Chapter 79 Shocking Discovery

MGA: Chapter 79 – Shocking Discovery

“This…” Looking at the green light, Situ Yu was greatly disappointed. No matter what, he never would have thought with his potential, it was only low-rank talent.

Seeing that result, the elders were not happy nor were they disappointed. Their mood was very stable as someone spoke with a heavy voice, “Low-rank talent. Next.”

After that, the other Wings Alliance members did the test one after the other. Although they all activated the green light, some of the light were strong, some were weak. At least, there was not a single one that was as bright as Situ Yu’s.

Facing that scene, Situ Yu was hiddenly delighted. At least it meant that his talent was stronger than certain other people. Instead, the 6 elders’ face sank and they were clearly started to be displeased.

“Low-rank talent. Next.”

Finally, it was Su Mei’s turn. After the results of the people in front of her, the current Su Mei lost all confidence. With a nervous heart, she uneasily stretched her white hand. If one looked more closely, they could even see that her hand was slightly trembling.

Also, when Su Mei went up, the 6 elders’ gazes became more serious. After all, Su Mei was Su Rou’s younger sister and when Su Rou became a core disciple, she was publicly recognized as a genius. So, the 6 elders had quite some expectations towards Su Mei.

*hmm* After sending a strand of spiritual energy, the yellow part emitted a dazzling light.

At that instant, Su Mei’s nervous heart instantly calmed down. Replacing it was incomparable happiness and from her face, one could tell that she was extremely happy.

“Not bad, medium-rank talent and even such a strong light. It seems that your cultivation talent is slightly better than your sister’s.”

After the average or even bad talent before, without a doubt, Su Mei’s result lit up everyone’s eyes. The 6 elders repeatedly nodded and for the first time, a satisfied smile appeared on the face.

Even Situ Yu and the others sighed with admiration at Su Mei’s talent. But after that, Su Mei and the others cast their gaze towards Chu Feng.

They looked forward to the young man that only joined the inner court for a short while yet came and participated in the core disciple exam. They wanted to know what kind of talent he had. Was it going to be the same as Su Mei’s, or was he able to create a legend like Zhang Tianyi and Gong Luyun?

As for Chu Feng, he was full of confidence. He walked in front of the testing rock with ease and put his palm on it with strength. With a thought, a strand of spiritual energy entered it.

After the spiritual energy entered, everyone could feel that the testing rock fluctuated. But after that fluctuation, the result shocked everyone.

There was not any light. Not to mention the red or yellow part, there was even no reaction from the green part. Chu Feng’s spiritual energy could not activate any light at all.

*hmm, hmm*

Facing that situation, Chu Feng frowned and imbued two more strands of spiritual energy into the rock. But, the result was the same. The three sections did not emit any light at all.

“Damn. What is this?” Chu Feng was extremely speechless. Was his talent that horrible? He couldn’t even activate the weakest part of the green section?


Not to mention Chu Feng, even Su Mei, Situ Yu and the others who had plenty of confidence towards Chu Feng were endlessly shocked. The strength that Chu Feng displayed already proved his martial cultivation talent yet how could the result be the one in front of their eyes?

“You passed the exam with this strength and talent? It seems that you used some special methods right?” The old lady before looked at Chu Feng with disdain.

“What is your meaning?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng was a bit angered as well.

“Hmph. Aren’t you clear in what I mean in your heart?” The old lady coldy snorted.


“Chu Feng!”

Chu Feng originally wanted to refute but he was stopped by Su Mei. The core elders were not comparable to inner court disciples. Even she needed to respect them and they could not be offended by Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was not a single-minded idiot and he understood Su Mei’s meaning. Although he was extremely displeased in his heart, he forcefully endured it. After all, he could not even activate the testing rock and with his current cultivation, he was indeed easily suspected by others.

“Whatever, there’s no use saying this to him. Strength is relied everywhere. Without a certain strength, even if he becomes a core disciple, he would only be stepped on by others and it would be difficult for him to become useful.”

The gazes of the other elders were also filled with disdain as well. There was even a hint of anger. It could be seen that they felt that Chu Feng did not rely on his own strength to arrive there.

“Old Li, you should have seen the examination results just now. We’ll hand these children to you.”

The 6 elders stood up and prepared to leave, but before leaving they did not forget to tell Su Mei,

“Su Mei, we think highly of you. We hope that you can be as outstanding as your sister. But, when making friends, you must wipe eyes clean or else you will hold yourself back.”

Looking at the leaving backs of the 6 elders, Chu Feng’s anger in his heart rolled up and down. But, at the end, he still forcefully endured it because he knew he had to. It was not a reasonable action to challenge people that he could not win against.

“Chu Feng, luckily, you didn’t explode there. Those people are the Six Protectors of the Azure Dragon School and all of them are experts of the Profound realm.” When the 6 elders left, Su Mei quickly reminded Chu Feng.

“Hehe, my friends, congratulations on becoming a core disciple. Follow me to pick up some things.” Just at that time, an aged sound came from a corner of the hall.

Only then did Chu Feng and the others notice that there was another old person there.

That person had extremely little white, fluffy hair. He was mostly bald and the wrinkles on his face were also very dense. With his camel-like back, the feeling that he gave people was like a dead person and it was even a bit scary.

But, Chu Feng did not dare to look down on the old man. He discovered that the aura of the old man was not worse in any way than the 6 elders from before. If the 6 elders were strong people of the Profound realm, the old man in front of him would very possibly be an expert of the Profound realm.

Under the lead of the old man, Chu Feng and the others switched into the blue robes of the core disciples. Every one of them received a token and also a large banner.

On the banner was the symbol of the Azure Dragon School. Only the powers with the protection of the Azure Dragon School had the banner. People called the banner as the Azure Dragon Banner.

After taking the core disciple things, Chu Feng and the others walked out of the hall. They headed towards the long awaited core zone. On the other hand, the old man that was called “Old Li” by the Six Protectors slowly walked close to the testing rock and studied it.

“Strange. Seeing the actions of that little demon in the Azure Dragon Flower Garden, he should belong to the geniuses. Why could he not even match low-rank talent?”

The old man observed with detail, seemingly trying to find a reason but he couldn’t discover anything wrong. Then, when he cast his gaze towards the top of the testing rock, his eyes suddenly lit up and his face changed greatly.