Chapter 80 Unrivaled Genius

MGA: Chapter 80 – Unrivaled Genius

On the top of the testing rock, it was originally red. But if one looked closely, they would discover, on the top of the red section, there would be a small black dot as big as a sesame. The strangest thing was that currently, on the small dot, it was flickering with black light.

“Did that boy activate the section in the legends?”

At that instant, the old man’s eyes couldn’t help but flicker and his breathing quickened. It was as if his body was going to fall apart and he also started to violently tremble.

On a complete testing rock, it originally had 4 colours. The peak was not the red colour. It was the black colour. But, the black colour was just like a legend. According to rumours, in the entire Nine Provinces, not a single person could activate it.

If it was said that the people who could activate the red part were worthy of being called a cultivating genius, the people who could activate the black section would simply be an unrivaled genius that would create legends.

Since there was no one that could activate the black section, people thought that the black section was useless and impossible to activate. Or perhaps they thought that it was simply a lie. So, gradually, 3 colours remained on the testing rock.

“Is this real? Is this truly real?”

Looking at the strange, flickering black little dot, the old man felt that was hard to believe. He couldn’t help but rub his eyes. When he opened them, the light still remained but it was slowly fainting away and finally, the rock returned to its original state.


When he discovered everything that just happened was real, the old man couldn’t help but close his eyes. He calmed his current excited emotions and after a long while, he gradually opened his eyes. But, within his aged eyes, incomparable excitement already surged out.

He looked at the direction in which Chu Feng and the others left then said quietly, “It looks like the heavens want my Azure Dragon School to flourish. But, this is no small matter and it seems that time is required for decisions.”

Chu Feng and the others did not know anything that happened within the hall. At that instant, they already entered the core zone. Looking at one grand palace after the other and the wide stone-paved road, they finally knew that their new journey had started.

“These are this year’s core disciples right? Why are they all so badly battered?”

“Perhaps something happened. But look at the badge on their chests. They should be the members of the Wings alliance. Did the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance not participate in this year’s exam?”

“That girl looks pretty good. To pass the exam at that age, more or less she’s a monster. I wonder which person will conquer this monster.”

Many core disciples were gathered outside of the plaza. They knew that today was the day of the core disciple exam. So, they wanted to take a look at this year’s new core disciples and their appearances so they gathered at that place early.

Chu Feng judged the surrounding people, and he also discovered within the core disciples, there were really crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Although most of the surrounding crowd of dozens of people were at the Spirit realm, there were also many that entered the Origin realm.

From what he knew, there were far less core disciples in the Azure Dragon School than the outer court disciples and the inner court disciples, but there was still roughly 2000. The 2000 people were young and they already had unordinary power. No wonder they were the important targets of development by the Azure Dragon School.

The value of the 2000 people were way higher than the hundreds of thousands inner and outer court disciples. No matter if it was elders or the future head of the sect, they were chosen within the 2000 people.

“This aura…”

Suddenly, Chu Feng slightly frowned and cast his serious gaze towards a distant street. He felt an extremely strong aura from there and it was heading towards them.

Indeed, at the end of the street, a dozen or so bodies appeared. They were young and there were both males and females within them. They had quite impressive and unordinary appearances. Not only were the males handsome and the females beautiful, the auras that they possessed were not something that normal people had.

Although Chu Feng could feel that they were strong, he could not feel what strength some of the people had. Which meant that they were not only simply in the Origin realm. Very likely, they would have already entered the late stages of the Origin realm.

In front of his eyes, the one that Chu Feng was most attracted to was the young male that led the group. If it was purely on the topic of looks, he was not that outstanding compared to the people behind him. However, the aura he was emitting was far beyond them.

“Profound realm. That core disciple is already at the Profound realm?”

Chu Feng hidden sighed in admiration. Although he had no way of confirming it, the feeling of unseeable depth belonged to only Profound realm experts. So, Chu Feng felt that most likely, he entered the Profound realm.

“Gong Luyun, the #1 disciple in the Azure Dragon School.” Just at that time, Su Mei spoke.

“He’s Gong Luyun? No wonder…”

Hearing Su Mei’s words, Chu Feng could pretty much confirm that he was in the Profound realm. After all, he had heard of Gong Luyun’s name before. The #1 disciple having that strength was not unexpected.

“Not only Gong Luyun, some of the seniors of the Wings Alliance are also within the group. Do you see the person that Gong Luyun is talking to? She was one of the former heads of the Wings Alliance. She is Han Xue, #8 in the Azure Dragon Leaderboard and one of the outstanding representatives of the Wings Alliance.” Su Mei pointed at cold yet beautiful female next to Gong Luyun.

“#8 in the Azure Dragon Leaderboard?” Chu Feng sighed in admiration again. In the core zone, there was an Azure Dragon Leaderboard. There were 10 spots on it and the people who took the 10 spots represented the strongest 10 disciples within the 2000 Azure Dragon School core disciples.

So after knowing that Han Xue was ranked #8 in the Azure Dragon Leaderboard, Chu Feng was fairly shocked. Although she was young, to have such an achievement meant that she was not a simple person.

“Haha, it’s really senior Han Xue! Is she welcoming us?” When Situ Yu and the others saw Han Xue, they were also excited.

Although they were extremely impressive in the inner court, after entering the core zone, they were only existences at the very bottom. No one there had worse potential than them. But, if they had a supporter, in the future it would naturally reduce many troubles. Han Xue was the person they wanted as a supporter.

“Senior Han Xue!”

As they were excited, someone yelled out loud. That yell did indeed attract Han Xue’s attention. Even Gong Luyun cast his gaze towards them.

“Han Xue, you recognize these disciples?” Gong Luyun asked.

“Mm, they’re the Wings Alliance members that just became core disciples today.” Han Xue smiled and replied.

“Wings Alliance? Did you not tell them that in the core zone, creating alliances are forbidden?” Seeing the badges on the chests of Chu Feng and the others, Gong Luyun narrowed his eyes and irritation flashed into his eyes.