from the Immortal Armament Villa or the Sacred Pellet Villa, regardless of whether or not those people voiced their intention to follow him, he would invite them to join him.

However, upon seeing how nervous that Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple was, the expression in Chu Feng’s eyes changed. He realized that something might’ve happened.

Thus, Chu Feng’s body shifted, and he instantly arrived before that Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple.

“What happened?” Chu Feng asked.

“Li Xiang, Li Xiang, it’s Li Xiang. Li Xiang was captured by Yuwen Tingyi. Yuwen Tingyi is planning to kill him,” that Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple said.

“What? You saw Yuwen Tingyi and Li Xiang?”

Hearing the words spoken by the Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple, the Sacred Pellet Villa’s disciples immediately started to panic.

Actually, after hearing the news, Chu Feng’s heart was also shaken. The reason for that was because this was precisely what he did not wish to occur the most.

“Where are they? Where did you see them?” Chu Feng asked. He was practically certain that the Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple was not lying to him.

The reason for that was because not only did Chu Feng notice that this Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple didn’t seem to be lying, but he was also able to tell from his reaction that he had most likely witnessed it with his own eyes.

“I will lead you there right away.”

That Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple did not hesitate. He turned around and immediately started guiding Chu Feng.

Chu Feng’s observational ability was, after all, very strong. Thus, after he was guided for a while, Chu Feng discovered the markings left behind by this Immortal Armament Villa’s disciple. Thus, there was simply no need for him to guide Chu Feng anymore; Chu Feng would be able to rapidly proceed onward by himself.

Due to the fact that Chu Feng was overly worried about Li Xiang, he directly unleashed his full power. He released his rank three True Immortal-level aura, and his Lightning Mark also appeared on his forehead. Soon, Chu Feng’s cultivation increased from rank three True Immortal to rank four True Immortal.

Under this sort of condition, the speed at which Chu Feng was traveling became much faster.

“Isn’t brother Chu Feng a rank two True Immortal? When did he reach a breakthrough to rank three True Immortal?”

After Chu Feng unleashed his full power, the people following behind him all revealed astonished expressions.

They all knew very well that Chu Feng’s cultivation was that of a rank two True Immortal. Furthermore, Chu Feng was also emitting the aura of a rank two True Immortal earlier.

Thus, how could Chu Feng’s cultivation increase to rank three True Immortal in such a short period of time?

They all knew that Chu Feng had made his breakthrough to rank two True Immortal in the Immortal Armament Villa. It had not been a very long time since then. Thus, it shouldn’t be possible for Chu Feng to make another breakthrough in such a short period of time.

At that moment, the crowd was both astonished and surprised by Chu Feng’s cultivation. After they analyzed what had happened, some people felt that Chu Feng had concealed his cultivation from the very beginning.

The reason for that was because if Chu Feng had truly made a breakthrough to rank two True Immortal in the Immortal Armament Villa and then made another breakthrough to rank three True Immortal not long after, that sort of cultivation speed would simply be too astonishingly fast.

After all, it had only been two months since the time of the Immortal Armament Villa’s hunting competition.

Thus, by comparison, Chu Feng concealing his actual cultivation was much more believable than Chu Feng making another breakthrough within two months’ time.


Yuwen Tingyi and Li Xiang were still where they were at previously.

Merely, the current Li Xiang was no longer only suffering from facial mutilation. Instead, his entire body had been mutilated. His aura was also extremely weak. He simply resembled a dying man. He did not even have the strength to crawl to his feet.

“Look at you, what use is it to walk so close to that Chu Feng?”

“If it wasn’t for the bet between him and my brother Hualong, you wouldn’t have become our enemy and wouldn’t be reduced to your current state.”

Yuwen Tingyi used a ridiculing tone to speak to Li Xiang. He was not actually feeling sympathy for him. Instead, he was mocking him. He was sneering at Li Xiang.

“Haha…” Li Xiang’s voice was very weak. It was as if speaking was currently very strenuous for him. However, he laughed. Furthermore, his laughter was slightly ridiculing.

“What’s this? You… want to incite disharmony in my relationship with big brother Chu Feng?”

“If that’s the case, you are truly overthinking things.”

“The fact that Yuwen Hualong attacked me in a completely uncalled-for manner meant that he had already viewed me as an eyesore. Based on the moral character of you and him, even if I was to remain quiet and submit to humiliation, you two would still not necessarily let me go should I encounter the two of you in the future.”

“Moreover, big brother Chu Feng only decided to bet against Yuwen Hualong for my sake.”

“As for the ten thousand slaps that I gave Yuwen Hualong, I, Li Xiang, did it of my own accord.”

“Thus, I not only do not blame big brother Chu Feng, but I instead feel very grateful toward him. After all, I have only known him for such a short period of time. Yet, he was willing to stick his neck out for me. From this, it was clear that he is someone who cares deeply for his friends. At the very least, he has considered me, Li Xiang, as his friend.”

“As for Yuwen Hualong’s ten thousand slaps, to be honest, I do not regret it even now.”

“I, Li Xiang, cannot be considered to be some sort of hero. However, I am definitely not a coward.”

“If you want to kill me or torture me, do as you wish. If I, Li Xiang, am to blink once, I will change my surname to yours.”

While Li Xiang was very weak, he spoke very strong words.

Hearing what Li Xiang said, Yuweng Tingyi was startled. However, a sinister look of anger soon emerged on his face.

“Very well. You are not a coward. Since that's the case, I am changing my plan.”

“If I am to really kill you, it would be letting you off too easily. Instead, I will make you suffer for the rest of your life.”

As Yuwen Tingyi spoke, he extended his finger. Then, a blade formed with martial power emerged from his finger. That blade was shot toward Li Xiang’s dantian.

“Puu,” the martial power blade pierced through Li Xiang’s dantian.

Yuwen Tingyi was planning to cripple Li Xiang’s cultivation.

Although True Immortal experts’ bodies were undying and indestructible, that would only hold true when compared to those weaker than them.

When encountering someone like Yuwen Tingyi, someone with strength far surpassing Li Xiang’s strength, Li Xiang would be akin to a lamb in a slaughterhouse. Yuwen Tingyi could do whatever he wanted with him, and Li Xiang was powerless to do anything.

Yuwen Tingyi looked at the curled up Li Xiang on the ground with a beaming smile on his face. With a mocking tone, he said, “Go on and beg me. If you are to beg me to my satisfaction, I might consider forgiving you.”

At that moment, Li Xiang was able to clearly sense his cultivation escaping from his body.

He knew that he would soon lose all of his cultivation and become a cripple without any cultivation.

However, even with that being the case, Li Xiang merely clenched his teeth and did not beg for forgiveness. In fact, he did not even utter a single sound of pain.

Li Xiang had admitted defeat. Thus, he was prepared to accept death.

“Li Xiang!!!”

However, right at that moment, a shout filled with enormous worry sounded from afar.

Hearing that voice, Li Xiang’s heart and mind was immediately shaken.

He was able to tell that the voice was Chu Feng’s voice.